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Free Influencer Marketing Proposal Template

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Table of contents

Whether you’re just starting out in the influencer marketing world or aiming to up your game, influencer marketing proposal templates can be an excellent way to begin.

But what should an influencer proposal template include?

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Where to find free influencer proposal templates
  • What an influencer marketing proposal is
  • Why you want an influencer marketing proposal
  • What your influencer marketing proposal should include
  • Four steps for writing an influencer marketing proposal
  • Our pro tips for using an influencer proposal template
  • The benefits of using Bonsai to create your influencer marketing proposal
  • Frequently asked questions.

Ready to get into it? Let’s dive in!

Free Influencer Marketing Proposal Template

Bonsai’s Influencer Marketing Template
Social Media Influencer Contract

If you’re looking for an influencer collaboration proposal template, you may want to “try before you buy”, especially if you’re just starting out or on a limited budget. Luckily, there are a number of places where you can find free templates, though not all will be legally binding or held up in court.

However, Bonsai provides pre-designed templates that cater to the specific needs of influencer marketing campaigns. Not only are they created with professional support from an in-house legal team, but they are also specifically designed for proposing an agreement with an influencer.

Whether you want to work with an Instagram, TikTok, or other social media influencer, this free template will give you a good idea of what you’ll need to include in your influencer brand ambassador proposal template.

What Is an Influencer Marketing Proposal?

An influencer marketing proposal serves as a formal document that lays out the partnership terms between a brand and an influencer.

Typically, an influencer proposal template will be a step-by-step contract proposal, detailing the campaign, goals, strategies, and terms and conditions of your collaboration.

What a Proposal for Influencer Marketing Can Help You Achieve

1. Clear Objectives and Goals

A finely executed marketing proposal will clearly lay out the campaign’s goals. Whether the main focus is on giving the brand a visibility boost, driving sales, or introducing a new product to the market, the proposal makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

2. Defined Communication Protocols

When it comes to collaboration with an influencer, perhaps the most important thing to determine is how information will be shared between the influencer and the brand. It’s important to lay out what you expect from the influencer, whether that’s a weekly check-in, daily tagged videos and posts, or otherwise.

While it may seem like overkill to have it written down, this clearly lays out your expectations from the partnership, as well as allows the influencer to see what is expected of them (and whether or not that is realistic).

Remember: at this stage, this is only a proposal, so the influencer could accept, reject, or ask for revisions to it.

3. Detailed ROI Expectations

It’s vital that you as a brand are clear about your return on investment (ROI) expectations. Not only does this detail the terms of the partnership to protect you, but it will also help the influencer understand what you require and whether or not that is within their scope.

4. Repository for Collaboration and Feedback

Having the opportunity to work with an influencer is not only an opportunity to collaborate with someone outside of your direct brand (which could be hugely beneficial), but it also provides you with insights into your target audience.

This is all valuable information that can help you better refine your marketability, as well as know first-hand what your potential customers think about your brand, products, and more.

However, making sure that you have access to this data during and after your campaign is key, and thus should be laid out clearly in your influencer marketing proposal.

5. Blueprint for Future Campaigns

If you take the time to note what worked and what didn’t, the proposal can act to guide future proposals. This consistency ensures that the brand’s voice stays true, strategies keep evolving, and decisions are based on solid data and real insights.

6. Performance Benchmarks

Setting benchmarks from the beginning sets the standard for what you, as a brand, measure as success.

Be sure to set key performance indicators (KPIs) so that you can measure how the campaign is doing.

The Fundamental Elements of an Influencer Marketing Proposal

1. Cover Page

Your cover page is the first thing an influencer will see, and it should reflect your brand.

Be sure to:

  • Use your brand colours and logo
  • Say who the influencer marketing proposal was prepared by and on what date
  • Include your contact details
  • Make it eye-catching.

2. Goals and Objectives

Your desired goals and objectives should be at the top of your proposal, clearly laid out for the influencer to consider. Your goals could be to:

  • Ignite awareness of the brand
  • Increase engagement
  • Encourage conversation
  • Create a community.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, state it clearly from the beginning.

3. Plan of Action

Your plan of action should describe the steps you would like the influencer to carry out during the term of the project, as well as desired outcomes.

This could include everything from content creation to posting schedules.

4. Case Studies

Case studies can be an extremely effective way of convincing an influencer to work with your brand. By weaving in stories of previous successful collaborations, the proposal does more than just showcase your accomplishments, it also shows that you as a brand can be trusted, and lays out clearly for the influencer what your minimum expectations are.

5. Pricing Package

The pricing package section of your influencer marketing proposal should lay out the compensation or incentives in a manner that leaves no room for ambiguity.

This transparency will make sure both parties are on the same page, prompting trust and honouring the influencer’s contribution.

How to Write an Influencer Proposal

1. Create a Professional Design

Invest time and effort into creating a proposal that is eye-catching and looks extremely professional from start to finish. A visually appealing proposal will immediately grab the influencer’s attention and enhance your brand’s credibility.

2. Define Your Role

Inside the proposal, express your expectations clearly and openly. Paint a clear picture of their role in the campaign and highlight the qualities they will bring to the collaboration. This is your opportunity to show how they’ll be an essential part of the larger vision and contribute to the campaign’s success in a unique way.

3. Detail Timelines and Workflow

Clearly detail your timelines and how you would like the influencer to work with your brand.

Do you need approval of content before posting? What are the milestones of the project?

This level of detail ensures everyone is on the same page and will be able to collaborate effectively.

4. Highlight Your Strong Suits

Remember, just as much as you are inviting the influencer to work with your brand, you are also selling yourself to the influencer. What sets your brand apart and makes it unique, and why should they work with you?

Influencers do have a choice of whether or not to work with you. If your brand’s core values or approach resonates with them and their audience, they’ll be more likely to accept your proposal.

Pro Tips for Using an Influencer Marketing Proposal Template

1. Personalization

Nobody wants to feel like just a cog in the machine — be sure to personalize your influencer marketing proposal to ensure your chosen influencer that they’re the best fit for your brand.

2. Clarity

Keep your proposal concise and straightforward to avoid any misunderstandings. Steer clear of jargon or overly complex language that might confuse or overwhelm.

3. Transparency

Be open and upfront about your expectations, the compensation structure, and any contractual terms. Remember, clear outlining fosters open communication right from the beginning.

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Free Influencer Marketing Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you propose an influencer collaboration?

Proposing an influencer collaboration involves crafting a concise and compelling email or message. Make sure it conveys your brand’s genuine interest in teaming up, lays out the campaign’s goals, and shines a light on the perks the influencer can enjoy from this partnership. If the influencer expresses interest in working with your brand, follow up with your influencer marketing proposal, which will further detail the terms and conditions of your collaboration. From there, it’s up to the influencer to accept, reject, or request alterations to your proposal!