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Free Video Production Proposal Template

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If you’re struggling to close new deals for your video production company, take a second look at the proposal you’re using. A detailed and appealing proposal can make or break the deal for you.

Leverage Bonsai’s expertly curated video project proposals to fix the flaws in your current proposal and work with new clients. The simple template provides a strong foundation on which to build your custom video production proposals.

The Fundamental Elements of a Videography Proposal Template

A video production proposal informs prospective clients on the video production services you bring to the table. It answers every question that the prospect might have before closing the deal. Consider it an opportunity to set yourself apart by highlighting your expertise and experience, and how they’ll help you successfully complete the project.

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a videographer recording a video inside a studio

Here’s everything that goes into a typical video production proposal sample:

Cover letter

A videography proposal template starts with a visually stunning cover. The introduction page should talk about your experience in the industry and spotlight your skills.

Since most cover letters are designed the same way, it’s essential that you create an exciting and unique cover letter. Doing so helps grab the prospect’s attention and nudge them to read the rest of the proposal and ultimately contract your services for their upcoming videography project.

Spend some extra time ideating the content and design for the cover page to create something quirky. This way, potential clients are more likely to read through your whole proposal.

Team details

If you’ve got the strength of a video production agency behind you–you want to show it off. Introduce the team members and their individual skills and experience to familiarize your prospective client with your team members. This will inform the client about the versatile skill sets you and your team are bringing to the table.

Your video production proposal PDF should include introductions for and strong suits of each member of your video production company. Here’s a format you can follow:

  • Name and photo: to help the prospect put names to faces
  • Role and skills: to offer an insight into individual capabilities and experience in the video production industry

Alternatively, if you’re a solo video producer, this is your time to take center stage. Highlight your experience and expertise, and let your personality shine through. Whichever way your team is set up, this is a chance to dazzle potential clients.

Goals and expectations

After introducing yourself and your team, shift your focus to the prospective client and their project requirements. This proposal has been requested for a specific video project–identify the client’s needs and address them here.

This section of the video production proposal template will primarily aim to set the client’s expectations for the project moving forward. It’s the end goal for the project, and clarification of any details and expectations in regards to meeting that goal.

Use this section to highlight how well you’ve understood the client’s needs, and emphasize how qualified you are to turn their idea into a reality.

Project scope

One of the essential segments of a video proposal template is the project scope. It describes your plan of action for the project along with estimated timelines and resources required.

This is only a preliminary outline of the project scope and doesn’t need to include the details you’d expect from a video production contract. Instead, provide an outline of how you’ll approach the client’s requirements from day one right up until the finishing date.

Here are a few key points you can include while detailing the project scope in your video production proposal template:

  • Workflows: explain the expected process for every stage of production and video editing. Give a gist of how you’ll approach creating the video and the goals you’ll achieve with it.
  • Timelines: present an estimated framework of the project timeline. Offer a range of days or approximate deadlines for all the workflows to give a final video delivery date. This can be updated in the final contract, but it’s good to give potential clients an estimate.
  • Milestones: include a milestone-based completion process to enable the client to track progress. This will also clarify the deliverables they can expect after you complete different stages of production, such as pictures from the shoot and edited segments.

Discuss with the client and spend time brainstorming about realistic possibilities before drafting this critical section of your video production proposal. You can also choose to separate this section into scope of work and project schedule–this is up to your preferences and project needs.

video production set

Previous projects

Creating a plan to complete the project is one way of demonstrating you’re a fit for the role. Another great way to exemplify your expertise is by including case studies from similar projects.

A section on previous projects will help establish your credibility as a videographer and increase your chances of landing the job. Here’s how you can structure this section of the video proposal sample:

  • Client’s requirements: talk about the client you worked with and the kind of video(s) they needed. Briefly describe the video marketing project details in bullets.
  • Challenges faced: include an overview of the client’s pain points. Present a list of the key challenges they faced before hiring you for the videography project.
  • Production process: offer a gist of the customized production process designed to cater to each project’s individual goals. You can use a past video creative brief to help do this.
  • Actionable results: present the final output for every client alongside data related to engagement and other metrics (if available).

