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For a freelance web developer, you may not be keen on writing formal proposals to clients. This is especially so if you’re getting jobs from freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Guru, where all you’ve ever done is to write a cover letter and share some links to your previous works. For someone who just wants to dive into the code, such formal presales can be quite draining. Not that you can’t do it, but it’s because it eats into your precious time that you’d preferably use to spice up a website’s features.

However, the whole proposal development process doesn’t have to be difficult, considering the many web development proposal PDF templates that are available for you to borrow from or edit and use.

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Below are some of the things to look up for in the web development proposal PDF template.

1. Do background research on your potential client

The most challenging thing to do is to develop a proposal for a client you don’t know much about. If you dare do so, you’re likely to end up with a generic document that won’t be impactful. You should, therefore, take some time to research information about your potential client. Get to know their business, target audience, competitors, and the potential of their industry. Because it’s a web development proposal you’re trying to come up with, also check the websites of their competitors.

Conduct an analytical background check on these websites to know which ones have the highest conversion rates. Understanding the client will also make it easier for you to decide on the tone of voice to use in the proposal.

2. Design impression

As a web developer, you definitely have some idea about design. You know how a bad design would kill even a website with great functions. The same applies to web design proposals. The cover must look professional and attractive. If you’re going to rely on a  web development proposal PDF template, you must only pick one that looks stunning. The design you present to your client should, however, not be too complicated. Most people are often put off as soon as they come across a complicated document. They wouldn’t read it. So, make it beautiful and simple.

3. Highlight the client’s problems and provide solutions

Most web development proposal PDF templates give meticulous guidelines on this. As a freelancer, you already know too well that no one is going to create a website if they don’t believe it’s going to solve a given problem they’re currently facing. It could be a weak online presence, lack of an online selling point or they just want to raise their reputation through a beautifully formulated and executed website. Get to know their problems and then give corresponding solutions to each of them in the proposal.

4. Responsive web design

Not so many people know just how massive mobile web traffic is and how it has grown over the years. In 2017, for example, mobile phones accounted for a marvelous 56.74% of all web traffic. Projections indicate that this figure will grow to more than 60% in the imminent future. In fact, in the biggest economies, the percentage of mobile traffic is about 80%. Who would dare ignore something such paramount? Check the web development proposal PDF template to see if it has any provision for responsive web design. If this isn’t captured, ensure you rope it in and demonstrate to the client just how crucial this is. Responsive design could just be what wins for you the contract.

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5. Web development timeline

Because you really want this job, you’re trying to make everything as spicy as possible, right? Well, on matters timeline, be as thoughtful as possible if you don’t want your head to blow up when you’re finally awarded the contract. Be realistic. Weigh the amount of work, breaking it down into milestones that you can deliver within a specific period. Accept the contract only if the client is ready to accept your estimated time of delivery. If the web development proposal PDF you’re relying on already has a timeline, just modify it according to the time you believe you’d be able to finish the project.

6. Flaunt your comprehensive portfolio

You’re most likely not going to win a contract from someone if you don’t have an impressive profile. This is because there are many freelancers out there with super clean track records and compelling profiles. How you present yourself in terms of your expertise and experience really matters. The portfolio you share with your client must be relevant to the project at hand if you’re to be considered.

Capture any other important thing that you believe would make you stand out, including a clear presentation of the payment schedule, and a straightforward call to action.