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As a digital marketing agency, you’ll likely answer a lot of enquiries from people who need your services. It’s in your best interest to send out quotations for digital marketing services quickly.

That way, you never miss an opportunity to dazzle a new client looking to work with you on creating a digital presence for their organization.

What is a Digital Marketing Quote?

A digital marketing quote is a document that outlines the proposed scope and cost of digital marketing services. It can be submitted by sole digital marketers or by a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing proposal contains all key objectives and deliverables, the digital marketing services, and the timeline for the job.

A digital marketing proposal sample that you can quickly send out is key for keeping things moving smoothly. Anytime you’re asked for a quotation, you can edit your template and send it out to prospects. This way, your brand awareness, voice and reputation is kept consistent and you highlight your professional approach.

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Benefits of a Quotation for Digital Marketing Services

Small business owners like you are constantly in search of ways to keep ahead of the competition. A digital marketing quotation template is a great way to do this–especially when it's a free digital marketing quotation template.

There’s plenty more reasons you need a digital marketing quotation for your online marketing proposal. It helps you:

Save time and money

Drafting a new digital marketing quotation or digital marketing proposal takes time and effort. It’s substantially more efficient to use a digital marketing quotation template instead.

The time wasted on creating quotations is time you could’ve spent tending to other areas of your business, such as focusing on lead generation and new clients or other active projects. You’re always aiming for increased revenue, and having a digital marketing quotation on hand is a step in the right direction.

Manage expectations

An essential part of any business relationship is managing expectations–all parties need to be on the same page. Outlining the digital solution details and pricing in a digital marketing quotation helps do just that.

Making sure everything is clear from the get go helps limit confusion and misunderstandings further down the line. You’ve likely already submitted a digital marketing proposal, so reiterating the scope and payment details in this quotation ensures everything is clear when it comes to signing a digital marketing contract.

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Protect against unfulfilled responsibilities

A digital marketing quotation includes the ins and outs of the pricing details for any upcoming digital marketing projects. It protects you from scope creep and late payments, and outlines the consequences of missed payments or unfulfilled responsibilities from either party.

Ensuring you’re fully covered by your own digital marketing quotation template is essential for feeling secure when providing digital marketing services. Once the quotation has been considered and accepted, you need to confirm all the details in a digital marketing contract.

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Fundamentals of a Basic Digital Marketing Quotation

We’ve outlined the key sections you’ll need to include in a basic digital marketing quotation that you can send to prospective clients. Digital marketing agencies use the format below to write a digital marketing quotation.


This is the prospective client's first impression of your digital marketing company–you want to make sure you stand out. Here you can aim to introduce yourself and the project, and include information on how you’re in a unique position to achieve their business goals.

Sample Introduction of a Digital Marketing Quotation template

This doesn’t need to be comprehensive, but it does need to be convincing. Your potential client will likely receive numerous quotations from a variety of organizations, and you want yours to stick out.

Here’s an idea of how you could approach this section:

Dear [client first name],

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me—I’m excited to send through this quotation.

I believe our [X years] experience puts us in the best position to help you [achieve business goal]. We can’t wait to go above and beyond to make this happen.

Enclosed are the details of this project–including the services on offer and our fee structure. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and receiving your confirmation. Let’s dive in.

Bonsai top tip: Adding images to your digital marketing quotation helps turn it from a good proposal to a great proposal.

Our services

In this section you’ll talk about the services your company offers in order to help potential clients understand exactly what you do and what you can offer them. Here you include information on the services you provide, and how the services can help your client’s business.

This should be as clear and concise as possible. Let them know that the services you offer are among the best in the industry.

Here’s a way you could present your services:

Our services include the following:

  1. PPC Advertising: We use a unique pay-per-click strategy (ppc services) to provide vital tools for our customers and help them maximize their customer base.
  2. Email marketing: We help our customers to increase their growth and profitability by collaborating in their email campaigns.
  3. SEO services: We help our customers to optimize their website for relevant keywords, monitor domains, backlinks and other latest SEO strategies. Implementing all these help to enhance website visibility in the search engines.
  4. Social media services: We help our customers with [mention social media offerings] to gain visibility on social media platforms and channels. We also provide detailed analytics to help understand how to improve moving forward.
  5. Web design: We specialize in designing beautiful websites and creating engaging content for your website.
  6. Video content: We create video content to help ensure your approach to digital marketing is comprehensive and innovative.

