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Best Virtual Assistant Proposal (Free & Customizable)

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Table of contents

If you’re interested in working as a virtual assistant, then you’ll need a great virtual assistant proposal to secure yourself a job. But how exactly do you go about writing a perfect proposal? That’s where we come in.

Discover how to write a great virtual assistant proposal by reading this article because we’ll cover everything you need to know — from creating an online presence to setting up your home office.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at:

  • What is a virtual assistant proposal template?
  • How to become a virtual assistant?
  • Virtual assistant client proposal essentials
  • How to write a virtual assistant proposal
  • Creating a virtual assistant proposal letter with Bonsai
  • Frequently asked questions
  • A free sample virtual assistant proposal template.

Let’s jump right into it.

What Is a Virtual Assistant Proposal Template?

A virtual assistant proposal template is a pre-drafted document that will help you write a proposal that covers all the key information required to secure you a virtual assistant position.

These templates will include all of the essential aspects of a professional proposal, leaving you to simply fill the template out with your information.

How To Become a Virtual Assistant?

How exactly do you go about becoming a virtual assistant? There are a few steps to take that will aid you in your journey and improve your chances of getting the position.

Develop Necessary Skills

Before you apply to be a virtual assistant, you’re going to need to have the necessary skills. Do your research and develop the relevant skills for your desired virtual assistant role.

This could include improving your typing ability, practicing making phone calls, and other administrative tasks.

Choose a Niche or Specialty

If you want to stand out and make yourself indispensable, find your niche or set of skills that only you can offer.

This is a great way to stand out from the crowd and develop a unique branding. If you have other skills such as graphic design, social media management, or bookkeeping, you could focus on this as your specialty.

Set Up a Home Office

When working as a virtual assistant, a home office is essential. Set up a home office and decorate it to suit your style.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection, an appropriate desk chair, and a workstation — a good setup is a necessity when working a digital-based job!

Create an Online Presence

If your desired job is based online, then you’ll also want to have an online presence. This will show your employers that you are tech-savvy and will give them some insight into your personality.

Consider setting up a LinkedIn profile for yourself or building a website to advertise your services. This also provides an opportunity to develop personal branding and show off any graphic design skills you have.

Determine Pricing and Services

Some employers looking for virtual assistants will offer a set price, while others will ask what your rates are.

Whatever the case may be, determining your prices is important to ensuring you are paid appropriately. Do some research into similar services that you also aim to offer and set your rates competitively.

Network and Find Clients

So, you’ve got everything set up to start your career as a virtual assistant — but where do you find clients?

The answer is networking. Reaching out and making professional contacts both in person and online is the best way to find future clients.

Find local networking events you can attend and introduce yourself to other professionals, you never know where a job opportunity may come from.

Build a Portfolio

If someone is interested in hiring you as a virtual assistant, they will want to see what you can do.

Building a portfolio of your previous work from other virtual assistant (or similar) roles will show off your skills and could land you your next role. Compile this information on your website or in a PDF file you can send to prospective clients.

Deliver Excellent Service

To be considered for a virtual assistant role, you must make sure that you are delivering excellent service.

Take pride in what you do and aim to achieve every goal that you set out! Clients will notice this outstanding work ethic and your odds of getting hired will increase.

Stay Organized and Efficient

Nobody wants a virtual assistant who is all over the place and doesn’t get anything done. Make sure that you are staying organized and efficient.

This can manifest as keeping your calendar up-to-date, organizing your files, or setting goals and to-do lists.

Continuously Learn and Adapt

The internet is always expanding and changing, so you’ll need to keep up with it. This means learning how to use essential programs, regularly updating software, and keeping up with online trends.

Adapting your skills to fit new clients and online changes is incredibly useful; try utilizing digital mentorship websites that offer training in many subjects.

Virtual Assistant Client Proposal Essentials

When it comes to writing your virtual assistant client proposal, there are a few essentials to include. Let’s go over some key aspects that you’ll want to have in your proposal.


The first thing in your virtual assistant proposal should be an introduction. Let your potential clients know about yourself and what you do.

This is your chance to leave a first impression and make your client want to read on, so keep it snappy and high quality. Have someone proofread your writing to keep it clear of mistakes and show your attention to detail!


The next thing you’ll want to include in your proposal is what benefits that you bring to the table. What unique skills can you provide? What are your specialties?

