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One of the fastest-growing gigs in freelancing is mobile app development. This market experiences huge growth daily, generating about $41.1 billion in annual revenue. For freelance mobile developers, these stats should be something exciting. It’s an assurance for lots of lucrative gigs to come your way. But then, as you expect the gigs to start flowing in, there is a need to better position yourself ahead of competitors. One sure way to do that is by preparing your mobile app development quote. With your carefully prepared quotation, you can win the heart of every client that comes your way.

Having said the above; I must agree that it writing a quotation isn’t an easy one, especially or an app development. It involves much more than just figures written down on a plain paper. There are lots of things to consider as you write your app development quote; features, timelines, costs, and others. However, to assist you in preparing your quote here is a guide to follow.

1. Begin with the scope off work

Usually, the first step towards the completion of any project is by defining the scope of the work and creating the app development contract. Hence, you should begin your app development quote by clearly stating the scope of the work. For mobile app development, the scope of the work will largely depend on how complex or simple the intended app is. Getting your scope of work right from the very start gives you a heads-up on the project. It also eliminates derailing from the course as the project progresses.

2. Determine how long the project will last

The next information that should be contained in your quotation is the intended timeframe of the project. Your client will want to know how long it will take you to complete the development of the mobile app. Generally, there is no standard duration for the development of a mobile app. Your timeframe should be based on the features of the app (app type, model, functionality, and the mobile platform; the app is expected to run on. Also, ensure you include time for carrying out the necessary test and debugging exercise on the app after development before handing over to your client. Your app development quote should include expected milestones too. At each stage of the development, let your client know the milestone to expect.

3. Cost of the project

Cost is undoubtedly an essential aspect of every business quotation, and no quotation is complete without a cost. Most clients even go straight to the cost each time they are given a proposal or quotation. Haven established various achievable milestones in the project; next is to include the cost of your service in the app development quote. You could either breakdown the cost according to the various milestones or give a total cost and then agree on the payment method with your client. Aside from your professional service charge, other costs to consider are the on-going support cost, hosting cost, and price for maintenance/bugs fixing. Try our free estimate template to help you out with this.

Last words

There are endless potentials in the mobile app development market, especially for freelancers. Companies are always seeking to increase their digital presence, reach more audiences, and increase revenue. Therefore take time out to craft a winning mobile app development quote for your potential clients. While you do that, keep in mind the details discussed above, and apply them when needed.

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