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Book Proposal TemplateBook Proposal TemplateBook Proposal Template

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Book proposal samples are essential tools for selling certain types of books to publishers. In this case, they are most common with non-fiction books. It represents the arguments you make regarding the importance and usefulness of your book. A good book proposal template should, therefore, help you to write an outstanding document that convinces publishers to take you as their client. More importantly, you can’t be a freelance author or writer without it.

The freelance business is becoming competitive, and if you’re a freelance writer, you know that more writers are joining the circle every day. As such, you have to make every effort to stand tall in the crowd. Of course, sharpening your skills is part of it, but how you present your skills and services to the publishers determines whether they’ll pick you or not. They don’t have all the time to read through all the pages of your book. 

So a summary would do in this case. That’s why a book proposal sample is an important tool for every writer. Whether you’re new in the field or you’ve written several proposals before, with a book proposal example, you’re sure to capture the attention of the client. 

There are several book proposal sample PDFs online, but not all will address your specific needs. On that note, you need to take time to choose the best book proposal example. If you’re clueless, you can ask fellow writers to know what they’re using. Better still, you can find out what makes a good book proposal sample so that you can easily pick out the good ones from the rest. 

To make it even easier to write a proposal, consider using a book proposal example template. Since most templates are already structured and formatted, all you need to do is to fill in the required details. There’s so much you can achieve with a book proposal sample template provided you pick the best out of the ones available.

Book Proposal Template
Image Credits:

The template plays a critical role, as you will see below.

1. A book proposal template helps you write marketable books

Now, it takes great talent, unimaginable skills, and tons of patience to write a book of any kind. What is more, you don’t have to be a professional author to write a book. You can do it to increase awareness regarding the consulting business or service that you run. As the book proposal template will guide you, the most important factor to focus on is not the art of writing a book. Instead, put more emphasis on writing a marketable book. It’s what publishers love.

Publishers are out to increase sales for their business, and it would be best if they get a book that sells. You may not be selling a written book, but rather your writing skills. Several publishers are looking for exceptional writers like you, but they may not know how good you are on the job until you market your skills. While writing a book proposal sample, keep in mind that you’re selling your work to more than one publisher. So, you stand a chance of winning more clients, and that works to your advantage.

The book proposal example focuses on marketing your:

  • Concept
  • Expertise
  • Platform

2. A book proposal template is a tool for persuading publishers

It’s important to learn the art of persuasion. Take time to develop these skills. Publishers need convincing that your non-fiction title is marketable and worth their time. Remember, they also invest in your book regardless of what it talks about. You may put in all the graft and effort, but the publishers determine how successful that book could be. For this reason, it’s important to do whatever it takes to persuade them.

In the freelance world, whether you’re a marketer or a writer, it takes persuasion to convince clients to buy your services. You may be a good writer, but if you don’t market your skills properly, publishers may not be interested in buying your product. That’s why if you’re serious about your writing business, you should work with a book proposal example. Most freelancers who are blossoming in their career have written several proposals to get there. With time, as you send several of them, you’ll get to learn how to convince a publisher through a book proposal example. 

They say, practice makes perfect, and you too will soon become a pro. Even as you try to market your piece of writing, keep improving your skills so that you deliver what you promise. That’s the only way to ensure you remain on top of the game.

Know what the publishers are looking for before penning the book proposal sample.

3. Convey your authority with a book proposal template

Books that sell well have one overriding theme – they are the works of authority figures. Here, authority figures simply mean writers who know what they are talking about. For example, write a book based on your experience as a consultant health worker. The book proposal template should state what your qualifications are. It presents your credentials and convinces the publisher that you are a trained professional in the subject your address. It’s not just about showing off your writing skills to the publisher. The best books are those written by experts in the given field. 

So as a freelance writer, be sure to stick to your field. By doing in-depth research in your area of expertise, you get to advance your knowledge and consequently improve your writing. You can also borrow ideas from fellow writers, especially those who’ve had several of their writings published.

Your expertise in the following areas would help write a solid book proposal example:

  • Self-help
  • Health
  • Parenting
  • Finances
  • Economics
  • Plumbing
  • Personal coaching

4. Demonstrate storytelling skills with a book proposal template

Many successful authors have no professional background. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make them poor storytellers. They know how to weave words to narrate stories that touch on issues the readers are more interested and invested in. Publishers love books by such writers. Therefore, find ways of improving your storytelling skills. Use the book proposal template to learn how to pitch such skills credibly to convince the publisher to give you a contract.

Book Proposal Template Sample
Image Credits:

5. Avoid silly mistakes with a book proposal template

Some mistakes can make the publisher turn away from you and consider a different writer. One such mistake is the urge to use the proposal for discussing what the book is all about. Do not place too much focus on the content. Let the proposal’s focus be on reasons that make the content useful to the reader. Use the book proposal example to demonstrate to the publisher why readers will care about the content. In doing that, you would need to answer the following questions:

  1. Why is this book important?
  2. What are the needs that it fulfills?
  3. Why this book?

Take these lessons in mind when studying the book proposal template. The template could determine how your freelancing career as a writer or author proceeds. You can’t get the book to sell and be a hit with readers without the involvement of the publishers. Use the template to learn how to focus on developing the sort of books that they will have a difficult time saying no to. Write the proposal that blows their minds away!


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