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The typical day of an architectural designer can vary daily. From collaborations with colleagues and clients to new ideas and designs as well as site visits. The constant busy nature of this role means you don't want to be wasting your time on time-consuming tasks like creating invoices.

However, it doesn't have to be so difficult or time-consuming. You can save time and effort by using an invoice template rather than having to create a new one each time. Once you have created the sample template. You only need to take a moment to enter the invoice details before sending the form. This can allow you to focus on your busy day rather than worrying about this additional task.

Utilizing invoice templates is quick and simple. even if you are unfamiliar with invoicing or need to process a lot of bills. Most of the information you submit can be saved for simple access in the future, saving you even more time.

Types of invoice templates

It's essential to think about how well an invoice template fits in with your business's branding when making your selection.

You can use programs such as Google docs and Google sheets to generate free invoice templates. These programs are affordable and easy to use. But you should consider the quality of the invoice you create when using them. They sometimes come out as sloppy and cheap. As you run your design business, you will want to give off a high degree of professionalism. If your admin looks sloppy, potential clients may lose trust in your work overall. You may want to send professional invoices off to stop this.

Professional invoice templates

There is software available specifically to help you create professional invoices. Not only will this invoice generator give you a more customized invoice. It can also help speed up the invoicing process. We have an invoice template for architects, a graphic design invoice template, builder, and more.

Note: Bonsai is the best software for invoice template creation. You can use their free invoice template to create an invoice and leave a professional impression on your clients. They have multiple tools available to help make your accounting and invoicing simple. As well as speeding up the payment process to get you paid faster. Try it for yourself and sign up for free today!

What should you include in your graphic design invoice template

Once you've chosen how to make your graphic design invoice template make sure you customize it to fit your business's needs.

You will have to include all of the appropriate information that should be on an invoice. Here are some of the details you should include:

Company information

The details about your business should be listed under the first column heading on your invoice. This includes your business name, address, phone number, contact details, email address, business logo, and other information. If your business has a website, you might want to include it. You can also include a few details outlining your company's design services. Add your company logo if you have one.

Customer Information

After that, include a section for your client's information. You should provide their full name, billing address, phone number, and email address. If the job wasn't done at the same site, you might wish to provide the address where it was done. Include any client IDs that your database might contain as well.

Invoice Number and Date

Make sure to assign a unique invoice number to each of your graphic design invoice templates. Also include the invoice date.

Services provided

In this part, fully describe the services you provided to your client. Each service should have a different line item. For example, include the cost of designing a building for a client.

Then you will need to total up the overall expense of the assignment. You may charge a fixed rate for each service. Or charge a fixed hourly rate. Make sure to include the unit cost, total cost, and the number of hours worked on each project.

Additional Charges

You must include any additional materials used in your services on your itemized list if there are any. As well as any costs for additional services.

For example, if you have priced up a job for a percentage of the project. If you have to add additional hours not scheduled, you may charge for the extra hours spent on the project to meet the client's needs.

Make sure your bill reflects this. If so, you might wish to put it in a different section to draw the client's attention to it. This can help clarify to the client why it's there and avoid any misunderstandings.

Gross/Net Totals

You should first display how much the Gross total is. The sum of all services, labor and material charges will be included in this.

The sales tax can then be added once you have the gross amount. You will then be given your net amount. By displaying them separately, you can show the client how the charges are divided up.

If you intend to offer your client a discount. Apply the discount before including taxes, to the gross amount. Your client will save money by offering a discount on the gross rather than the net total.

Payment Details

Last but not least, make sure your invoice template accurately outlines all of your payment terms. Providing your consumers with various payment options will benefit both of you. They can select whichever is most convenient for them. This will help your company get paid faster.

Cash, bank transfer, and credit/debit cards are a few possible payment options.

You can also include any rewards for early payment you want to offer. In addition to any late payment fees that might be assessed beyond the deadline.

Bonsai's free graphic design invoice template software

The best invoicing program currently offered is Bonsai. You can use it to send out design invoice templates that appear professional. You can use the software to add a unique touch and make your invoice appropriate for your company.

Here is a list of some of the additional features Bonsai offers to streamline the invoicing process for your business:

Fast, automated workflow

Additionally, they have unique invoices for every sector possible. You can quickly create, modify, and distribute free invoice templates with Bonsai. You can use these tools to help save you a lot of time

Automatic late fees

When creating your next invoice, you can use smart invoicing. This will automatically email you read receipts, remind your client to pay, impose a late fee and send invoices.

Having these processes run automatically saves you a lot of time and inconvenience. In addition to saving you time, it also eliminates human error.

Partial payments

Bonsai has a function that allows you to receive partial payment for works that haven't been fully completed.

A project invoice can be structured in a way you and your client agree. This is beneficial to both parties and doesn't limit you.

Not only does it help provide different options to your client. It can help maintain a strong cash flow for your business.

Designer Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I make a beautiful invoice?

Simple, all you need to do is use a pre-made template. Bonsai has a library of beautifully designed templates you can use to customize and send off to clients.

Can I design my own invoice?

Of course you can design your own invoice--but it may not look professional. The easy way to send stunning invoices is to use a template. Simply customize the relevant information, and add your logo.

How can I create an invoice online for free?

Use Bonsai's software to generate invoices online for free. Our large library of pre-made templates has specific designer roles you can edit and send to clients.