Detail what your skills are and how these will provide benefit to your client. Successfully doing so will show why you are the best pick for the job.


In this section, you will describe what services you will provide. Your potential client will want to know what to expect, so be clear and concise when outlining your services.

Be sure to highlight your unique talents and skills in this section but don’t oversell skills you’re not confident with.


This is where you will outline a range of things such as your availability, goals, timelines, and payment rate – whether it be an hourly or fixed rate. This is a good way to help your client know what to expect when hiring you.

Expiration Date

An expiration date lets your client know how long they have to respond to your proposal before it is no longer valid. This is also where you would provide information regarding how to accept your proposal, payment methods, and contract details.

How to Write a Virtual Assistant Proposal

Now you know what to include in your virtual assistant proposal, but how do you write it? Let’s look at some top tips for writing the perfect proposal.

1. Make a Bold Entrance in Your Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

Your opening statement is your virtual first impression, so make it clear and compelling. A great start to your proposal will catch your client's interest and help you avoid getting lost in a sea of other proposals.

2. Tailor Your Proposal Templates to Show Strengths for Each Job

Each job and client is different, and they will want to see how your skills and strengths can benefit them specifically. Tailoring your proposal to appeal to the job you are applying for should increase the chances of your proposal being accepted.

3. Talk Openly About Your Rates for Your Virtual Assistant Business

You don’t want to waste time emailing back and forth with a client only for them to find out your rates and lose interest. Be upfront about your payment rates to eliminate any confusion or unnecessary time wasting.

4. Focus on Quality over Quantity When including Samples

You don’t want your client to have to sift through pages and pages of work samples, some of which may not even hold relevance to their company.

Include only your best samples; bonus points if these are curated to reflect what your potential client is looking for!

5. Use a Virtual Assistant Proposal Template with a Visually Appealing Structure

A clean and visually appealing proposal is always a huge plus. It ensures that your information is structured well and easy to read, and also shows that you can produce visually appealing online content.

Creating a Virtual Assistant Proposal Letter is Simple with Bonsai

Yes, creating a virtual assistant proposal letter can seem daunting, but don’t worry! This is where Bonsai comes in. You can use a Bonsai virtual assistant proposal template to create a clear and professional proposal that will cover all your bases.

Save Time Writing a Proposal for Virtual Assistant Positions

Writing a proposal can be time-consuming but with Bonsai, it can take just minutes. Save time by making edits or deleting irrelevant sections in seconds.

Include Transparent Estimates with Every Letter

The best part about the Bonsai virtual assistant template is the built-in estimator tool. This rules out meticulous calculations and allows you to include an accurate estimate in every proposal.

Obtain Read Receipt Notifications and Send Reminders

Tired of being kept in the dark about whether or not a client has read your proposal? Of sending email follow-ups and reminders? Bonsai has a quick fix for that, with the read receipt notification and reminder function!

Personalize Branding for Professional Appearance

For a unique look and cohesive branding, you can personalize your proposal template. Maintain an eye-catching yet professional appearance by customizing the look of your proposal.

Start Projects Faster with Convenient E-Signing

Traditional signatures are increasingly becoming a thing of the past, yet e-signing remains an elusive feature on many templates. With Bonsai, you and your client can sign the agreement with ease via e-signature.

Get a Free Sample Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

Does the concept of a free sample virtual assistant proposal template appeal to you? If it does, you’re in luck!

You can download a proposal template or a virtual assistant contract template with Bonsai if you sign up today, completely free. You’ll have the perfect virtual assistant proposal in no time!

Best Virtual Assistant Proposal (Free & Customizable)
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What Do Clients Look for in a Virtual Assistant?

Clients on the hunt for a virtual assistant often want somebody who is organized, passionate, and can complete set goals and tasks. Being proficient with online platforms and software is always a bonus!

What Attractive Abilities Should I Highlight in My Proposal?

What special skills and attributes you should highlight in your proposal depends entirely on the client. Don’t include all your skills and hope that the client will work out what’s best for them; instead, do some research to determine which skills are most appropriate and include these in your proposal.

Is a Proposal Different to a Cover Letter?

Yes, a proposal is different from a cover letter. A cover letter refers to the letter that outlines who you are and why you want to fill this position, while the proposal is the document as a whole.

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