Don’t go too in-depth–you want to highlight the results you’ve achieved without losing their interest. If done correctly, displaying your expertise in video production through past projects can convince the prospective client to hire you confidently.


Before concluding your video production proposal template, you need to include a section on pricing. A proposal draws out your standard costs for videography services to inform the prospects about expected fees. You can formally discuss the specifics and billing terms after the bid is accepted.

Here, you can include a package of services customized for the project’s needs. If possible, discuss pricing expectations before drafting your proposal to better understand your client's budget. This will help inform you on what services they’re able to contract, and whether you’re the right person to create their video.

Bonsai top tip: Use a videography invoice template when requesting payment to speed things up.

How to Write a Video Production Proposal Sample

Drafting a video production proposal with all the necessary details requires an in-depth understanding of the project at hand. If it’s your first time creating such a proposal, these must-know steps will help ensure you build a strong proposal.

Demonstrate your skills

The most important requirement of any videography proposal is answering the question—why you?

Use different parts of your proposal to highlight your skills and personality—whether this is with past projects or innovative proposal design. Tie your skills to the project and show prospective clients how you can leverage your video production skills to meet their specific goals.

This conveys your expertise and your understanding of the project requirements, and positions you as the best option when it comes to completing the video project.

Create a professional design

A video production proposal template should be eye-catching and engaging. Striking a balance between professional and exciting is a big ask, but it’s what you need to do to win clients.

After drafting the copy for your proposal, choose a professional layout to best communicate your plan. A smoothly designed proposal can really set you apart from the crowd.

Here’s how you can incorporate excellent design into your proposal:

  • Add your branding details like logo, typeface, and color palette
  • Enhance readability with white space, bulleted lists, and text boxes
  • Include high-quality visuals to make it more appealing and interactive

Moreover, adding your prospect’s branding alongside your own can make the videography proposal more personalized.

Be project-specific

Most freelance videographers mistake talking only about their services in the videography proposal. The right way to go about it is by aligning your video production services with the project’s goals.

Customize the template to include specific details of what you can do to meet the client’s expectations and convince them instantly. Always focus on the client first–this is for them, not you. It’s easy to lose sight of the end goal, but it’s essential to remember to answer the key project questions.

Be realistic

Lastly, spend ample time brainstorming the project requirements to develop realistic approaches to creating the video. Instead of selling false promises to bag the project, build transparency from the outset and spell out only what’s realistically achievable.

This applies to deliverables, outcomes, timelines, and more–you have the opportunity to detail your workflow and give them a glimpse of your methodical style of working.

a videographer using a video camera

Creating a Video Production Proposal Template is Simple with Bonsai

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Video Production Proposal FAQs

How do you structure a proposal for a film project?

Writing a video production proposal for a film project requires these sections:

  • Cover letter
  • Team details
  • Goals and expectations
  • Scope of the project
  • Previous projects
  • Pricing

Bonsai top tip: Use Bonsai’s seamless, easily customizable, and free proposal templates for video production to create a customized bid for any project in no time.

How do you write a good videography proposal?

Follow these steps to draft a spot-on video proposal:

  • Familiarize yourself with the project’s needs and the client’s expectations
  • Brainstorm about the services you can offer to fulfill these goals
  • Create a draft tailored to the project requirements
  • Address the client’s pain points
  • Highlight your expertise and propose the best pricing

Creating a proposal whilst keeping these points in mind will ensure you cover all bases and present a feasible solution to the prospects issues.

Free Video Production Proposal Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What is a production proposal?

A production proposal for videos is a bid for a certain product within a given period of time using available resources and supplies. Try Bonsai's free template which you can easily customize and send professional looking proposals to prospective clients.

What is the format of a proposal for video production?

The format for a business proposal generally consists of an introduction, project timeline, overview of the costs, solution and benefits. Try Bonsai's templates at no cost tot edit and send a proposal for video production..

What are the steps in video production?

The main steps for video production consist of: development of ideas, scripting or pre-production, video production, post-production or editing, and marketing or distribution.