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e Commerce Proposal (PDF)

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e Commerce Proposal (PDF)

Hiring a freelancer to either tweak an existing eCommerce store or to add one is becoming an important move for many businesses. This is more especially as most industries and businesses embrace the online business world. With a good online presence, businesses are guaranteed of increased sales and better outreach.

As a freelancer your work is to ensure the client has a profitable eCommerce store. To ensure you are straightforward and that your services are what the client needs, you need a properly written e Commerce proposal PDF.

An eCommerce proposal PDF is structured to identify the client’s business problem, offer a solution, and make it all attractive to the client. Proposals are full of facts, it doesn’t make assumptions. This means you should be well informed before you write a good e Commerce proposal PDF. Essentially the proposal recommends a solution to a client’s business problem.

Despite the fact that a good e Commerce proposal PDF should adapt to the scope and complexity of the particular project in question, there are some features that are general.

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1. Understand client eCommerce goals

In order to fulfill the client’s desires and goals, you as a freelancer you must engage them. To achieve this you have to start with understanding the clients need.

  • What does the client have in mind?
  • What is the main reason they want an eCommerce store?
  • Why now?

After you can adequately answer these questions, then you will be able to create an e Commerce proposal PDF that will be a solution for the problem. A problem can be that there are changing customer rates, or stiff competition from rivals offering convenient shopping experiences.

2. What will the new eCommerce store look like?

This is where you sell your skills by giving an overview of what the store will look like. Ensure the e Commerce proposal PDF makes it clear to the client how the eCommerce store will work and of what benefit it will be to the clients business. This will be the point at which the client decides to either hire your services or not, therefore ensure that you catch their attention as they read through.

3. What is the project scope?

This is where you talk about what you are including and what you are not including in the project. To ensure the client understands, break it down into elements such as user experience, design, content and functionality. Ensure that the e Commerce proposal PDF about features that will sell you more to the client like sizing charts and measuring videos.

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4. eCommerce Platform and Hosting

This is where you now make a recommendation based on the needs and goals of the client. It is important to ensure that you do extensive research and compare different third party eCommerce platforms and hosting options. Explain the key features and pricing of each one and their advantages.

This will give you a more professional ground to recommend what will be suitable for the clients business needs. Plus with a better understanding of the various platforms, you are able to answer some of the client’s queries in the e Commerce proposal PDF.

5. Breakdown the investment

The proposal is meant to convince the client that you are the best freelancer for the job. This will make it easier to lay out how much they will need to invest in your services. Divide the cost into different sections like platform fees, project fees and add-ons. As a freelancer you have to ensure that the client understands the quality of your services. This will ensure that the client willingly accepts your cost of service without much hesitation.

Create your own
e Commerce Proposal (PDF)

Create your own

e Commerce Proposal (PDF)

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