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Website Development Proposal TemplateWebsite Development Proposal TemplateWebsite Development Proposal Template

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For a freelance web developer, you may not be keen on sending formal website development proposals to clients. For someone who just wants to dive into the code, such formal proposal templates can be quite draining. Not that you can’t do it, but it’s because it eats into your precious time that you’d preferably use to spice up a website’s features.

However, the whole proposal development process doesn’t have to be difficult, considering the many sample proposals for website design and development PDF that are available for you to borrow from or edit and use.

In need of some tips to help you convert these awesome templates into killer web development proposals? Below are some of the things to look up for in the web development proposal PDF template.

1. Do background research on your potential client before sending your website development proposal

The most challenging thing to do is to develop a website development proposal PDF for a client you don’t know much about. If you dare do so, you’re likely to end up with a generic document that won’t be impactful. You should, therefore, take some time to research information about your potential client. Get to know their business, target audience, competitors, and the potential of their industry. Because it’s a web development proposal you’re trying to come up with, also check the websites of their competitors.

Conduct an analytical background check on these websites to know which ones have the highest conversion rates. Understanding the client will also make it easier for you to decide on the tone of voice to use in the website development proposal PDF.

It is said knowledge is power, and this cannot be any less true when it comes to knowing your client and what they like. Knowing this, you can customize your web development proposal, offering what you know will sell to your prospective client. Getting to know your clients is not only important to gain them as customers, but also to build a great working relationship with them.

2. Impress with the design of your web development proposal

As a web developer, you definitely have some idea about design. You know how a bad design would kill even a website with great functions. The same applies to web development proposals. The cover must look professional and attractive. If you’re going to rely on a  web development proposal PDF template, you must only pick one that looks stunning. The design you present to your client should, however, not be too complicated. Most people are often put off as soon as they come across a complicated document. They wouldn’t read it. So, make it beautiful and simple.

3. Highlight the client’s problems and provide solutions through your web development proposal

Most web development proposal PDF templates give meticulous guidelines on this. As a freelancer, you already know too well that no one is going to create a website if they don’t believe it’s going to solve a given problem they’re currently facing. It could be a weak online presence, lack of an online selling point or they just want to raise their reputation through a beautifully formulated and executed website. Get to know their problems and then give corresponding solutions to each of them in the website development proposal PDF.

It is not enough to know why the client needs you, but it is more important to let the client learn why they need you. Start by telling the client why before delving into the what and how. In simple terms, in your web development proposal, ensure it comes out clearly why they need help with their problem, then let them know how you help them solve it.  

Make your proposal as assuring as possible – let them know you can do the work. There is no need to lose a gig to competing freelancers just because you sounded a little bit unconfident. Be sure to bring out your qualifications and strengths in a professional manner – again, do not overdo it. Here are some key sentences that can help you sound confident without seeming proud: 

  • Feel free to ask me any question 
  • I am ready to take an interview or test 
  • I am sure we can find a solution for this 
  • Let me know if there is anything more you need

4. Talk about responsiveness in your web development proposal

Not so many people know just how massive mobile web traffic is and how it has grown over the years. In 2017, for example, mobile phones accounted for a marvelous 56.74% of all web traffic. Projections indicate that this figure will grow to more than 60% in the imminent future. In fact, in the biggest economies, the percentage of mobile traffic is about 80%. Who would dare ignore something such paramount? Check the website development proposal PDF template to see if it has any provision for responsive web development. If this isn’t captured, ensure you rope it in and demonstrate to the client just how crucial this is. Responsive development could just be what wins for you the contract.

Website Development Proposal Template PDF
Image Credits:

5. Website development timeline mentioned in your web development proposal

Because you really want this job, you’re trying to make everything as spicy as possible, right? Well, on matters timeline, be as thoughtful as possible if you don’t want your head to blow up when you’re finally awarded the contract. Be realistic. Weigh the amount of work, breaking it down into milestones that you can deliver within a specific period. Accept the contract only if the client is ready to accept your estimated time of delivery. If the web development proposal PDF you’re relying on already has a timeline, just modify it according to the time you believe you’d be able to finish the project.

6. Flaunt your comprehensive portfolio in your website development proposal

You’re most likely not going to win a contract from someone if you don’t have an impressive profile. This is because there are many freelancers out there with super clean track records and compelling profiles. How you present yourself in terms of your expertise and experience really matters. The portfolio you share with your client must be relevant to the project at hand if you’re to be considered.

Capture any other important thing that you believe would make you stand out in your website development proposal PDF, including a clear presentation of the payment schedule, and a straightforward call to action.

By the time you’re receiving a request for a web development proposal, you’re most likely already acquainted with the workings of the development process. With all the tools in place, the design and development process is usually pretty straightforward.

However, where the element of submitting a proposal slithers in, things might just get a little uncomfortable. If it’s the first time you’re receiving a request for a proposal, you may not even know which way to go. That’s understandable, not many programmers like the paperwork that precedes the real coding work. Most developers prefer spending most of their time doing what they do best, which is building websites.

But here is the thing. As a freelancer, skipping this essential part of the process might not be an option if you’re to win the contract. You may not even have the cash to hire someone to do it for you. It could also be impractical hiring someone at a fee that would significantly impact on your bottom-line. Forget about all that. You can do this on your own.

