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Free Email Marketing Proposal Template

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Email Marketing Proposal Template
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Working as a freelance digital marketing professional and with more than 100 billion emails going out every day, you need to create emails and email marketing proposal PDF that stand out from this deluge on behalf of your clients. You have got to perfect key tactics that make emails from your clients stand out, close sales, and win the war for attention raging in email inboxes.

However, before you can put your perfected tactics into practice for you clients, you need to obtain clients in the first place. An ability to get new clients rests on how convincing you can be. You have to develop an ability to convince prospective clients to engage your digital marketing services. Prospective clients have got to find your pitch so irresistible and convincing that they will hire you.

Furthermore, as a digital marketing freelancer, you need to come up with strategies that bring out your strengths more than your weaknesses as you make applications for contracts from clients. Perfecting the art of creating a great email marketing proposal template is a good place to start.

1. Accentuate your abilities with the email marketing proposal

To succeed as a freelancer in email marketing, identifying your most attractive talents is critical. These talents must shine to your clients, and they must scream from your email marketing proposal sample to them so that they come out easily. Repeated practice enables you to proclaim these talents without a struggle.

Not all projects and contracts will require similar abilities and strengths from you, however. In this regard, it is crucial to bring out clearly those strengths and talents that your clients demand for specific projects.

Perfecting the preparation of an email marketing proposal PDF goes a long way in teaching you how to perform SWOT analysis on your freelancing. The SWOT formula allows you to make an evaluation of your strengths that you need to shout about to your clients from the rooftops. It a good method to assess yourself, your digital marketing environment, and the resources you have at your disposal.

Performing this analysis long before you get to your clients allows you to have the results of your analysis at hand always. That way, preparing one will not be part of the rush when a client calls on you to create and submit a proposal.

2. Send the email marketing proposal before an interview

Formulating an email marketing proposal template goes a long way in preparing yourself for the inevitable interview you will have with your prospective client.

It would be suicidal to attend any interview without a list of your core capabilities. These include your personal qualities, your abilities, and your skill set. A knowledge of what you are good at, clearly stipulated, give you a crucial advantage as you go about impressing a client during an interview.

3. Anticipate client needs with the email marketing proposal template

Should a client request something, only to discover you have already embarked on it, is a plus for your freelancing career. Anticipating what your client needs goes a long way in showing how ready you are to go beyond the call of duty.

Such a client will remember this and will stick with you to the end of a digital marketing contract and may readily renew or recommend you to other clients.

4. Elements of an email marketing proposal

It is not a secret that digital communication is major preference today, with more than three billion email addresses active worldwide. People check their inboxes on their laptops and desktops, and on their tablets and smartphones. Irrespective of the means by which a customer accesses emails, it all comes down to the content.

Through the email marketing proposal sample, you have an opportunity to convince your clients of your leadership and proficiency in email marketing. This is through proving your average email-opening rate among your client base in comparison to standards in the industry.

You need to show your clients you are capable of working with everyone, ranging from a small business that aspires to become a big name in retail, to that Fortune 500 conglomerate in search of a new approach to reach their consumer base.

This proposal allows you to show your clients your understanding of the power of communication. It gives you an opportunity show them how you would apply this power to introduce them to an entirely new clientele.

5. Research and planning when creating your email marketing proposal

It is critical to come out clearly and upfront so that your client understands how you will create and execute their marketing campaign through email. Let them feel they have made a smart decision to undertake an email marketing campaign, you will ensure their expectations are met, and they will eventually enjoy satisfaction with the result.

With research and planning, you begin laying a foundation that eliminates any unpleasant surprises down the road. The process to accomplish this features a number of steps.

5.1. Step one

Among the first things, you will do is to make an analysis of your client’s own client base in order to determine how to create content that resonates with their audience. Should the client possess existing email subscribers, you need to focus on why and how they became subscribers in the first place. Find out how often they open emails from your client and what they prefer to see in these emails.

If your client does not have an email subscriber list, you will require determining the proper way to highlight their business and get a word out regarding what they have on offer.

5.2. Step two

You need to ensure that information about your client’s best product and services is finding their customers’ inboxes. In addition, you need to make sure that those customers continue to receive valuable information so that they remain, customers, while helping in recruiting new customers themselves.

This means you need to understand your client’s operations as well as they do. Hold meetings with appropriate members of staff or heads of departments. This way, you go a long way in ensuring important information is shared with email subscribers.

5.3. Step three

With an understanding of customers who subscribe to emails from your client, knowledge of what makes their enterprise unique, and what you communicate with their customers, you can now create unique content for email marketing.

At this point, you must assure your client that despite taking complete control of creating their email messages, nothing goes to inboxes unless they give their consent and approval.

6. Creating content for the email marketing proposal

A number of things need keeping in mind as you go about creating content for email marketing. An excellent way of communicating through email is through following a simple criterion. That is keeping everything memorable, snappy, and short.

Your client’s customers are the most critical people you will have to deal with every day. As such, you need to make sure these customers know your client cares. If the client has something new for the world, their email subscribers should be the first to know.

