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For digital marketers, Facebook is a goldmine with regards to a fertile marketing environment. Facebook not only gives necessary details about potential consumers but also has information on its users' interests, their favorite online hangouts, hobbies as well as other people connected to the targeted audience. Thus, for any modern digital marketer, Facebook advertising is a must. This is the reason why, as a digital marketer, your Facebook marketing proposal shouldn't be just a simple marketing proposal.

There are a few elements that shouldn't miss out on your Facebook marketing proposal if you are to bid to offer the marketing services successfully.


1. Know Your Ideal Customer

The beauty with Facebook is that it knows more than just your ideal customers. Facebook has tones of information regarding their likes, interests, disinterests as well as their browsing habits. When preparing the proposal, make sure you clearly illustrate how your company will use the information goldmine that is Facebook to further your client's business interests. If you can leverage marketing applications and tools, please let this be known too. Your prospective client should be assured that your firm understands how to best work with Facebook to generate either great sales or brand awareness, and it all starts when you can truly understand who the ideal customer is.

2. Use Your Current Client Data

Like most businesses, Facebook marketing also thrives when the existing customer's data is put to good use. We are not talking about giving details about your current clients, but your proposal should highlight the value you have brought your current clients through your Facebook campaign. Every business is unique, but industries and niches do come with some similarities.

If you can hone in on your current clients' adverts and tailor them for prospective clients depending on the niche, you will be able to prove that your firm understands what it takes to market successfully on Facebook to realize tangible results. The best tool for getting this data is your CRM database. You can use the data to super-serve your already existing clients in a bid to maintain a great working relationship, at the same time, giving your Facebook marketing proposal the weight it needs to convince prospective clients that you are fit for the job.

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3. Have Clear Goals

Having goals is important. However, your goals should be geared towards addressing your prospective client's most pressing needs. Your Facebook marketing proposal should address their pain points concerning advertising. Chasing some metrics like followers and public likes isn't just enough as a Facebook marketing strategy. You need to illustrate that you can transform these metrics into real sales, thus increasing your client's revenue. There are numerous tracking and analytics tools available to leverage this data, and therefore, you also need to articulate the ability to use these tools in your marketing proposal. Some realistic goals include:

  • Increasing the quality of sales for your prospects, not just getting them thousands of non-responsive likes.
  • Helping your clients get a better pulse on the industry through the use of social media monitoring tools.
  • Improving brand awareness through the use of specific content meant to give a ‘heart' to your client's organization.
  • Tangible and smarter growth, as compared to the usual grind that is involved with traditional marketing efforts. You should be able to assure your clients that you have workable approaches to getting more growth without necessarily asking them to invest in more personnel, infrastructure or pricey advertising strategies.

In Conclusion

Facebook is not about to slow down as a potential marketing behemoth, and that is why the Facebook marketing proposal should address the benefits your client stands to gain, rather than what you intend to do to deliver results. If the social media marketing project is to be a success, Facebook marketing should not be ignored.