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Customize and send professional invoices for your freelance business with the Freelance Invoice Template from Bonsai. Simply download, edit, and send to get paid fast.

Downloadable Freelance Invoice Templates

As a freelancer, you love the freedom of working for yourself, setting your own hours, and charging what you’re worth.

But getting paid the right way (and quickly) depends on you invoicing your clients—which can sometimes feel like a chore. With the downloadable Freelance Invoice Templates from Bonsai, you can now create, customize, edit, and send professional invoices in a matter of minutes, without the stress!

Simply add your invoice details, such as your business contact information, accepted payment methods, service details, pricing, and total amount owed to generate an accurate invoice. You can even customize the template with your business logo, color, and fonts.

Here are a few of the many helpful features of the free Freelance Invoice Template:

Modern Template

The Freelance Invoice Template is professionally-designed, modern, and created with real freelancers in mind. It can be customized to fit the freelancer's branding and can be downloaded in all kinds of formats, including a PDF page, Google Doc, Excel spreadsheet, and more. Edit your invoice template to include specific project details, include itemized tasks or services, and send it to clients for payment.

Letterhead Style Template

Using a custom-branded letterhead on your invoices conveys professionalism and shows clients you mean business! Use the contract invoice template to summarize your services, add payment terms, calculate totals, and serve as a receipt for all transactions.


This simple invoice template has everything you need, nothing you don’t! No need to custom-design your invoices or fuss with complicated formats. The Freelancer Invoice Template is a classic template that aligns with invoicing best practices—perfect for graphic designers, photographers, marketing experts, independent companies, and more.

The Freelance Invoice Template can be:

  • updated with new rates or services
  • merged with other documents if needed
  • embedded with payment links or gateways
  • copied for recurring projects
  • accessed from any device
  • collaborated on if using cloud-based platforms
  • imported into other platforms for further customization
  • validated to ensure all details are correct
  • distributed to multiple stakeholders if needed
  • archived after payment is received
  • retrieved for reference or disputes
  • incorporated into a larger billing system
  • modified based on changing project scopes
  • utilized across multiple freelance gigs
  • presented to clients during project discussions
  • compared against other templates for optimization

Printer Friendly

Many freelancers appreciate the simplicity of a paper invoice. After all, these can be stored away in your physical files and can be hand delivered to your clients. The Freelancer Invoice Template is entirely printer friendly, as well as available in a variety of fillable formats.

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Benefits of Using a Freelance Invoice Template

Freelance Invoice Templates help you save time when it comes to invoicing your customers. Rather than creating unique invoices for each transaction, you can customize the template to your needs and simply duplicate it for future use. It also cuts down on costs, compared to hiring an accountant to create invoices for you.

Invoice templates help you collect payments faster by giving you a go-to template to replicate for all client projects. Simply make a copy of your template, input the details, save, and send. Plus, you can even add custom text, graphics, icons, and more to make your invoices unique!

Why Should I Use a Self-Employed Invoice Template?

Invoices are important documents for establishing a record for all transactions. You can provide a breakdown of the services or products provided, itemized prices, taxes and fees, payment requirements (such as Stripe, PayPal, bank account transfer, etc.), and due date. This helps prevent future issues when it comes to clients contesting payment or you working through your tax reporting.

In fact, there are many reasons to use a self-employed invoice template. This template:

  • is formatted with essential invoicing elements for self-employed freelancers
  • is designed with a professional appearance
  • has a field for invoice numbers and can be organized by project or client name
  • is generated using the most user-friendly online tools and software
  • an be printed for physical distribution to clients
  • can be is shared with clients via email or cloud services
  • is easily adjusted based on client feedback
  • can be duplicated for different clients or projects
  • an be converted to PDF for universal access on any device
  • can be saved in a dedicated invoicing folder for future reference
  • is easily reviewed before sending to ensure accuracy
  • can be attached to emails or contract agreements
  • can be finalized as a PDF with signatures or approvals

Say “Goodbye” to complicated invoicing. The free self-employed invoice template provides a simple, cost-effective solution for freelancers looking to invoice clients the right way!

How Are Templates Specifically Designed for Freelancers Better?

Invoice templates specifically designed for freelancers are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of freelance work. They often include customizable sections for portfolio links, client testimonials, and project case studies, which are crucial for showcasing a freelancer's skills to potential clients.

These simple templates also help streamline administrative tasks by including features like invoicing, contract outlines, and time-tracking, thereby saving time and helping to maintain a professional appearance with clients.

Want to create detailed, professional invoices for your freelance business?

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What Information Should I Include in my Invoice?

When it comes to invoicing a client for a job or project, there are a few details that are absolutely crucial. Including this information will help ensure you are paid the right amount by the right due date via the right payment method(s).

