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Content Writing Proposal Template

Getting high paying clients is a dream that all freelance writers have. Some freelance writers succeed while others continue to struggle to get their desired clients. There are many reasons for succeeding or failing in this regard. One of these reasons is that some writers believe in the effectiveness of using a content writing proposal sample while others don’t. Well, you may want to reconsider your position – if you believe the proposal template isn’t important – after seeing what other writers have achieved with it.

High paying clients demand quality. They need assurances that the freelancer writer they are about to hire to write content will deliver amazing results all the time. Through the content writing proposal sample, writers get an opportunity to market themselves. They also use the proposal to indicate what they will charge for the services rendered. The proposal writing example also include information on the time the writers will spend on the project. Without any of these, clients will probably look elsewhere for the kind of writers they need.

Marketing your skills is an important aspect of writing a content proposal sample. The writer should indicate all the skills he can offer and the expected time that will be spent to complete the work. This has to be made as specific as possible otherwise the client will source for other writers who will satisfy their requirements.

All upcoming writers who have a clue on what content writing proposal require a good sample. The sample will provide a framework from which a writer can propel to great heights in the writing career. Without it, one may be doomed to remain in the dungeons of a newbie for a long time. So, what does the sample consist of? What are the components of a good content writing proposal example? What will set one proposal writing sample apart from the competition and help win that high paying client? Let’s elaborate.

All newbie writers who know zilch about content writing proposal need the sample.

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So, what does the sample teach?

1. How to address client’s needs in your writing proposal template

Addressing the desires of the clients should be paramount. The writing proposal example should set a clear picture of how the writer will be helping the client in achieving their goals. Clients require this assurance when contracting the services of the writer. Online marketing campaigns are solely driven by high-value content writing services. It is through these content that they’re able to grow their businesses and achieve their objectives. The demand for content is high and increasing as many people seek answers online for various issues in life. Content writing benefits areas like:

  1. blogging
  2. articles
  3. resumes
  4. web copies
  5. landing pages
  6. press releases

This is juncture you can summarize how you plan to resolve the issues affecting the client. A brief summary will suffice on what services you will provide. Wider strategies are better provided when the writer and his team have understood the entire business of the client. Successful content writers must ensure they have a combination of skills to write in different styles. You must be a jack of all trade literally. Blogs are friendly and give opinions while ads will be persuasive and short. The writer must capture in the writing proposal how to use the different abilities to meet the needs of the client to satisfaction. The writer’s first step is to understand what the client is looking to accomplish and position him in facilitating the achieving of those goals. By taking your clients on a journey through the writing proposal sample, writers start to learn more about the specifics of their organization.

2. Commitment to deliver on time through your writing proposal template

Some clients are only interested in learning about the writer’s ability to deliver on time. A fast turnaround – is what they call it. Through the content writing proposal sample, writers are able to communicate their ability to complete the project on time. The proposal is a way of assuring (or guaranteeing) the writer’s ability to deliver within deadlines. There is no rule set in stone regarding the time writers should take to complete any project. Some projects take longer and others shorter to complete. Some projects take longer and others shorter to complete. Each time you deliver on time, you reinforce the message that you can be trusted. The proposal writing sample should clearly show the tentative specific date when you plan to complete.

Time taken is important but not more than the quality of work done.

3. Ability to guarantee quality in your writing proposal template

Writers can learn how to guarantee quality using the content writing proposal sample. Normally, this involves indicating the talent or skills that the writers have at their disposal. Some of the skills or talents needed here include excellent grammar and spelling, creativity and ability to adhere to the client’s instructions. Next, writers can also display their commitment to quality by using the sample to relay the culture they have developed for customer satisfaction. Including these three words “customer satisfaction guaranteed” can do wonders for your writing proposal example. It is also a good strategy to anticipate the questions a client is likely to ask and get ready answers.

Remember, content writing services are essential for keeping readers engaged and coming back for more. Content writing is one way of attracting more traffic to a client’s blog or website. It provides real value to the client’s audience. The proposal that writers send to their clients must show all these clearly without any ambiguity. All content should have the right mix of … content. Created content should rank highly in this mix, at 65%. Curated and syndicated content should follow at 25% and 10% respectively. Learn this from the content writing proposal sample.

Lastly, writers should check the content writing proposal sample to learn the importance of indicating the strategy they will use. A content marketing strategy is crucial for attracting more traffic and generating more revenue for the client. Great content increases engagement and leads to more conversion. Great content employs the right tone in the writing to appeal to clients. Writers can see an example of the appropriate tone in the sample. However, perfection only comes with plenty of practice. All these will ensure the writer is delivering value to the client in a professional manner.

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4. Writer marketing skills

When a writer possesses the ability to sell stuff online it gives him an edge in beating the competition. The content writing proposal sample should indicate if a writer runs an online business. This will assure the client you have what it takes to grow his business. When a writer has a blog which attracts traffic, a professional website and social media presence will show the client the writer is equipped for online marketing. A smart marketer persistently keeps their eyes open for trending subjects to stay ahead of the arch and should capture this in the content writing proposal sample. An email address, phone number, linked In URL, twitter handle should be shown in the sample proposal. Don’t list all the marketing skills if they are not applicable to the current project. Showcase the most important that will help get the current project.

5. How do you stand out with a writing proposal template?

The idea behind writing an effective proposal example is that there is competition in content delivery. A writer must show they will offer the best services than others bidding for the same job. It must come out clearly why the writer should get a job. It is about giving people the reason why they have to work with you.

Upon understanding a prospective client needs, you should focus on creating a narrative that speaks directly to him. You should exclusively address industry-related styles that would show the client your work would push his business in the right direction.

