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Free Online Proposal Template

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You’ve just seen lucrative offers that you know you are capable of handling as a freelancer. You want the client to assign the task to you, and watch you deliver your best. As optimistic as you may sound, wishes won’t get you the task. You’ll have to make an impression on the client. The client needs an impression strong enough to make him assign the gig to you.

One sure way to make such an impression on a potential client is by making a smart proposal presentation. As simple as it sounds, an online proposal template could be all you need to secure your next freelance gig.

Online Proposal Template Example
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As you prepare to write your proposal, bear in mind that several other proposals will find their way into the client's inbox – just like yours. Other freelancers will be interested in the task, too, so you'll need to stand out from the rest. Trust me; there is nothing you need to stand out more than a winning proposal.

Even if you’re going to edit an online proposal template, ensure that the template you are going for has been proven to be a winning proposal. How do you know that a proposal is a winning one? Well, not to worry. This article answers your question and more.

What makes your online proposal a winning one?

Just as you could have imagined, a “winning” online proposal template will not necessarily contain more elements than the others. In fact, there are statutory elements that must be available in every proposal, and winning proposals must maintain those elements. The difference then is explained below.

1. Problem statement

The client has a problem and needs a solution. However, he will be willing to allow someone who has a good understanding of the problem to provide the solution he needs. Therefore rather than just repeat his problem in the same words he did - as most proposals will do, state it more clearly and professionally. Doing this builds a level of trust in your competence.

2. Recommended solution

Your aim as you recommend a solution is to ensure that you address the problem of the client directly. You won't be required to mention a lot of things here, talk about a viable solution to the problem, and do it in using terms understandable by the potential clients.

3. Benefits

As you write or edit your online proposal template, have it back to your mind that you're trying to convey your deliverables to your prospects. This means that your freelance proposal should let your potential clients know what they stand to benefit by hiring you. Make it as clear as possible. Also, ensure that these benefits align with what the client is looking for. As much as you can, let your value proposition exceed the client's expectation.

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4. Project cost

Costs oftentimes have played a determinate role in either hiring a freelancer for a task or not. To have a high rate of success with your proposal, be professional with your price analysis. Tie your cost directly to the solution offered, and make it to digest.

5. Call to action

Conclude your online proposal template with a call to action (CTA). Have a simple line or two at the end that explains what next from here. In doing so, you lead your prospects to what you want them to do to get started with the task. Don't let your CTA be a complex, simple, and clear call-to-action proven to be very effective.

Free Online Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a proposal online?

On a document, describe your background/introduce yourself, explain the goal of the proposal, set clear goals/objectives, highlight your different strengths, discuss the budget and the intended use of the funds briefly. Lastly, add a call to action and ask for a follow-up. Letters should always end with contact information.

Does Word have a proposal template?

Microsoft Word has proposal templates but the ones. provided by Bonsai are better. Just sign up and include the main issue the customer is trying to resolve, explain why they should hire you, highlight your relevant experience, and outline the expected cost of your collaboration.

How long should a draft proposal be?

A draft proposal is typically 4-7 pages long or around 2,000-3,500 words. Use Bonsai's free pre-made draft proposal template as a reference when writing yours.