Don’t forget to mention any other services you provide to ensure the prospective client has the full picture of what you offer. It’s important you highlight your skills, and present yourself as the digital marketing expert that prospects need.

Hands of a man selecting a social media icon displayed on a tablet

Executive summary

Use this section to provide a summary of the project to let them know that you understand the details of what they want from your previous conversation. Here, you can also showcase examples of past work briefly.

For example:

After reviewing the notes from our previous discussion, we have created a quotation for the project. In this document we’ll discuss the services on offer, the proposed solution, payment details, and other important considerations.

Following talks with the team, we think the best approach would be X, Y, and Z. We’ve provided more details on this throughout.

Project deliverables

In this section you let your potential clients know about the outcomes they can expect from the project. Use this section to let them know the different deliverables involved in the project, including timelines for each.

You can present it in a tabular format:

Ensuring everyone’s on the same page when it comes to project deliverables limits the possibility of scope creep. This helps avoid completing work free of charge when creating a custom digital marketing solution.

Bonsai top tip: Include a digital marketing scope of work to ensure the project details are clear and concise.

Payment details and terms

The next section talks about pricing and expected fees. It’s a key section in your digital marketing quotation, as it outlines what you charge for your services. This is an important consideration for prospects, so you want to be as clear as possible.

Sample digital marketing package with breakdown of services

You’ll also need to talk about the method of payment, the licenses and approvals for the data plus the warranty of services. From this section, your client will be clear on how and when to pay for services rendered.

Here’s an idea of what to include in this section:

  1. Payment terms: All payments have to be in USD through [payment method]. The initial payment must be cleared in agreement with the project. The client has [period of time] to make payments due for the work to move forward.
  2. Licences and approval: [name of company] assume that [name of client] has the necessary rights and permission from the rightful owner to use any data, report, and code that are provided by [name of client] for inclusion in the project materials.
  3. Warranty of services: [name of company] guarantees that all services will be provided within the allotted time frame for the project. All suggestions for improvement and corrections are welcome, but limited to a time frame of one calendar month from project completion.

By keeping things clear in this section, you avoid any disagreements or confusion further down the line. When it comes to requesting payment, consider using a digital marketing invoice template to speed things up.

Closing statement

This is the last section, and it’s where you inform clients of the next steps. This could be a signature or an email–it’s up to you.

Regardless, it’s your job to communicate what’s next. You’ve put time and effort into creating a winning proposal, now let prospects take the next step.

Here’s an idea of how you can approach this section:

If you would like to take the next step, then kindly acknowledge by signing below. This is not legally binding, it merely signifies your acceptance of this digital marketing quotation. We’ll then send through a contract to formalise this agreement.

Name [client]

Signature ….

Date ….

Please contact me for any further details by sending an email to

Alternatively, you can encourage prospects to get in touch to confirm their interest in your digital marketing services.

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Creating Digital Marketing Quotes is Simple with Bonsai

Having a digital marketing template on-hand allows you to respond to calls for quotations quickly and smoothly, whereas creating new quotations slows things down. Having digital marketing proposal templates on hand is a must for any fast-paced business.

Bonsai’s archive of customizable templates is the ideal solution for freelancers and small businesses everywhere, and it couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Sign up free to Bonsai
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  3. Edit and send to clients

Whether it is social media marketing, search engine optimization or other digital marketing campaigns, Bonsai is here to help you create digital marketing proposals easily. Plus, there’s plenty more related templates on offer to help you win digital marketing projects, such as:

  • SEO proposal template (here)
  • Social media proposal template (here)
  • Digital marketing contract template (here)

Plus many, many more. All templates are vetted by professionals and include the necessary details to make sure your business is fully covered. You can also send and manage your proposals without ever leaving the Bonsai platform.

Bonsai helps ensure you’ve got time to focus on all areas of your business without having to worry about the legal side of things.

Bonsai top tip: Follow these perfect proposal steps to create a winning digital marketing proposal example to replicate moving forward.

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Digital Marketing Quotation FAQs

How do I make a digital marketing quote?

There are two ways you can make a digital marketing quote:

  1. Create one from scratch using this guide
  2. Use Bonsai’s ready-to-use quote template

Bonsai provides a range of simple templates so you can easily customize to send quotations for digital marketing services to your potential customers.

What is included in a digital marketing quote? ?

A digital marketing quote includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Your services
  3. Executive summary
  4. Project deliverables
  5. Payment terms
  6. Closing statement

Make sure to include all the necessary information, otherwise you can use a business solution like Bonsai.

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