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Artist Invoice Template
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Art consultants are artists by definition just as a consultant doctor is a doctor trained to practice medicine or proffer treatment to anybody who needs it. For this reason, art consultants need to learn to prepare artist invoice templates PDF.

All artists must learn to prepare and send art invoice templates. It is not just enough to prepare the artist invoice example. You also need to know when to begin invoicing. For the most part, you can only send the invoice to a client based on the agreement or performance contract the two of you signed.

Many artists believe they will make money from their talents or crafts. They know somebody will always search or be in need of what they provide, ready to sign an artist contract template with them. However, they fail to practice good financial management.

Learning to prepare and send an invoice professionally is part of acquiring good financial management skills. There exists no better teacher to help the artists learn than an artist invoice template. The template is a replica of the kind of invoice all artists should strive to prepare. The template provides you with the opportunity to learn firsthand, and can help you prepare for your freelance artist tax deductions.

The next task after doing some freelance work is to wait for payment. Many freelancers prefer receiving payments via their mobile devices. According to, global mobile payments were $450 billion. The figure is expected to surpass $1 trillion by 2019. Irrespective of your preferred method of payment, the client would not be able to pay you if he doesn't receive the perfect invoice from you. Fortunately, you can make the perfect invoice for your work as a freelance artist. What you need for this is a freelance artist invoice template.

So, how can you use the template to prepare the perfect invoice?

It is akin to a manual that shows you how to operate something. The template equips you with the information, knowledge, and skills you need to create professional artist invoice template PDFs.

1. Artist invoice templates save you from mediocrity

It is normal for artists to prepare the most mediocre invoices for clients. Sadly, they are not the only ones who do this. People working in many other fields of specialization also commit similar mistakes. Mediocre artist invoice template PDFs get you mediocre pay.

Mediocre invoices do not show your worth. Now, this does not encourage artists to start focusing on creating highly complex invoices. An invoice should be the simplest document a client ever has to go through. Any artist who wants clients to pay quickly should avoid falling into the temptation of writing confusing art invoice templates.

An artist invoice example is not just a document you prepare when you need clients to pay. The document acts as a good and accurate record of sales you made. It proves that you were actively involved in your trade for some time.

It proves that you served several clients, who were happy enough to pay you for your effort. For these reasons, it is important you learn how to prepare a professional invoice. Study the artist invoice template. Make it your manual that you read every time until you learn all the basics of invoicing.

Learn to prepare and send the invoice to all your clients. The only clients who do not need the invoice is the group that pays in cash. Yes, you will get many clients who pay for all services rendered right on the spot. However, everybody else – including clients who promise to pay in a day or two – need the invoice sent to them.

Invoices are lists of all or different products and services clients purchased. It proves that a trade took place. Invoices are bills. Contractors send them to clients they serve and who owe them money. Use the template to know how to prepare a valid and professional invoice.

2. Artist invoice templates help you design different shapes and sizes of invoices

Artist invoice examples are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some artists write their invoices by hand on pieces of paper. Others rely on Word processors to create invoices. Other artists use special software to create the kind of invoices they need. Most invoices are replicas of specific templates. Any artist interested in preparing an invoice that not only looks professional but also reflects well on the business should follow the artist invoice template.

However, that would require appreciating what an art invoice template is in the first place. How well you create the invoice proves what it means to you. As previously stated, an invoice is a tool artists should use to ask for payment from clients.

3. Artist invoice templates help you demand payment with finesse

Asking clients to pay you requires a bit of finesse. You need a few skills to do it well. First, you have to be mentally prepared, especially when dealing with clients with a reputation for paying late. Show a bit of commitment to getting money from these clients. Be ready to follow through and do whatever it takes until you get your money. Be friendly without losing your professional touch. Failure to take these measures would make you susceptible to clients who have a tendency of walking all over the artists.

Following up is an essential quality to develop if you desire to be the kind of artist who always gets paid. Now, you will find clients who pay you late. That’s just the life of a modern artist. Some clients pay late because of circumstances beyond their control. Others pay late because they failed to prioritize your payment or invoice. After sending the invoice, give clients a few days before writing a follow-up email or letter. You may also send a follow-up art invoice template. Make phone calls where necessary. Visit the clients who work nearby too if all else fails.