Shine in this light through the production of concise and clean copies that give readers precisely what they require to take the next step and click on links in the emails. Your designing skill set needs to involve the most effective procedures to apply art and copywriting skills that draw in readers.

7. Goals and schedules in your email marketing proposal

You need to assure your client feels they are getting their money’s worth. This is through putting up a set of goals together with them enabling them to see the value that comes from an effective email marketing campaign. Such goals include positive changes in online traffic once emails go out and email opening rates.

A daily weekly or monthly report is part of the process by which you will convince your client you have accomplished these goals as you enumerate in the email marketing proposal sample.

As the cliché goes, poison is what becomes of too much of anything. Based on the email open rate and business model you come up with, determine how often email blasts go out. Make a schedule of when everything goes out. This way, you avoid getting caught off-guard or the misfortune of dispatching during a dead period, such as a weekend or holiday.

8. Getting started with the email marketing proposal template

Once everything is in place, and your client has appended their signatures to the email marketing proposal PDF, what comes next is actually getting started. Eventually, you will develop a rhythm, and the email marketing strategy may almost run on autopilot.

Among the boxes to tick, when the process eventually starts, include the following:

8.1. Cultivating strong initial subscriber lists

The bigger the email list your client acquires, the wider the potential number of customers your content will bring. This realization has led to many new entrepreneurs to purchase initial email lists.

However, buying such a list is often a bad mistake. This is because such users did not sign up for a particular client and when they begin getting emails from such a client, they will interpret such messages as spam. This drastically reduces what value an email campaign would bring, while putting such a client at risk, attracting a red flag as a spammer.

8.2. The value of the message as a priority

Every email message needs to give value to your client’s users. This includes offering them discounts, showing them your top content, or giving them news and information they will find nowhere else.

Whatever message that comes in the email, it has to mean something of importance to a targeted audience.

8.3. Do not spam users

You might feel tempted to send or dispatch as many emails as you can in order to maximize on results. However, this is one situation where less is more. Too many emails too frequently create an impression of spamming on users. As a result, they will stop paying appropriate attention to your client’s core content or simply unsubscribe from the email list.

8.4. Experiment on a result basis

It would not be advisable to pick a strategy and pursue it indefinitely. This is irrespective of how successfully it may seem to be. It would be a good idea to try new things now and then. These include different or new offers, different or new designs, and differing headlines. This way, you will discover new things about customer needs while creating even better content in the future.

9. Capturing email marketing associate services

Because of an email marketing campaign, certain associated services are bound to come out. You will need to capture this in your email marketing proposal PDF to your client and therefore cash in on them. Among these services are content marketing and search engine optimization, which complements each other naturally.

Creation of high-quality content for an overall content marketing strategy for your client helps them establish new pages with good rankings in search results and optimize for a bigger number of keywords. Focusing on a strategy to improve search ranking brings more visitors to sites belonging to your clients. This means your content gives them more popularity and therefore more exposure.

In other words, email marketing is one of the less spontaneous strategies that you can use to complement both search engine optimization and content creation. Used correctly, email marketing is a powerful complement for both your client’s search engine optimization and content marketing strategy.

Individually, each of these strategies will assist your client make more sales while retaining more and more customers. Together, however, they become more valuable than the total sum of each of them going separately.

10. Talk about cost efficiency in your email marketing proposal

In your email marketing proposal PDF, it would be prudent to bring out the enormous cost efficiency associated with email marketing compared to other strategies. Email marketing has consistently showed a return on investments rising more than four times compared to social media, the next highest-ranking marketing strategy. In that regard, your client does not have much to lose from such an email marketing campaign.

You can create a successful email marketing campaign through an inexpensive mailing platform or even a free one, some few great ideas, and a few subscribers. It is easy to access, particularly once you have created a working system, and it will cost you no more than a few hundred dollars to operate in a given contract.

11. Focus on brand reputation in the email marketing proposal

You are able to send emails on regular intervals, and as a response to new publications and diverse venture events, few channels give your clients a better opportunity to improve their brand reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

Again, loyal customers will have a higher inclination to make an investment out of your content strategy and recommend your brand. This enhances chances of citing by high authority publishers thereby accentuating rates, all which should be reflected in the email marketing proposal sample.

Free Email Marketing Proposal Template
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How do I write a email proposal for digital marketing?

Customize Bonsai's free proposal template. Explain the main issue the customer is trying to solve, why they should hire you, provide examples of your relevant experience, and break down the expected cost of the project.

How do you write a simple marketing proposal?

Make a freelancer proposal using one of Bonsai's ready-made templates. Our templates are simple to adapt to the needs of your project or job description. Make sure to mention your relevant marketing experience and the reasons why you would make the ideal contractor to hire.

How do you approach a client via email?

Write down a subject line, salutation, introduction, and value proposition. You could also include a cover letter with your relevant previous experience. After you write the detailed description, close off the email, add your contact info and thank the client.