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Consulting in different niches is one of the broadest professional services in today’s world. The functions attached to this term are wide, and often challenging to explain. However, the baseline is that as a freelance consultant, you act mostly as a connecting bridge between companies and their clients. As an expert in your chosen field, part of your duties will be assisting your clients in finding what their actual needs are. It would help if you also gave professional advice in solving those challenges. In carrying out these functions, you’ll always need to send quotations to your clients. To that end, you require an editable consultant quotation template to assist you in readying your quotation.

In the general gig community, consulting services are always on demand (read our guide on how to get into consulting). The reason is, there is always one problem or the other that requires only a solution gotten from consulting. As a result of this high demand, people who run freelance consulting services understand the importance of having their consultant quotation template ready at all times. The steps below will assist you in preparing a professional quotation for your clients.

1. Know your ‘what’ and ‘why’

Even before the idea of quotation writing comes up, your job as a consultant should be clear to you. It would be best if you had an understanding of the services required by your clients (the what), and the reason you are delivering the services (the why). When these two crucial points are not known, utilizing a consultant quotation template will be difficult.

2. Write down details of both parties

The first thing in your consultant quotation should be the details of your consulting services – name, address, and contact details. This should be written on the top of your quotation page and ensure you include the details of your client as well. Ensure to include the name of the authorized person to receive the quotation, if you are writing to a company.

3. Outline your skills

As a freelancer, you are most likely editing the consultant quotation template to be sent to your new client. The chances are that the client isn’t too aware of what you have to offer. Therefore, take time in your quotation to highlight your exceptional skills and attributes that fit into the client’s requirement. Let your client see you are the apt candidate for his consulting gigs. Putting your expertise out there gives the client an understanding of what he stands to gain by contacting you.

4. Enumerate the solutions

Your client needs your consulting service because there is a problem that needs to be solved. As you prepare to write your quotation, spare some time to think about the solution to your client’s problems. In coming up with a solution for your client, try to reflect your clients’ exact words, it will create a chameleon effect, which will aid your solution search. Also, there should be a time frame attached to the proposed solution. Let your client know the expected duration of the service engagement.

5. Attach charges to your services

After determining the best possible solution to your client’s needs, learn how to bill for consulting services. List out the services to implement to achieve the solution. As you edit the consultant quotation template, enlist those services and place them under various categories. Alongside each service should be your charge and your preferred payment procedure. If there are special discounts, mention them below the costs. Also, ensure the terms and condition of the services is clearly stated. When all these are done, have the quotation authorized by including your signature before sending it to your client.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a consultant quote?

Start by customizing or editing Bonsai's pre-made template. The consultant quote typically depends on the problem the customer is looking to solve, the consultant's experience and the resources necessary to complete the quote.

Is there a quote template on Word?

There is a quote template on Microsoft word, but Bonsai is much better. Bonsai is simple to send quotations to new potential clients. Personalize our template with your branding (colors, business logo, etc).

What should a quotation include?

A quotation should include the name, address, unique quote number, date of issuance, price and a description of the services. You could also try Bonsai to edit a quotation template with a done-for-you structure.