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Exhibition Proposal TemplateExhibition Proposal TemplateExhibition Proposal Template

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After the completion of a body of work, the exhibition is done.  This is a way that a huge art-loving audience gets to know about the body of work of art. So, if you are ready to exhibit your artwork. Then you should write a unique proposal that can distinguish your freelancing work from many other competitors. The following are the steps you as a consultant need to take.

1. To begin with your exhibition proposal template research exhibition spaces in your community

Find out the actual galleries that accept submission before you begin an exhibition proposal. This is one of the first steps to take. This is because many formal galleries sometimes rely on gallerists and curators to look for an artist that can exhibit their work. Other galleries rely on work off of a representative model. 

But in the gallery world today, there has been a drastic change which has resulted in lots of alternative exhibition spaces that can be explored by all who want to exhibit their artwork, most especially those that have not been exhibited before.  These spaces don't rely on the sales of artwork to open their doors. The hybrid space includes coffee shops, music venues, or office space among others. So students or emerging freelance artists, make use of these hybrid spaces to exhibit their work.

Exhibition Proposal Template
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2. Ask if the gallery is accepting exhibition proposal

You may want to get in contact with the galleries to know if they have posted information to the public about accepting exhibition proposals. The email is the best way to contact the gallery. If you go in person, it is not good to ask about their exhibition selection process. Avoid anything that can lead to such a conversation. The few key points to hit at in your email when trying to contact galleries are:

  • Give them details about yourself, such as name, art background, medium, and portfolio about your freelancing business.
  • Let them know how familiar you are to their gallery by informing them about the recent exhibition you saw.
  • Ask about the acceptance of the proposal and the guidelines to follow, if any.
  • Describe in brief the body of artwork you would exhibit.

The aim is to ignite a conversation with the galleries, therefore, it must be free of typos, brief, to-the-point, and friendly.

3. Create a thoughtful polished exhibition proposal sample

If one of the galleries you contacted informs you that they are accepting the exhibition proposal then it is often good to follow their guidelines in writing a proposal. This is because most applications are denied because they don't follow guidelines instruction. Therefore, don't be part of them. But if there are no guidelines to follow then there is key information that would be of great help in their decision making. 

To start with, it is import that your thinking is reframe and focus your attention on what is important to the gallery and the contribution that your freelance artwork would bring to their gallery. Once this is done, then you should commence the drafting of your exhibition proposal through these steps, a proposal summary, statement of work, high-quality photo of your work, image list, an artist bio, and a cv. A well-polished proposal can be written by a freelancer that renders freelancing services.

Exhibition Proposal Template Sample
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4. Follow up with the exhibition proposal

If you have sent your proposal off to galleries and there is no good news, then you have to follow up. At least, You deserve to hear from them either a yes or no after all the hard work in writing the exhibition proposal and sending the email. 

Sometimes in the galleries, it takes to consider lots of submitted proposals however it is good to inquire about the status of one’s proposal. To make them not to forget you, you follow up your submitted proposal


In conclusion, the exhibition proposal should be written in simple language that can be understood. The guidelines presented by the gallery must be followed. The writing of the proposal should be a kind of contract between the client and the freelancer. 


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