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As a freelance designer, you have just received a project notification from a client for a logo design, and you have indicated an interest in working on the project. However, the client has requested to see your logo design quotation before you commence work. You probably might not have experienced this scenario, but it paints a picture of the importance of a quote in every project. Understand that to win top clients/contracts in the design market; your design prowess wouldn’t be just enough. You will need to add an intelligently crafted design quote to your skillset.

What is a logo design quote?

Quotations generally are essential documents in any business transaction. They communicate the services required, including the estimated cost of delivering the service. It isn’t a new term for skilled workers, especially freelancers.

A logo design quotation is an official document sent to a client containing the details and cost of a logo design project or service. The document is sent only when the client requests for a particular service. Designers of all niche (web, graphic interior designers, and others), including other professionals, consider this document as a critical one. Clients also see quotation as an important document. They go through it alongside their budget when deciding who to hire for a project. Your logo design quotation will also help your client in rectifying the budget for the project, tracking your workflow, and for record-keeping.

Preparing a logo design quote

First, preparing a quotation is a skill that can be learned and perfected with time. Freelance designers with this skill draft their quotation themselves from scratch. Fortunately, having the skill isn’t the only one of getting your logo design quotation ready. There is another means of getting your quote that is with the help of a template.

There are quotation templates for a logo design that you can use to generate your quotation. All you will have to do is download an already prepared template that fits your preference and then customizes it for use. For some, you will have to provide client information, service descriptions, and your service charge, and then download in PDF documents a logo design quotation specifically written for you. The advantage of this latter option is that with a custom design template, you can do your logo design quotation faster, and sometimes better than the previous. More so, you don’t have to pay to download any of the available design templates – they come free!

What should be contained in a logo design quote?

For starters, quotations are not about creativity; instead, it is about apt writing with necessary emphasis. To draft a solid logo design quote, you will need to study the existing structure, follow the standard, and make your work concise and easy to understand. Below are the three essential sections in a standard quote.

Quote header

This is the first section of every quote document. It contains all the necessary information about the client and the service provider. You are to boldly write the name of your business, your address, and your contact number. By the right side of your header, include the details of your client. Also include the number of the document, known as “quotation number.”

Quote body

This is the section of your quotation that contains the project/service required by your client. As you write the service details, include your charge for the service. Also, include a timeline for the completion of the service.

Quote footer

The last section is the footer. The information contained in this section is basic. Calculate the tax rate, and write total charge of the service, including the preferred payment mode. In concluding the quote, include a compelling call-to-action, and your signature.

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