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Builder Proposal Template

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If you are an independent architect or have a firm, you know how complicated it can be to find clients. From networking and marketing to meeting with potential clients, pitching ideas, and following up, it can take a toll on you if you don't have an efficient sales process. While you can't cut much time out of networking and meeting clients, there is one part of the process you could be doing faster; drafting a business proposal.

Granted, a good proposal will ultimately get you the job, but this doesn't mean you have to spend hours writing each from scratch. By creating your own construction proposal template, you can quickly fill in the client-specifics while ensuring all necessary information is always covered, reducing errors, and ensuring professionalism.

To help you create the perfect construction proposal template, we'll go over the essential elements you must cover.

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Important Elements of A Construction Proposal Template

When writing construction proposal templates, remember it's all about demonstrating you have the skills and creativity needed to bring your dream plan come true. A well-written proposal will convince your clients you can do the best job with their budget and you provide high-quality architectural services. A professional construction proposal template will help you with this.

Here's what you must include.

Cover Letter

Your first chance to catch your reader's interest is the cover page of your construction bid proposal. As tempting as it may seem, don't use the same design for all of your proposals. Always try to make it unique and match it to your client's vibe, whether that's a vibrant and creative design or a more professional and down-to-earth design. Your cover letter must include your business name and logo, registered trademarks or any branding elements you find appropriate.

Introduction to Your Construction Company

The opening portion of your construction proposal template should include an introduction to give your client a general overview of your experience, portfolio and knowledge. Briefly describe the history of your business, any honors you've received, and a rundown of your accomplished projects, as well as highlight the qualifications and practical knowledge of your company's senior management.

At this point, you can also give your clients a brief introduction to the services you are planning to provide. You can do this by adding a sneak preview of the building's design and how it will bring in money for both the business and you.

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Project Information and Client Details

After covering the fundamentals, it's time to cover all the details and talk about the purpose of this project. Start by describing the project, its surroundings, and any business problems it is attempting to solve or results it is hoping to achieve. Keep this purposefully brief and simple because you'll go into greater detail later in your scope of work. Don't forget to include the project name, location, and contact information of the parties involved.

Detailed Scope of Work

All construction proposals must provide exact work plan specifications, referred to as scope of work. Here, you will provide more information about the envisioned structure outlining specifics like the number of stories that will be built, precise dimensions, and the elements that need to be constructed, such as the cozy rooms, parking lot, lobbies, elevators, and fire escapes.

The scope of work should also include the total cost of the construction project, the number of workers or your construction team, and the materials required. Make sure to keep a clear structure when providing the summary to make it easy for the project owner to understand. Showing your itemized costs for materials and services adds a layer of transparency to your construction bid proposal.

Project timeline, Payment Schedule and Deliverables

This section of your construction proposal template is to outline the basic design stages and deliverables involved in the project. Such stages may include planning, design rendering, primary plan development, delivery of plans, review, redlining, and final revision and acceptance. Using a timeline along your deliverables provides a more accurate overall picture of the project flow and shows where bottlenecks may come up. You'll set the right expectations and deliver your project in a timely manner.

Case Studies

Many building engineering firms just provide examples of their work in their proposal forms (like you did in the introduction section), but this is not enough. You must demonstrate that you comprehended the client's problems and developed a workable solution if you want to be regarded seriously. By researching case studies related to your project, you can include a section to present data and your conclusions to the potential client and show what you can do to improve the project.

This will let your potential clients know that choosing you is worth the risk as you have already identified potential areas of opportunities and are ready to handle them.

Call To Action

Finally, a great proposal includes a strong call to action that leaves your clients with a favorable impression of your construction firm. You want to provide clear instructions to follow if they want to do business with you and invite your client to call you in case of any clarifications needed, or accept your proposal online via email. Remember, this is your chance to let your personality show and convey a trustworthy image, so let them know how much you're looking forward to working with them.

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Builder Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a building proposal?

Use the pre-made templates from Bonsai to create a freelance construction proposal. Our templates are simple to modify in accordance with your project's or job description. Include your relevant experience and the reasons why you are the ideal applicant for the position.

What is included in a construction proposal?

A construction proposal should contain the project name, description, and cost. Proposals are the documents you send to potential customers to introduce your business, develop a rapport with them, and convince them to put your business on their bid lists.

What is the format of a proposal?

A proposal should have a clear description of the issue, the solution, the price, and the benefits of working together. Explain the issue, including its subject, purpose, context, significance, and how you are the right person to hire for the job..