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Free Brand Ambassador Proposal Template PDF

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Table of contents
Brand Ambassador Proposal Template
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When constructing a brand ambassador proposal, you want to highlight your key strengths and display why you are the best pick for the job. Having a great brand ambassador proposal can be the reason why a brand selects you over another candidate.

How exactly do you go about writing a perfect brand ambassador proposal?

In this article we’ll cover:

  • What a brand ambassador proposal template is
  • Who might need a brand ambassador proposal template
  • What you should include in your brand ambassador proposal template
  • Our six top tips for writing a brand ambassador proposal template
  • Nine benefits of using a brand ambassador proposal template
  • Why you should use Bonsai to create your brand ambassador proposal template
  • Frequently asked questions.

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Brand Ambassador Proposal Template?

A brand ambassador proposal template is a document that functions as a guideline for your own brand ambassador proposal. This template allows you to structure your proposal correctly and ensures that you’re covering all your bases.

Taking a brand ambassador proposal template and editing it to fit the specifications of your chosen brand is an excellent way to create a memorable and detail-oriented brand ambassador proposal.

Note: Sign up for Bonsai to download this free proposal template and start creating a unique brand ambassador proposal, today.

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Who needs a Brand Ambassador Template?

Anybody looking to work as a brand ambassador can benefit from a brand ambassador template. When drafting a brand ambassador proposal, it is easy to feel lost and confused.

What information do you need to include? How do you piece it together in a logical order?

This is where a brand ambassador template comes in. This template will allow you to fill in information as you go, making alterations where necessary.

What to Include in the Brand Ambassador Proposal Template

You’ve started working on your brand ambassador proposal template, but now you’re faced with a new challenge: what do you include?

Whether you’re new to writing brand ambassador proposals or just want to make some edits to an old proposal, these basic topics are a great start when it comes to creating a great proposal.

1. Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your virtual first impression — make it a good one.

Writing a cover letter specific to your chosen brand and highlighting why you are the perfect fit will turn heads and increase the chance of your proposal being accepted.

cover page of a brand ambassador proposal
Brand Ambassador Template example

2. Campaign Goals

Providing detailed goals that you aim to achieve is a great way to display your understanding of the brand and what it stands for.

Personalize these goals to match the brand’s overall mission — this will show that you and your goals are a great fit for the company.

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3. Strategy and Deliverables

This is the section where you’re going to outline what your strategies are when it comes to achieving your goals.

Outlining practical measures that you will take as a brand ambassador, such as content distribution methods and promotional work, is going to show the brand what they can expect from you.

4. Timelines

Brands will likely want to see when they can expect certain goals to be reached. Including a detailed and realistic timeline of when you aim to complete projects displays your planning skills and allows the brand to see if your schedules and timelines align.

5. Case Studies

Proof of what you have achieved as an ambassador for other brands is a great way to turn heads.

Outline your past experience as a brand ambassador, and detail what you were able to achieve in that role.

Statistics are a real eye-catcher, so include them when you can!

instructions on how to add case studies on your brand ambassador proposal

Bonsai Top Tip: Showcase the impact your work has had on other brands by using numbers and metrics–nothing convinces more than real life results!

6. Pricing

Now that you’ve shown why you’re the perfect fit as a brand ambassador, it’s time to discuss pricing.

You can offer a variety of different services at various price points and allow the brand to select one. This is also a good opportunity to discuss brand merchandise, and how this may factor into your payment.

How to Write a Brand Ambassador Proposal Template

Now you know what to include in your brand ambassador proposal, but how do you go about writing it?

The finer details may make or break your brand deal, so be sure to polish this proposal until it shines.

Bonsai Top Tip: A brand ambassador contract can set the perfect tone for starting new projects. Download this free template to ease the process of drafting one.

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1. Find Out Exactly What the Client Wants

Take a look at the client and try to identify areas where they are struggling — this is where you can display how you will help them with this struggle.

Having conversations with the client beforehand is a good way to gear your proposal towards areas where they are seeking assistance.

2. Highlight What Sets You Apart

Chances are you’ll be up against some tough competition when submitting a brand ambassador proposal. To ensure you don’t get lost in a sea of proposals, make sure that you display what makes you unique and sets you apart.

Demonstrate your specific talents and tactics that will elevate their branding.

instructions on highlight what sets you apart

Bonsai Top Tip: You can add a ‘why us?’ or ‘About us’ section on your proposal to highlight what sets you apart and how you can add value to them!

3. Show What You Love About Their Brand

Brands are naturally going to gravitate towards an ambassador who genuinely loves their products or services. Provide some information regarding your prior experience with the brand, and highlight aspects that you enjoy.