Make sure that all of your freelance invoices include:

  • Your business name
  • The client’s name or company name
  • Your brand colors, designs, logo, and/or fonts
  • Your contact details (address, phone number, etc.)
  • List of services or products provided
  • Hourly rate, project charges, tax rate, and sales tax
  • Total expenses
  • Subtotal
  • Grand total owed
  • Due date
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number
  • Line items for hours worked, labor costs, materials, etc. (if applicable)
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Additional notes or comments (if applicable)

There might be additional fields you want to include on your invoices, according to your preferences. For example, you might want to include your service or product Categories, accepted currency, or alternative payment options. You can modify the template to add different types of fields and data.

What Fields Should Be Included in an Invoice Template?

When selecting an invoice template, be sure to consider the fields that are most important for you business. For most freelancers, the following fields are commonly used:

An invoice template should include several key fields to ensure it contains all the necessary information for clear, professional billing. These fields are:

  • Invoice header
  • Business Information
  • Client Information
  • Invoice Number
  • Issue Date
  • Due Date
  • Description of Services or Products
  • Prices and Rates
  • Subtotal
  • Taxes and Discounts
  • Total Amount Due
  • Payment Terms
  • Notes Section

Explore More Free Invoice Templates

Bonsai supports businesses, freelancers, contractors, and consultants who are eager to save time and money on their invoicing processes. That’s why we offer a wide range of free invoice template layouts, tailored to different types of businesses. Choose an industry-specific template or revise a general template to suit your needs.

Microsoft Word Invoice Template

The Word Invoice Template is a straightforward template that's perfect for quick customization and sending professional invoices from your Microsoft Word account.

Google Docs and Google Sheets Invoice Template

The free Google Docs and Google Sheets Invoice Template harnesses the collaborative and time-saving features of Google Workspace to create and edit invoices quickly and easily.

PDF Invoice Template

The PDF Invoice Template is a great choice for creating PDF invoices, which can be printed and mailed to clients, or sent as an email attachment.

Excel Invoice Template

The Excel Invoice Template utilizes the power of spreadsheets to automatically calculate totals and taxes, streamlining your billing process.

Consulting Invoice Template

Our Consulting Invoice Template is specially designed for the nuances of consulting work, allowing for detailed descriptions of consulting services and custom billing terms.

Photography Invoice Template

The Photography Invoice Template is professionally designed and perfect for detailing photography packages, photoshoot dates, rental costs, and more.

Graphic Design Invoice Template

Get paid faster for your design projects. The Graphic Design Invoice Template is crafted to match the creativity of your services, with fields for project-specific details and design work descriptions.

Construction Invoice Template

The Construction Invoice Template addresses your specific billing needs, with separate sections for material costs, labor, and additional charges.

Contractor Invoice Template

Our specially designed Contractor Invoice Template is simple and flexible, designed to reflect the various job costs associated with contracting, from materials to service descriptions to hours worked.

Rental Invoice Template

Send detailed invoices for your rental business. Perfect for events space rentals, equipment rentals, homestay rentals, and more. Download the Rental Invoice Template for free.

Pro Forma Invoice Templates

The Pro Forma Invoice Template provides a projected bill of sale for goods or services to be delivered, ideal for sending quotes to clients in advance of the project or sale.

Itemized Bill Template

The Itemized Bill Template outlines each charge individually, ensuring clients see a detailed account of services rendered or products provided.

Printable Invoice Template

The Printable Invoice Template ensures you can quickly print and distribute invoices without the need for digital tools. Simply edit, save, and print.

Professional Invoice Templates

Our Professional Invoice Templates span a variety of industries, providing a refined look and robust fields that elevate the billing experience for clients and your business.

Freelance Invoice Templates - Download for Free
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What Are the Different Types of Invoices for Freelancers?

Freelancers have several types of invoices at their disposal. A Standard Invoice is used for routine billing of services, while a Pro Forma Invoice is typically sent before completing a job to outline the anticipated work and costs. Time-based invoices are crucial for freelancers who charge by the hour or day, detailing the time spent on a project. Additionally, freelancers may use Recurring Invoices for ongoing projects or Retainer Invoices for clients who pay a regular charge for ongoing services.

Which Format to Choose for Your Invoice?

When choosing a format for your freelancing invoice, consider the nature of your services and your accounting practices. For straightforward, manual customization, a Word Invoice Template is ideal. If your work involves more complex billing with calculations, an Excel Invoice Template might be the best fit. For a universally accessible and professional-looking document that maintains formatting across all platforms, a PDF Invoice Template is recommended.

How Do I Use an Invoice Template to Bill My Clients?

To bill your freelance clients using an invoice template, first choose the template that best fits your service offerings. Then, customize the template by adding your branding, such as your logo and color scheme, and fill in your business details. Next, detail the services provided, dates, and rates, ensuring all line items are clear and all costs are accurately calculated. Once completed, use the invoice template preview to review the invoice for accuracy. Save a copy for your records and send it to your client through their preferred method (e.g. email, professional invoicing system, or traditional mail). Later, you might consider sending payment reminders if you are still waiting on payment.