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If you're running your own social media marketing agency, you know every new client is an opportunity to demonstrate your worth and establish yourself as an industry expert. Of course, this can be overwhelming at times, after all, it is like starting a brand new relationship. In order to meet your client's needs, you must first establish a level of trust and learn about their history so you can decide whether or not you're a good fit.

A great way to do this is by implementing a social media client questionnaire before you decide to sign a contract. You can do this even before you initially meet your client if you want to save some time and filter out the prospects that you consider would not benefit from your services. In this article, we'll help you draft the perfect questionnaire. We will go over what exactly is a social media questionnaire and talk about some of the most important aspects you should focus on.

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What Is a Social Media Questionnaire?

A social media client questionnaire is a set of questions you should ask every potential client in order to ensure you can match their needs. Each client is different in terms of their experiences, background, goals, missions, budget, target market and ambitions. So a one-size-fits-all solution is not enough to stand out as a social media agency. You want to build your client's social media strategy around their priorities, so implementing a questionnaire at the early stages of the relationship will help you find out just what these priorities are.

The answers to this questionnaire will give you clarity regarding what the main focus should be on the client's social media channel, how your services will aid their overall marketing strategy, and how aggressive or complex your program should be. But what are the important questions you should be asking your new social media clients?

What Questions Should You Ask New Clients for Social Media?

You need to get a clear picture of your client's business needs in order to help them achieve social media success. To help you gather all the details you need, we will focus on 5 main aspects you should try to cover on your social media questionnaire; Unique selling proposition, social media background, target audiences, brand voice, and client's expectations.

Let's discuss each of these in detail.

Unique Selling Proposition

Your new social media client probably did not create anything revolutionary, and likely has many competitors. But there is still something distinctive and special about their brand. This could be anything from their history, to a better quality product, specific target audience or processes. Include questions to dig deep into their unique selling proposition so you can capitalize on this and make them stand out from their competition.

Here are some questions that can help you:

- What distinguishes your team, your offerings, and your abilities?

- What differentiates your goods or services from those of your main competitors?

- What issues are you resolving for your clients?

- How are your competitors positioning themselves in the market?

- Can you identify a need that your business can fill?

- Why do your clients (or users, members, or subscribers) pick you instead of your competitors?

- Do you focus on a certain industry or product category with a small, distinct market segment?

- Do the goods you offer have any intellectual property rights?

- Do you have any strategic alliances with companies from the same industry or from comparable ones?

Social Media History

If your client currently has (or has had) social media presence, you'll want to look into what content your client has used in the past, how they have used it, and the resources they have dedicated to it. This will help you find out how effective their past attempts have been and where they have failed. You'll also get a good idea of what your social media marketing strategy should focus on and establish clear objectives.

Try adding some of these questions to your social media questionnaire:

- What presents the biggest challenge to the development of social media marketing with your current team?

- What is your content creation to publication workflow process?

- How frequently do you update your profiles with new content?

- What metrics do you use to measure success on a monthly and quarterly basis?

- What social media strategy tests have you conducted over the previous 12 months?

- What strategies or content has been successful and what hasn't?

- What tools do you have at your disposal to create content?

- How do your offline campaigns and social media overlap?

- What kind of material (if any) does your audience respond to the best?

- In what ways do your campaigns make use of user-generated content?

Target Audience

Building a client's social media presence, and especially maintaining it, requires intimate knowledge of their current (and target) audience. Gathering this information should be your main priority in order to properly manage their social media accounts. Make sure to include thorough questions in your social media inquiry regarding the new client's audience's present demographics as well as any audience segments they intend to add in the future. By doing so, targeting their audience and developing content that they'll be interested in becomes much simpler.

You can include the following questions:

- What are your audience's preferences for internet content, pain areas while making purchases, and interests?

- How do they find, assess, pick, and purchase your goods or services?

- What are the demographic, geographic, and historical backgrounds of your target market?

- What kind of social media content will be relevant to your audience?

- Who would you like to add to your audience who isn't already there?

- What other brands, celebrities, or individuals does your audience interact with?

- Which social media platforms do they utilize?

- What issues do your ideal clients encounter?

- What solutions does your business offer to such issues?

- Which languages are mainly spoken by your clients?

Brand Voice

A company is only as good as the narrative behind it. The best social media strategy starts with an authentic and appealing story that represents the client's brand, their values and mission. This will basically be your foundation to deliver the right message in the right way.

Some questions you could ask include:

- With your content, what message are you attempting to convey?

- Where do you envision your company in five years?

- What are the three most critical messages that need to be spread about your goods or services?

- Tell us about other brand voices that you admire.

- How would you describe your brand if it were a person?

- What is the overall brand's objective?

- When someone visits your website, how do you want them to feel?

- What do you love about your brand?

- Can you sum up your business in three to five words?


It is crucial to define what the client expects from social media campaigns and why they need your help. Managing customer expectations plays a significant role in achieving customer satisfaction. Knowing from the start whether your client has expectations that go beyond what you would be able to deliver allows you to have a conversation with them and come to an understanding regarding the service you offer.

Here are some questions that can help you with discovering and setting expectations:

- As your account manager, what do you expect from us?

- What do you expect from a new social media marketing strategy? (audience growth, brand awareness, lead generation, etc...)

- What type of reports, and how frequently, do you wish to see?

- How much supervision and control would you like to have over your social media channels?

- How much say do you want in campaign decisions?

- Are you searching for short-term support or a long-term partner?

- How does social media fit into your organization's growth strategy?

- Which social aspects would you prefer to possess right away? Long-term?

- In what areas might you most benefit from our marketing agency?

- What budget range can you allot this year to social (or this initiative)?

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How can Bonsai's marketing software platform help me get new clients?

A survey or questionnaire on social media is a reliable way to collect data on online activities.

What is an example of a questionnaire?

Examples of questionnaires include: Consumer satisfaction survey, or onboarding questionnaire. Any situation where a client and a company engage can benefit from this kind of research.

Which are the 3 types of questions included in a questionnaire?

To increase survey response rates, use the following sorts of survey questions: open-ended inquiries closed-ended inquiries. questions for rating.