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Sample Freelance Proposal Letter

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Sample Freelance Proposal Letter

As a first-time freelancer, do you know how to write a proposal? The thing is that the freelance offer letters are essential to a successful freelancing career. Some of your clients will not hire you until they get the chance to evaluate your proposal. The proposal is like a promise that you make to the client. It offers the client an opportunity to see what you can deliver. But, a poorly written proposal will not do much good to your cause. Therefore, it’s important to check the best sample freelance proposal letter to learn how to structure yours properly.

What can you learn about proposal structure from the sample freelance proposal letter?

A good structure does the following:

  • it gives the letter a simple layout
  • it makes the letter easy to read

1. Be ready with different proposal samples

First, it’s important to understand one thing; your freelance offer letters will change from time to time depending on the client and the kind of work you’re doing. However, one thing that never changes is its structure. In freelancing world, time is of the essence. Having a pre-determined structure ensures that you save time and deliver when clients expect you to. A good structure is the most potent weapon you can use to capture the client’s attention. A well structured proposal is concise and clear, as you will see from the sample freelance proposal letter.

2. Featured Samples

A well structured freelancing proposal should have samples of the work you have done for other clients in the past. Your current clients will not ask for a sample since they already know the quality of work you’re capable of delivering. Clients take a massive interest in a freelancer’s previous work. They have nowhere else to look except the freelancer’s samples. Therefore, never underplay the importance of samples. Never assume that your proposal is topnotch if you fail to include a few excellent samples in its structure.

3. Proof of Experience

To most clients, a freelancer’s proposal is like a CV. A properly structured CV shows experience. Similarly, a properly structured proposal should also indicate the freelancer’s experience. Experience here refers to the number of years (or period of time) a freelancer has worked. Experience also refers to the type of work you have done. Most clients want to know that they are hiring freelancers who know what they are doing. They need assurances and guarantees that the person they are hiring has the right skills and qualifications.

4. Lists Previous Projects

A well structured freelance offer letter also talks about the projects the freelancer has handled. The actual number of projects is important to the clients too. At times, this piece of information is the difference maker. It determines whether you clinch the contract or not. For example, a person who has handled a handful of projects is less likely to be considered by a client who needs a freelancer with tens or, possibly, hundreds of projects. Once more, study the sample freelance proposal letter for guidance on how to include the list of projects you have done in the past.

5. Professionalism and Warmth

A well structured freelance proposal, as you will notice in the sample freelance proposal letter, is professional and friendly. Striking the balance between the two is a major challenge for many freelancers. For the most part, freelancers will choose either professionalism or friendliness but not both. In fact, most freelancers will tell you to be professional all the time. There is nothing wrong in telling the freelancing clients that you have checked their website, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media profiles too to learn more about them.

Therefore, it pays to study the freelance proposal letter closely if you want to land your dream contract or client. As you will notice in the sample freelance proposal letter, the experience a freelancer has matters a lot to any new client. For this reason, it’s important to structure the proposal letter well so that it brings out your strengths properly. A well-structured letter or proposal is a marketing tool through which you advertise your strengths while avoiding mentioning weaknesses that would make the client to consider you unqualified for the project.

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Sample Freelance Proposal Letter

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Sample Freelance Proposal Letter

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