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eCommerce is becoming a popular term in the business world, and with time, services related to it have also increased in demand, more so in the freelance world. If you’re a freelance web designer, you must have worked on a few eCommerce websites by now. Better still, you might be preparing an eCommerce website proposal PPT for a client. 

Designing an eCommerce website proposal PPT isn’t complicated, but it requires some skills. If you’ve done this several times, it shouldn’t be a problem, but for freelance newbies, it can be a bit of a challenge. 

But even then, with an eCommerce website proposal PPT template, the job is half-way done. Here are things to consider when designing the eCommerce website proposal PPT template.

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 1. Outline the project

It’s important to outline the nature of the project and how your client intends to complete it. This forms the step of the eCommerce website proposal PPT. It’s a detailed summary of the various tasks involved.

For instance, it covers areas such as initial planning, content development, website design, and testing, which all must be included in the PowerPoint presentation. However, note that you’ll not include all these details on the slides. So, pick out what’s important and summarize it in a few slides. 

2.  Goals and outcomes

Your client must have described the goals and the outcomes they expect in the eCommerce proposal document, and this too needs to be included in the eCommerce website proposal PPT. The outcomes and goals section builds on the project outline, and so, it’s equally important for the presentation.

Get to understand these goals as you’re not just going to copy-paste them on the slides. Out of the many goals and outcomes listed by the client, you may only have to pick a few that matter. 

3. Schedule and measurement

This section includes specific milestones of the project and when they’re supposed to be completed. At this point, you may have to describe how the client intends to measure the progress of the project. Of course, you’re not going to include everything in the eCommerce website proposal PPT.

You can summarize this information in tables to ensure you only pick what’s necessary for the presentation. Here, you need to work closely with your client to make the task lighter. They know better what’s relevant to their audience. 

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4. Budget

An eCommerce website proposal PPT isn’t complete without a budget. Therefore, be sure to include a detailed breakdown of the budget together with the overall cost. Keep the data simple to avoid any confusion during the presentation.

Presentation is all about explaining verbally on what’s on the real document. Therefore, it doesn’t have to include those complex calculations or too much data. So, let the budget be detailed but not complex. You can also consult with your client to know what needs to be captured at this point.

5.  Organization information

A good eCommerce website proposal PPT should include the information about your client’s organization and the people they’ll be working with. Here, you need to write a brief company description and any information that’s relevant to the target audience. Include some contacts, and names of people your client will be working with. Try to be as brief as possible so that you can summarize this information in a few slides. You can use an eCommerce website proposal PPT template to guide you through.

Are you now ready to design an eCommerce website proposal PPT for your first client? Get the details of the project and get started.


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