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Free Product Marketing Proposal Template

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Today, marketing a new product or service can be quite daunting. There are millions of businesses that are competing for the same audience and submitting product proposal sample PDFs. Somehow, you have to convince potential clients that you have what they’re looking for even if someone else is selling the same products. And of course, that calls for serious work.

The truth is, most business owners apply almost the same marketing strategies to attract more customers to their business, and so, you’ve got to be a little bit creative to stand out. When a client hires you to market their product, you must be able to help them achieve their marketing goals and get more customers streaming into their business.

In as much as the internet has made the world a global village, it has also introduced a new form of competition in that business from other continents can compete for customers within your local area. So how can you convince a potential client that you can market their products or services? Of course, like any other freelancer, you’ll have to send out a proposal to the client.

But do you just draft one very first and send it out to your client?

Definitely, not. Your client is receiving several proposals from other marketing freelancers, and, therefore, you can only ensure you stand out from the rest. If you’re writing a product marketing proposal for the first time, it can be challenging to come up with one. But even then, you don’t have to worry. We have many product proposal sample PDFs online that will see you through this.

A product marketing proposal sample is a document that will get your foot through that door. It takes skill and talent to position products strategically to maintain and increase sales in an era of cut-throat competition, but you aren't the only skilled digital marketer. So, you just have to find a way to be visible in the crowd. While you can write a product marketing proposal from scratch, you can do better with a product marketing proposal sample.

Usually, most of these samples are done by freelance product marketing gurus, and so, they’ve got everything you’re looking for. Even so, don’t rely so much on it. Just get the flow and the format,then write something unique. Even better, you can use a product proposal template alongside a proposal sample. A product proposal template has the right format and it’s normally written in a language that’s more professional. Therefore, it won’t be much of a struggle to design a product marketing proposal.

As a product marketing freelancer, it’s your responsibility to drive sales to your client’s business. Your potential client knows this as well, so you should start from a reliable new product proposal example and build your very own product proposal sample PDF template.

Product Marketing Proposal Template
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Gaining the client's confidence with the product marketing proposal template

A reasonable product proposal sample PDF is backed up by facts and research. You need a clear plan detailing how exactly you will provide the advantage that will not only attract but retain customers for your client's products. This research can be quite a daunting task. You’ll not just talk about your experience and end it at that. There’s more to it. Your client knows you’re skilled in the job, and so, they’re only interested in knowing how you’ll help them achieve their business goals. Besides this, other freelancers will be submitting their proposals. Therefore, you can only make sure yours stands out from the rest.

Thankfully, there are lots of reliable product proposal templates that will guide you on how the data should be structured for presentation. Most freelancers find it hard to design a product marketing proposal simply because they’re not familiar with the structure or they find it difficult to bring ideas together in a more professional way. However, with a product proposal template, you have all these solved. You just have to go through each section and fill in the necessary details.

Ultimately, you will still do the heavy work of researching on your client's products, the market and the marketing channels that will help the project take off. A product marketing proposal sample is only there to guide you. It’s you to do your research and include the right content in the product proposal template you’re using. Remember, another freelancer might be using the same product proposal sample to design one of their own, and so, it takes a lot of research and creativity to stand out.

So, what areas of research do you capitalize on in your product proposal template? Well, there are many areas you can target in your product marketing proposal sample PDF, but we’ll only focus on a few for now. They form the basis of your research.

1. Find out your client's goals in your product marketing proposal template

Before you can convince the potential client you have the solution; you need to first earn their confidence by taking their objectives and goals into consideration. Unless you demonstrate that you understand the vision they have with the particular product through your product marketing proposal sample, you will be among many other companies offering general digital marketing solutions (even they can do that for themselves).

And since many companies will be submitting their proposals for the same role, you risk not getting hired. The last thing you’d like to hear from a client is a regret. It’s demoralizing, and no freelancer wants to get there. Therefore, it’s up to you to demonstrate that you understand your client’s business goals and objectives for them to trust you.

Each business' goals are unique, depending on the said product, the target market, and the general business environment. Once you can identify your client's unique goals, you will know what strategies they will need to market the product. If this information is relayed in the product marketing proposal, they will start believing in you some more.

As you do this, don’t forget that when it comes to writing a new product proposal example PDF, presentation matters. While you may have all your client’s business goals and objectives at your fingertips, if you can’t present the information appropriately, you may still lose the contract. Take time to go through a product proposal sample to get things right.