Check the language used on the artist invoice template carefully. You will notice that the language and tone is both civil and professional. That is how you should carry yourself out from the start to the end. Do not lose your professionalism. You may feel tempted to threaten the client. Getting angry may seem justifiable in these circumstances too. Just avoid doing stuff that could paint you differently. Be blameless throughout the entire process until the client pays. At times, you may be better off offering clients a repayment plan.

Allow clients to settle what they owe in installments using split payment term. Paying artist invoice template PDF in installments works well for clients with huge bills. For example, an artist whose client owes around $10,000 should offer the idea of settling this amount in installments. The artist could negotiate with the client for monthly payments of $500 or $1,000 spread over a period of 20 months and ten months respectively.

This way, the artist gets paid each month, and the client reduces the amount owed. What is more, you can charge the client late fees or interest. However, find out if the late fees or interest will make it harder for the client to pay. Late fees and interest only apply if they appeared on the contract the two parties signed at first. Artists should stick to the original amount alone if clients are unable to pay late fees or interest.

At times, a partial payment may also suffice. Assume that an artist has a client who owes $10,000 for some artistic work or services that were rendered. Over time, the artist has seen how problematic this sum has proved to the client to pay. The two could negotiate to a rate the client has no difficulty paying. For example, the two could settle on $7,000 instead of $10,000.

This way, the artist has sure of getting some good money – more than 50% of what was owed – instead of ending up with a huge financial loss. A 50% partial payment is better than getting nothing for work you already offered. Partial payment at least compensates you for the time and effort you put into the work.

4. Artist invoice templates help be detailed

It is good to make the artist invoice template PDF as detailed as possible. Fill it with all the relevant details such as:

  1. Artist’s name
  2. Artist’s billing address
  3. Client’s name
  4. Client’s taxable address
  5. Tax date for work or service rendered
  6. Full description of the artistic work rendered
  7. The amount due
  8. Terms of payment

As you would rightly expect by looking at the artist invoice template, the word “invoice” has to appear in this document. Label the document clearly and boldly, so clients have no doubt what it is. Furthermore, learn to serialize the invoices. Number them for easy records. Number them to make it easier to follow up late payment or non-payment with your clients. Numbering is an essential element of the invoice’s design. Numbering also makes the artist invoice example appear more professional. Poor designs make invoices appear too confusing and annoying.

Lack of numbering reeks unprofessionalism, which can persuade a client not to pay on time. Poorly designed invoices have an effect on clients, which you cannot ignore.

It is also good to know a few issues about invoicing. Some of these issues may be hard to learn from looking at the artist invoice template. For example, good invoicing practice requires sticking to your obligations. Tax authorities may require you to maintain records for some time. Check with the tax bodies before destroying any invoice.

Better yet, avoid destroying the invoices in any way. Keep them for posterity. Record keeping is an essential aspect of running a business successfully. Assign the task of record keeping to your accountant or the finance manager. Whoever is in charge of payments should also be responsible for record keeping.

Learn to protect the software you use to create artist invoice template PDFs. You can do this by:

  • Create backups regularly
  • Limit access to the template to specific staff
  • Change passwords frequently

5. Artist invoice templates help hasten payment

The quality of invoices artists prepare determines whether clients pay them on time or not. Here, quality refers to the design. It also refers to ensuring the invoice complies with the processes the clients put in place or operate by within their businesses. For this reason, payer naughtiness is not the only thing you have to worry about. Look for solutions internally. Study the artist invoice template to learn how to prepare quality invoices that you can send to clients and increase your chances of getting paid on time.

Remember, your clients hold the key to growing your business. Do not imagine a situation where you can grow the business while neglecting your clients are not taking their suggestions and views into consideration. The buyer and seller, which in this case refers to artists and clients, can benefit a lot from exchanging value.

