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Free Event Design Proposal Template

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Event Design Proposal Template
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According to statistics, the demand for talents and event management service professionals is bound to rise in the next five years by 44%. Research once estimated the annual spending on events to be $500 billion annually. That is good news for event design planners as more people will require their service.

However, you should know how to craft a compelling event design proposal that will get the attention of clients that are looking for qualified hands. Mastering this skill will help take your business to the level because an effective proposal will put you ahead of 95% of your competitors.

Event planning requires your attention and detail, including scheduling, logistics, organization, and even follow up. You will be showing your potential and skills to a prospect by presenting them a well-formatted event design proposal. However, you must understand the requirement of the client to come up with a well-written proposal. Most times, clients are unorganized and nervous about the planning and organization of their events.

Hence, they need an event design expert to create and produce awesome results within the available time. So, it would help if you planned to meet the prospect and ask them some questions about their event.

Whether it is a reunion, corporate meeting, or a glamorous wedding, it all starts with understanding the requirement and a well-written event design proposal. As a professional planner, you will do well to sell your skills by crafting a proposal with the following guideline in the next section of this article.

Event Design Proposal Example

How to write a perfect event design proposal template

Here are the relevant information to cover in your proposal to start your event planner contract template.

1. Client’s need

Give your event design proposal and come up with a description that captures the prospective client's needs. The description summarises the need and requirement of the event and seeing that reassures the client of your ability to deliver. Note that what you are putting in this section is all that the client told you but in a more professional and organized manner.

2. Experience & portfolio

A brief summary of your business is important to let the client know who they are dealing with, and that will also help them make decisions when ready to hire. Include your capabilities and experience – events, project management, and internship or volunteer service if you don't have much experience planning events. Ensure you mention other relevant training and certifications plus references.

3. Services & budget

Your client would love to see the services you offer for the event. Create a field in your event design proposal to highlight your services, especially if the event is a large one with multiple functions. After describing your services in a way that your prospect can smell and touch, the next thing you'd like them to see is the cost for each service. Include the cost of each service then come up with a budget for the event.

Event Design Proposal Sample
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4. Timeline

Clients care about the schedule and timelines for their events. You may help them alleviate this anxiety ahead of time by coming up with an approximate timescale for the event. Let your event design proposal include your work starting time, and milestone if applicable.

5. Work policies

The policy section is where you manage the client's expectations and state the cancellation policy (maybe no cancellation within 14 days of an event or get a 50% refund for cancellation). You should also add payment due date, rental or damage policy, and other clauses associated with your service. These clauses give the client a prior knowledge of what it takes to work with you in planning their event successfully.

Free Event Design Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I create an event proposal template?

Easy--sign up with Bonsai to get access to our proposal templates for event planners. Simply customize all the relevant details like the core problem the client is looking to solve, why you are the right person to hire, your relevant experience, and a detailed break down of the estimated costs of working together.

What does an event planning proposal look like?

Your event planning business proposal should include specifics about the services it offers and examples of how you will execute the event, giving the client all the information they need to understand what you are offering.

How can I write proposal?

Use the pre-made templates by Bonsai as a reference while writing an event proposal. Our templates are simple to adjust to your specific project or business needs. Include your practical qualifications and the reasons why are the ideal prospect for the project.