2. Do a situational analysis in your product marketing proposal sample

A SWOT analysis of your client's business will form a significant part of your research. SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This analysis will help gauge the competition and how their business culture affects your client. Of course, it’s not easy to carry out this analysis and obtain what you’re looking for. If you have some marketing research background, you should easily navigate through.

But still, you don’t need to worry if you’ve got no idea about this. With a product proposal sample, you’re good to go. While it might not contain the information you’re looking for, it can guide you through the research.

Well, that aside. So, what’s situational analysis all about? You need to know this, right?

Let’s break it down below.

2.1. Strengths in your product marketing proposal template

This analysis assesses the competitive advantage your client has over the competition (strengths like expertise, talent, skill or proficiency). For your clients to survive the competition, they need to know how they stack up against their competitors. They could be having an idea about this, but just do the analysis. It builds confidence in your client, and so, they can trust you to implement their marketing goals and strategies. So, your product marketing proposal sample PDF should handle this.

2.2. Weaknesses in your product marketing proposal template

This analyzes the factors that compromise your client's position in the market, perhaps hindering their ability to achieve their goals. A good example is the lack of a robust digital presence. As a product marketing freelancer, you need to know this before you get down on the job. Remember, it doesn’t end at writing an attractive proposal. Your client is looking forward to seeing how much you’ll deliver.

So, getting to know the weaknesses of their business will put you a step ahead. Therefore, for the sake of your new product proposal example PDF, get to know the factors that work against your client’s business.

2.3. Opportunities in your product marketing proposal template

This assesses the new unique ways your client's business can grow concerning sales. The methods may include getting better digital marketing tools or improving communication channels. This is where you need to shine most as a marketing freelancer. It forms part of the reasons your client is hiring you, and so, you shouldn’t miss out on this.

If you do the research right, you’ll get all the points together. You need to be sure about every promise you make to the client in your new product proposal example PDF. So, take the time to research your client’s business opportunities.

2.4. Threats in your product marketing proposal template

Lastly, you need to find out the threats your client’s business could be facing. These are issues that can hinder the product's entry into the market. Risks such as a slow economy or political instability can hamper product penetration in the market. It’s part of the challenges your client’s business is facing, and they’d like to get them solved. Part of your work as a product marketing freelancer is to help them overcome these challenges. Therefore, you can only do better by knowing these issues in advance and highlighting them in your new product proposal example PDF.

3. Determine a marketing strategy in your product marketing proposal

While a situational analysis isn't the crux of the research, it helps you identify more ways in which the client can benefit from your product marketing services. You still need to develop a target market profile as well as creating a financial plan. These details will be laid out on the product marketing proposal sample template too. Be sure your client needs to know this before hiring you to do the job. Somehow, you need to show them how you’re going to help them achieve their marketing goals before they absorb you into their business. Well, you can best demonstrate it practically when you start doing the job, but just to build their confidence in you, include this information in your new product proposal example PDF.

sample product marketing template
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A marketing strategy will determine how your client will promote the products to potential customers. Thus, your new product proposal example will factor in the product itself, the price, the place and how the promotion will be conducted. These four factors will determine which vehicles your client will use to reach different segments of the market. Your strategy may encompass multiple channels of communication to effectively reach the targeted audience.


A compelling product marketing proposal thus capitalizes research that will give your client the confidence that you (the marketer) understands what exactly you are dealing with – going deep into specifics. It is the research that determines the strategy – not the other way round. Most freelancers fail to do proper research and end up writing proposals that aren’t up to standard. So, do it differently by researching first before drafting a product marketing proposal. It pays a great deal.

Free Product Marketing Proposal Template
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How do you write a marketing product proposal?

Introduce yourself, outline the main issue the client is trying to resolve, explain why you should be hired, provide examples of your relevant experience, and breakdown the projected cost of the proposed collaboration when producing a marketing proposal.

How do you structure a proposal?

Customize Bonsai's free pre-made template for an example of a perfect proposal structure. Edit the introduction, product deliverables, timeline, approach/solution, campaign details, and cost.

What is the purpose of product proposal?

The purpose of a product proposal is to convince potential buyers to purchase or use your products. Try Bonsai's free proposal templates to send flawless bids for product marketing gigs.