Clients only pay when they get good value for money. Each artist’s goal should be to make money through e-commerce too. Current projections indicate that retail e-commerce sales are likely to surpass $4.4 trillion by 2020. How can you gain a share of this market without investing in quality invoices?

Invest in a quality template to learn how to prepare art invoice templates that clients respect and have no difficulty understanding. An artist invoice template teaches you how to do one that is not as bland and generic as other invoices. Artists want more time to focus on other crucial aspects of their businesses.

It is little wonder that some of them opt to write invoices by hand on pieces of paper and send to clients. Many artists forget or choose not to employ any creativity in drafting an invoice. What they come up with only succeeds in infuriating the client further. Learn to personalize your artist invoice examples.

You can learn how to do that studying the artist invoice template. Again, you will see that the template creates space that allows you to address clients by name. Artists should add their logos and headshots if they want the invoices to appear personalized. Matching the invoice with the brand’s fonts and colors is an excellent way of personalizing it too. Use this opportunity for displaying your skills too. Use the invoice as a platform for appreciating the relationship you have with clients.

Find a way of showing your appreciation for the orders or work your clients brought to you. Alternatively, learn a few ways of personalizing invoices.

An artist invoice template PDF is a more diplomatic way of asking for what you are owed. Therefore, use it well. Write it exceptionally well too, so your clients do not feel as if you are being too rude the way you are asking for money. Keep the invoice simple. Make it as easy to understand as possible for the client. Make every digit and letter on the invoice legible.

This way, clients understand what they are expected to pay the artist based on the services they received. In the end, the client-artist relationship benefits from services rendered and paid for fully. Start studying and learning from artist invoice template from today.

6. An artist invoice reminds you to check the payment system

Each freelance client you get has different payment terms and systems. Never assume that all clients have similar systems. Check and recheck this piece of information with clients before working for them for the first time. Some clients prefer that you send them invoices. Others have put in place some of the best self-billing processes that do the work on behalf of the freelance artist. Study your template well so that you never have to forget to ask your client to clarify this matter before you prepare the first invoice.

7. Your freelance artist invoice template reminds you what to include

You can use any invoice format. There aren't right or wrong formats. All formats are right, as long as they contain every detail that should be in an invoice. Again, the freelance artist invoice template indicates all the most important details that should be on this billing document. The template reminds you to include your name, VAT number, and address. It reminds you to include the names and addresses of all your freelance clients. Most importantly, the template reminds you to include the date you prepare or send the invoice.

8. An artist invoice template reminds you what to do in case of delayed payment or non-payment

Some clients are notorious for delaying to settle their invoices. Such delays could affect your work as a freelance artist. Fortunately, you can do something if a client develops this annoying habit. According to FindLaw, you have a right to timely payment. This right holds true even when you work as a freelance artist. The first thing you can do is to contact the client and ask for the wages he owes you. Next, consider filing a lawsuit, especially if the two of you signed a contract. You may need to hire a lawyer to help with the lawsuit.

9. Your artist invoice reminds you of your rights and responsibilities

The freelance artist invoice template is a useful tool when you need reminders about your rights. You have several responsibilities and rights as a freelance artist, especially after you have done work according to the instructions the client issued. One of these is the right to payment for services rendered. The template should list what the client has to do after receiving the invoice. It should list your responsibilities and those of the client. The client should know what your options are in case he doesn't settle the invoice on schedule.

According to a recent survey, freelance workers add more than $715 billion to the US economy each year. You too can play a role in building the American economy, but only if you learn to prepare the perfect invoices that guarantee payments from clients.

Free Artist Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you write an invoice for an artist?

You can easily customize one of Bonsai's invoice templates which includes the unique invoice number, the client's name and address, the invoice date, the client's work description, client's payment details, contract information, and the cost of the services performed.

How do I make my invoice look professional?

Bonsai's invoice templates can help you send professional looking payment requests in an instant. No need to fumble around to design your own. Instead, simply edit one of our templates and add your logo, business information, client details and costs.

Is there a free artist invoice template?

Yes, there is. Bonsai's templates can help you impress your clients with your professionalism. Our templates allow you to insert your logo, write down your business/client information, contract details and payment cost to be paid.

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