Resonating realistically with the client’s perspective and business needs shows you are being sensitive and genuine in your proposal sample. You must also show and demonstrate you believe in what you are promising to deliver to the client. This will build a strong foundation and increase chances of getting high paying and long lasting clients. Making a personal relationship and telling your story effectively will differentiate a value proposal sample and demonstrate a writer’s quest to keep learning and improving his skills.

6. Creating a budget in your writing proposal template

Proposal writing samples must also indicate what the writer expects to be paid for his work. It should show if there is a milestone to be funded or it will be a one-time payment. When a writer promises quality and delivers they don’t have to worry about payment for the future. Including price on the content writing proposal will ensure there are no misunderstandings on payments when the project is finished. One can quote prices in terms of hourly, weekly or monthly or break the project into payable parts. Money is always a sensitive issue and it’s good to be upfront with one’s expectations.

A writer should state his price in the content proposal and carefully tabulate cost per milestone or deliverable. He should also indicate if the payment will include any revisions on the content that the client may need. Most importantly the writer should not be seen as focused much on payment but rather a return on his investment. This should be done purposely to show something of value in exchange of the money the client will spend for the solution you are offering.

7. Writer’s goals in the content delivery

This section allows the writer to show his competence and allow the client to see how his needs will be met. The writer should ensure clarity to prevent friction at a later date. A good writer must assure the client of the intention to promote his product visibility in the marketplace, position the product or service to enhance desirability as well as ensure long term success to the client’s brand.

Constantly reviewing the results and revising strategies will promote the success of the client in the market. The writers marketing campaigns should be aligned with the client’s goal business plans and strategies should aim to serve as an authentic arm of his business. The content writing proposal sample should articulate the writer’s role in ensuring his goal is essentially on the same wavelength as that of the client. This is the point where he outlines how he plans to resolve the client’s difficulties. A brief summary will be enough to show the services you offer. More detailed information will be given once you get the whole overview of the business of the client his goals, challenges and timelines. The goal as the value of the content should come from the difference the client will experience after you finish the project. Clearly expressing the objectives and final goals of the project and illustrating how to get there should come out evidently in the proposal example.

8. Agreement

When all the details of the proposal writing sample have been agreed upon by the client and the writer, work should start with a tentative end date. This is because many things can happen in the course of a project. The writer may need to include the legal language to establish the terms and conditions of the business relationship. This should cover the rules that govern the relationship with the client, such as conditions of payment, notice of termination, intellectual rights, privacy, data, etc. The writer should talk to a law expert to craft this document and ensure the details are in the content proposal sample albeit in short.

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9. Writer’s experience

The proposal must also include the experience that the writer has in order to ensure the client understands he knows the intricacies of a good writer. This may need to be accompanied by samples of work he has done in the past and which have been published. It will prove a writer is able to conduct extensive research and write marketable value adding content. The wider the experience in writing in many niches the better it is for the writer as it increases the chance of landing high paying jobs. The writer should show that he understands how readers consume content online and he can then edit his content accordingly to suit the needs of the client. He wants to demonstrate that he has accomplished this already and show his style of writing with relevant examples. It’s an advantage if the samples are in the same business as the one he is applying for. He should outline his strengths in one paragraph if possible in the proposal example and include the most marketable trait in the required responses, which may differ depending on the project. Discuss your abilities and don’t fear to brag about your achievements. This makes clients see your confidence in articulating the value you are bringing in their business.

The skills needed in content writing are bound to transform in the future, and writers will have to keep learning, adapting and improving. As the universal market changes, content writers should prepare to acquire or enlarge their knowledge base to accommodate new audiences. As client’s needs of more value conversions increase writers will need to obtain more understanding of how to market them. You need to inform clients how you solved challenges for organizations facing similar issues as your client. Even if a writer has not solved the identical issue at hand, he should illustrate how and why the client might find that another client’s predicament similar enough to demonstrate where a writer delivered agreed results.

10. Work samples

A Writer should pick only the best samples of his work to attach in the writing sample. Clients want to see if you have worked on a similar task or at least close to the current project. He should also briefly explain how the work assisted the previous clients to achieve their goals. A winning freelance proposal helps a writer to build his trademark, put his name on the map and allows other clients to discover him. Building an impressive portfolio that positions a writer in a better position to dictate his payment rates and turn away clients that do not benefit their content writing business.

A new writer without referral proposals should build some models and attach on the proposal sample. He should create them in a way that demonstrates his expertise and put extra emphasis on the most impressive traits and abilities.

11. Outlook of the writing proposal template

First impressions mean a lot to a freelancer which is the reason the proposal writing example outlook should be well organized, visually attractive and smart.

Before potential clients read the proposal they form an attitude of a writer based on its appearance. A writer needs to up his game by making a proposal look great depending on the content he wants to sell. Using a superior visual layout can give a writer the opportunity to communicate that they value personal brand and maintain high-quality results.

12. Summarizing the writing sample

Finally, a writer should make a list of the various deliverables and outcomes and list out the results associated with each. This should be no more than a one-page summary that the client can easily use for reference. The sample should be short but engaging capturing the most relevant essentials in the proposal.


The main objective is to provide clients with the information needed on the requirements of the assignment and valid reasons why you are the most qualified for the position.

A good proposal could be the final details standing between a writer and a high paying client. It should be meticulously done to reassure the client of the writer’s capability and ensure they are also contented with the prices.

With the correct techniques, you can navigate between persuading and informing in your content writing. Adding key elements arranged in a good structure in the content writing proposal sample is the beginning of your journey to getting those high paying clients.

With these easy ways a freelance writer can make content writing proposals more convincing, he can write proposals with confidence and win high paying clients with ease.

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Content Writing Proposal Template

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Content Writing Proposal Template

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