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What is a Web Design Quotation?

A web design quotation is a document that a web developer sends to a potential client to explain service specifics and prices. Developers often send website quotations at the onset of a project and to inform and persuade customers to opt for their services over another developers'.

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What to Include in the Web Design Quotation

Whether you are a web design agency or a freelancer, it's best to use a web design quote template and customize it based on customer needs.

Consider adding the following sections to create an effective web design quote to help you win that project.

Cover page

An impressive cover page goes a long way in piquing client interest and ensuring engagement from the offset. You need to stand out amongst a sea of other talented web designers.

Include key information such as the project name, customer name, and your business details on the cover page. A high-quality image doesn't hurt, either.

Executive summary

An executive summary offers key information at a glance and helps prospects get to the point. Think of it as a condensed version of what's in the whole quotation–consider it a TL;DR.

Keep this section short and to the point to keep the customers engaged. Provide key information on the project objectives, plan, and end goals.

Project description

This is where you dive into the web design project at hand. Once you understand the customer requirements, use this section to explain the what and the why of the project.

Here's what to add:

  • Project justification: that explains why the web design project is needed
  • Work phases: to break down a project into different parts
  • Evaluation metrics: that help you measure project success
  • Timeline: for keeping the project on track
  • Budget: for mentioning projected costs to help complete the project

This is key as it outlines what exactly you're sending a quote for–what exact issue you're looking to solve. Highlight your understanding of the web design project to reassure prospects that you've got a competitive advantage against the rest.

Project deliverables

Project deliverables refer to tangible and intangible outputs of a project. This section clarifies the type of website you'll be developing and what that entails.

Project deliverables may vary, depending on the client's requirements–a one-to-one conversation with your customer helps ensure you have a solid understanding of the deliverables you'll need to highlight here.

Project milestones

Project milestones are like project checkpoints–they help you mark the completion of phases throughout the project. Setting these milestones at the beginning of your project helps set clear expectations for all parties.

These are some of the phases that a web design process goes through:

  • Discovery and planning: for studying competitors, creating site architecture, a sitemap, and wireframes
  • Design: for creating UX/UI-friendly design mockups, internal page designs, desktop, and mobile views
  • Development and programming: for bringing together all elements to create a high-quality website
  • Beta testing and review: for conducting tests and optimizing the website
  • Site launch: for publishing the website
  • Ongoing maintenance: for fixing ongoing design, website hosting, bug squashing, and managing security risks

The exact milestones of your website quotation differ depending on the project, your services, and the client. Discuss milestones with clients to ensure your web design project is on the right track from day one.

Project fees

Use this section of your website quotation to specify project fees and related details. If you want the customer to pay you after completing certain milestones, clearly mention that here. You can also break down the proposed project fees into costs for different web design services, which may be more appealing for some.

Consider adding a payment schedule and preferred mode of payment–whether that's hourly or fixed service fees–in this section.

Most freelance web designers charge an hourly rate for custom web design services along with a fixed service fee for web development projects–it depends on your preferences and your experience.

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Company details

Whether you are a website design agency or a freelance web designer, this is your opportunity to showcase the value of money for your services.

Use this section to dive deep into:

  • Previous work: that showcases some stellar websites you've designed
  • Awards: for designing award-winning, aesthetic and functional websites
  • Testimonials: that speak volumes about your services

If you're a freelance web designer, don't be afraid to sing your praises. Now isn't the time to be modest–woo those clients over.

Terms and conditions

This is the last section of your web design quotation. Consider adding payment terms and other conditions in this section for if the project runs into issues.

For example, you can add payment dispute resolution methods, project acceptance criteria, project dependency, and more here.

How to Write a Web Design Quotation

Learning to code was the easy part–well, perhaps. However, running your own business requires a lot of effort too. Creating website quotations isn't easy, especially considering all the different sections and their requirements.

You have to understand project complexity and the client's expectations before coming up with a quotation document. You can use a web design quote template to make life a little easier.

Keep the following in mind if you choose to create your own:

Find out exactly what the client wants

Web design clients come with different requirements, including:

  • Web engineering
  • Network security
  • Website design
  • Domain name registration
  • Client-side or service scripting

That's why it's crucial to understand all the services that the customer requires before sending your website quotation.

Once you completely understand what they want, it'll be easier to develop website quotations that suit them, and source the right resources to help you get the job done. Asking the right questions helps you bridge the gap between your understanding of the project and the client's requirements.

Don't hesitate to ask questions that help you do your job better—there are no silly questions here.

Highlight what sets you apart

A client receives more than one website quotation when hiring freelancers for a project–what makes you special? You have to show what sets you apart in order to land the project.

You need to highlight how your web development skills align with the project needs. Are you a HTML whizz? Do you dodge 404 pages like a boss?

Make sure to showcase how your specialization and experience make you perfect for this website development job.

Add a CTA

Now that you've said what you need to say with your website quotation, it's time to tell clients what's next. Think of this section as highlighting the most logical next step to clients.

Mention whether you want them to email their consent for moving ahead with the web design plans or sign on the dotted line. Whatever it is, be clear

Creating a Web Design Quotation Is Simple With Bonsai

A strong website design quotation template is a must for fast-paced website designers. It communicates your value, cost, and ensures the client is aware you're a seasoned pro that knows their UX from their UI.

It's different to a contract or proposal–and you need to treat it that way.

If juggling emails and google sheets to get your quotation out there seems like a hassle you'd rather avoid, Bonsai's here to help.

Here's how to get started:

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Why do you need a web design quotation?

It is important for your prospective clients to know how much your service costs and what the services include. This is also to avoid any misunderstanding during the payment process.

Is there a web design quote template on word?

A standard quote template is available on Word. However, to save yourself the hassle, use Bonsai's web design template. All you need to do is download and edit as needed.

Where can I get a web design quote template?

Sign up with Bonsai and download their free web design quote template. It has all the fields you need and it's easy to edit the relevant details and customize.

What is a web design quotation?

A web design quotation is a document web designers send to prospective clients to explain services and project fees. Designers use a website quotation to convince the client about their skills in order to land a project.

How do web designers create a quote?

Add these sections to create a web design quotation:Cover pageExecutive summaryProject descriptionProject deliverablesProject milestonesProject feesCompany detailsTerms and conditionsWeb developers can easily create a quote using a web design quote template from Bonsai. Once you create a master quotation template, you can recycle for each client without having to build from scratch.