By following the tips below, you’ll be able to come up with a convincing, realistic, and impressive proposal that will most likely get you hired.

7. Use the web development proposal to show you understand your client's problem

One of the building blocks for a stunning web development proposal is the executive summary. It’s here that you break the ice. You have to project yourself as an insider of your potential client’s industry, demonstrating a good understanding of his problems. Each and every problem you talk about must be aligned to an amicable solution. Mention how the website would adhere to industry best practices and consequently lead to higher conversion. Clearly, this wouldn’t be possible if you don’t do your research well. Where you’re already in possession of a web development brief from the client, more than three-quarters of the information you need should be contained therein.

8. Narrow your expertise to the work at hand when drafting a web development proposal

Even as you present yourself as the right freelancer for the job, be careful not to appear as a jack of all trades. Already aware of the problem to be solved, use the web development proposal to convince the client that you have the required skills, resources and tools to get the job done and done right for that matter. Anything outside that can be addressed after the current development project is completed. Be sure to methodically address each and every problem that the client is facing by not having a website. Present solutions that are valid and practical. By so doing, you win their trust and give them the impression that losing you would be disastrous to their business.

9. Share links and references in your website development proposal

This is most probably not your first web development project, meaning you have links to some projects you’ve done before. Your client may not know much about websites, but he sure knows what a good website looks like. So, as you share links, pick the best of them. Please, please, don’t add irrelevant projects to your portfolio. Doing so might bring some confusion or even give the impression that you aren’t qualified for the job. Remember the whole idea is to show the client how well you can create a website for their industry, their company in particular. Should you have some pertinent references, don’t hesitate to include them in your web development proposal.

10. Make a reasonable offer using the web development proposal

One of the biggest fails freelancers run into is giving obviously unreasonable quotation for projects. Some freelancers believe that the lower their quote, the higher their chances of winning the contract. Far from it. When you’re dealing with a client, know it’s a human being on the other side. Most clients will develop cold feet as soon as they see a price that’s too low. Either they’d be convinced that you’re not qualified or you’re out to scam them. Too high prices when making a proposal in a pool of fellow freelancers and established companies also means you’re likely to miss the contract. Do a little research about the financial muscle of the client. Conduct a little research on how other clients charge for such jobs. Settle on a figure that’s not too low, not too high, and still reasonable for the work at hand.

Website Development Proposal Template Sample
Images Credits:

11. Outline the way forward in your website development proposal

When you submit your web development proposal, one mistake you should never make is leaving the client hanging at the end of it. Provide a well-articulated next course of action. In case you win the contract, what are some of the first steps you’d expect? What would be the procedure of signing a work agreement? What would you need to get started? Ensure all these are indicated in the proposal so that your client doesn’t have to ask you questions that should have been addressed in your web development proposal.

Here are some of the features of the templates we provide:

11.1. Branded web development proposal templates

In today’s business world, branding is a little bit complex than it was a few decades ago and quite essential to any business. With excellent branding, you can set yourself apart from the rest of the park and establish your firm as a source of valid solutions. Branding will not only get you the job, when backed up with results, will help customers get back to you.

The web development field is full of many freelancers and firms that offer this service, with spectacular records. Having this in mind, we have our templates designed to allow freelancers to incorporate their brands and services. In this manner, as a freelancer, you can include in the web development proposal, the unique value of your service and the promise of what you can deliver. 

11.2. Web development proposal with service packs 

Consumers love choices. It makes us feel in control when we have options to pick. We have applied this same principle in our templates, where the freelancer can choose to offer his/her clients different service packs to pick. The client will be inclined to take a freelancer that is offering them the opportunity of choosing how they work over another freelancer whose proposal is not flexible. Such a web development proposal is a sure bet to give you an edge over your peers. 

11.3. Get notifications when your web development proposals are viewed

The proposal templates also feature notifications that alert you on the activities for the proposal. Therefore, you would know when your proposal gets read and when the client accepts it.  

It is one thing to have a great proposal, and it is another to have good content in it to convert a prospective client. The web development proposal templates go a long way to get you started, and on to the right track. To beat your competition, you need to prove to the client, reading your proposal, that you are an exact fit, or close to what they wanted.

With over 100s of thousands of firms out there offering website development services, you can be sure there is stiff competition. That is the reason you want a web development proposal that will set you apart from the rest. Creating a killer web development proposal, on the other hand, is not a walk in the park and may require some effort. We know that as a web developer, you may be working on different projects already and may not have the time to sit and whip up a customized proposal for each client. 

That is why at Bonsai, we take it upon ourselves to help freelancers like you save the time to do the proposals. We provide you with easy to edit templates that are a breeze to use. Therefore, instead of using up a sizeable amount of time thinking of what design to use on a particular client, we give you various templates that you can choose.

In summary, getting clients is an art that all freelancers have to master. In this line of work, how skillful you are at attaining clients, coupled up with accrued skills and track records, helps to have a constant flow of work. We understand how this can get hectic and, that is why we would love to help get off some load from the freelancers by helping make the process of gaining clients as easy as possible for the freelancers. Look no further than at Bonsai for great templates that will help you achieve your goals.


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