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Preparing and sending quotations to the client is part of the everyday paperwork of businesses. If you do freelance photography, you would sometimes receive a request for a quote or an order form containing a list of services needed by the client. In return, you are meant to send the client the pricing for your service in the form of a quotation. To this, you should have a photography quotation template that you can always edit to meet the requirement at hand.

Photography Quotation Template
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1. What to know about a photography quotation template

A quotation is a document that describes requested goods or services, and it provides a customer with the pricing of the items it contains. Bringing it to photography, a quote is sent in response to a request for quotation or requisition when a third party solicits the service of a photographer. If you are wondering whether it is possible to sell goods and services without preparing and sending a photography quotation template, the answer is yes and no.

The answer is yes if you succeed in closing a deal when clients are interested in your service for whichever reason. In this scenario, your price doesn't matter; they want none other than you to render the service. But we must admit, that is a rare situation.

On the other hand, a quotation is always needed when you are competing with other freelance photographers who are willing to offer quality service at a competitive price. In this case, sending a quote is a must. You have to prepare a professional photography quotation template to address the pain of the prospect and ensure it is sent as soon as possible.

The quicker your quote gets to a prospective client, the better your chances of closing the deal. How should you create a professional photography quotation that stands out, and how does this document differ from a proposal? Read on to find the answers and many more about your ideal photography quotation template.

2. Difference between a photography quotation and proposal

People often confuse a photography quote for a proposal or an estimate. These three documents different, but they sometimes serve the same purpose. A quote is sent to a prospective client who doesn't care so much about your service.

Most photography quotes answer the questions "What," "When," and "How much" about your service. In contrast, a proposal is more detailed, and it provides a comprehensive solution to a service and the needed deliverables.

Photography Quotation Template Sample
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3. Creating a photography quotation template

A quotation can serve as the legal document for the pricing of a contract; hence, it should take a formal tone of writing. Below are tips for creating a photography quotation template.

3.1. Maintain the structure in your photography quotation sample

So much creativity isn’t required here. Maintain the standard structure for quotes to make your document easy to read.

  • Header info- Include your business name, address, contact number, and the word "Quotation." Don't leave out the information of the recipient and quotation number.
  • Body- Describe the photography service you wish to offer and provide your rate.
  • Quotation footer- Add the total amount, tax rate and amount, signature, and slogan as a call-to-action.

3.2. Project description in your photography quotation sample

Ensure you understand what your client wants; that will help in enumerating your deliverables to solve the pain of your prospective client. Visualize the service/project, add a graph/picture that would convince your client of your professionalism.

3.3. Build a flexible photography quotation template

Build a flexible photography quotation template that you can always edit to fit every job. Be professional since the document represents your business. Try to personalize the ideas in the document. It will make you beat the competition and appear competent before clients.

If you want to know more about what you need to learn and practice to be successful in the photography industry, check out our guide on how to get into photography.

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