Bonus points for anecdotes outlining how the brand was able to impact your life in a significant way.

4. Create Workflows to Track Progress

Providing the brand with detailed workflows and timelines is going to allow them to see exactly what you can and intend to deliver. This also creates a sense of honesty and transparency regarding your work, which is something that brands will be on the lookout for.

5. Align Your Design with the Brand Style Guide

Physical appearance is an often overlooked aspect when it comes to creating brand ambassador proposals. Having a clean and unique design that aligns with the style of the brand is a great way to make a lasting impression.

Just be sure to keep it looking professional!

6. Let Your Client Know What’s Next

If you end up getting hired as a brand ambassador — what comes next? Give the brand a brief outline of what your personal onboarding process looks like.

Attaching your brand ambassador contract is also a great way to streamline the process.

Benefits of using a Brand Ambassador Proposal Template

How can a brand ambassador proposal template help you write a truly incredible proposal, and what benefits come along with using one of these templates?

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways that a brand ambassador proposal template will help you.

1. Time-Saving and Efficient Document Creation

Creating a document, headings, subheadings, and paragraphs of text can take a while. By using a brand ambassador proposal template, you’ve got a document with key points built in — all you have to do is customize it.

2. Ensures Consistent and Professional Presentation

Having a brand ambassador proposal template will ensure your presentation is clear and professional. Each section will remain consistent in appearance, resulting in a put-together proposal.

3. Provides a Structured Format for Essential Information

The structured format of a brand ambassador proposal template will place all of your essential information in the ideal spots. This means that clients won’t have to search through your proposal for crucial information.

4. Helps Outline Clear Expectations and Terms

A brand ambassador proposal template’s inclusion of aspects such as payment and timelines is going to allow you to set clear expectations and terms.

Whether it’s regarding finances or workload, having transparent expectations is crucial when becoming a brand ambassador.

5. Offers Customization Options for Specific Campaigns

A brand ambassador proposal template is not set in stone — you can customize it to fit specific brands and campaigns.

This means you’ll only need one template, but will be able to create a wide range of brand ambassador proposals.

6. Reduces the Risk of Omitting Crucial Information

The structured format of a brand ambassador proposal template is going to ensure that you don’t leave out any crucial information.

By filling out a template, each necessary aspect of a brand ambassador proposal will be covered, making sure you don’t forget anything.

7. Enhances Communication Between Parties Involved

A detailed proposal that covers all your bases is going to demonstrate to the brand who you are and what you are offering the company. This cuts down on any unnecessary questions, emails, or phone calls regarding aspects of your proposal that weren’t quite clear and allows time for more productive conversations.

8. Facilitates Quick Comparisons Between Different Proposals

Say a brand wants to compare another past ambassador’s experience to yours for the best fit. If your past experience is clearly labeled and easy to locate in your well-structured proposal, they won’t have to work too hard to find the information.

9. Can Be Easily Adapted For Various Industries And Brands

You don’t have to waste time looking for an industry-specific proposal outline. A brand ambassador proposal template’s customization options mean that you can easily adapt it to suit different industries and brands.

Creating a brand ambassador proposal template is simple with Bonsai

Drafting a proposal from scratch every time you pitch to a new brand is tiring and tedious. The process becomes streamlined when you have an easily customizable template.

Bonsai can resolve all your worries about documentation in just a few clicks with its ready-to-use, free templates for a brand ambassador proposal, and more.

Here are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for free to Bonsai
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  3. Customize it as per your preferences and client’s style

Bonsai makes it easy to create a winning proposal for every project. Simply visit the platform, tweak the template, and export your customized brand ambassador proposal PDF in a few clicks.

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Note: Do you want to create a solid agreement for a branding project? Check out the branding contract template.

Free Brand Ambassador Proposal Template PDF
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write a brand ambassador proposal?

The easiest way to write your brand ambassador proposal is using Bonsai's free proposal templates. Our templates allow you to easily outline the main elements like your cover letter, campaign goals, strategy, timelines, case studies as well as pricing. And don't forget a call to action to get the ball rolling!

How do you ask a company to be a brand ambassador?

The best way to ask a company to be a brand ambassador is to reach out to them via email or social media. Sending over a brand ambassador proposal right off the bat will increase your chances of hearing back.

How do I sell myself as a brand ambassador?

Brands are more likely to consider you for an embassador program if you demonstrate your passion for their business sharing your own experiences with the brand. Use Bonsai' free ambassador proposal to share your ideas and highlight the benefits you would bring to the project.

What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador is responsible for helping to build a company’s brand identity via both online and offline channels. Brand ambassadors use their influence to achieve varied goals, such as increasing sales, boosting traffic, enhancing online presence, and other growth goals.