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As a junk removal business owner, you're a professional at removing unwanted items, helping people with their spring cleaning or home renovation clean up, but you might need help organizing your business finances. A good way to start is by improving your junk removal invoices, as this seemingly insignificant task can make or break your business.

From conveying a professional company image, to improving client relationships and ensuring a good cash-flow, there are many benefits that come with a strong invoicing process. But with so much on your plate, you probably don't have the time to write and proof-read every single invoice to make sure all the details are in place.

This is why having the perfect junk removal invoice template that you can easily fill in is vital for your business. But what information should you include in your invoice template? Read on to find out!

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Essential Elements of Junk Removal Invoice Templates

When creating your junk removal invoice template, you want to make sure all important information is included and your invoice is easy-to-read for your customers. For a flawless professional invoice every time, add the following elements to your invoice template.

Company Name and Information

First, include all of your junk removal business information. Start with your business name, phone number, address, website and email address. For more professional invoices you can add your company logo, industry-related imagery, and any other branding elements that can make your invoice stand out.

Client Information

The next section of your junk removal invoice template is for your customer's information such as full name, phone number, billing address, and email address for digital invoices. Make sure to gather as much contact information as possible so you can do a proper follow up in case of late payments.

Invoice Number and Date

Make sure you assign a unique invoice number to all of your invoices to make them easier to track and keep better accounting records. Not to mention, if you service corporate clients or large companies, their accounts payable department will not accept your invoice without an invoice number. Additionally, include the date when the invoice was sent out, this way you can easily determine the payment due date and apply late fees accordingly.

Junk Removal Business Services

Next, your junk removal invoice template must have enough space for an itemized list of all services provided, along with a short description, unit price and total cost for each service (for example debris removal, or mattress disposal). If you charge by the cubic feet, make sure to include the rate per cubic feet, the total cubic feet of trash removal, and the total cost. The same goes for cost per truckload or hourly rates, making sure you include the corresponding timesheet.

Extra Charges

You may add extra charges such as higher hourly rate for added difficulty, recycling costs, disposal fees, tear-down materials, cleaning or repair services. You want to list them out and provide a short description for each to ensure your invoice is as detailed as possible and avoid misunderstandings with your client. This is a way to prevent wasted time in clearing out doubts or even having to send additional invoices.


When providing a total amount due, make sure you separate the subtotal (adding the cost of services plus extra charges, before tax), then add any applicable taxes, and the final amount to pay. If you are providing any discounts such as first-time customers or referrals, include it in this section, subtracting the discounted amount from your subtotal before you factor in the taxes. Doing so will make a better impact on your customer as they can see the discount subtracted from their total charges instead of only listed as part of the service description.

Payment Details

If you want to get paid faster, the first thing you need to do is to include more than one payment method on your junk removal invoice template. Inform your customers of all available payment options such as online payments (PayPal, Stripe, etc...), checks, debit/credit cards, cash, or ACH transfers. Don't forget to include the corresponding account numbers, mailing address, and payment links.

You also want to include your payment terms, such as early payment incentives or penalties for late payments. Make this section as clear as possible to encourage prompt payments and avoid spending additional time providing payment instructions.

Notes for Junk Removal Invoices

This final section of your junk removal invoice template seems like a simple addition, but it can truly help you strengthen customer relationships and even lead to more business in the future. Include invoice notes or a thank you message for your clients to let them know you appreciate their business and look forward to working for them again.

Alternatively, you can use the notes section of your junk removal invoice template to let your customers know about any new service available or upcoming promotions, as well as referral discounts available.

Use Bonsai's Free Junk Removal Template for Efficient Invoicing

You probably don't want to spend hours behind a desk creating your own junk removal invoice templates. If you prefer to invest time in growing and improving your business, just download Bonsai's fully-customizable invoice template, specially designed for junk and trash removal businesses.

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With just a few simple tweaks you can create and send professional invoices in minutes, ensuring consistency and clarity in your invoicing process. Once you have customized your junk removal invoice template to your liking, save it in your preferred format, and keep using it for future jobs. But why end there?

Take it one step further by using our complete invoicing software to schedule recurring invoicing, payment reminders, viewing notifications, and even apply late fees automatically to overdue accounts. This will help you to easily keep track of customer payments and save a lot of time but automate the daunting task of invoicing clients.

Junk Removal Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What's the best removal invoice template for junk?

The best junk removal invoice template is definitely Bonsai. Our pre-made template comes with all the necessary information to properly bill your client and keep clean records.

What is a junk removal invoice template?

An invoice for junk removal is a legal billing request document. The form shows the transaction from a junk removal freelancer and a client. The terms of service, cost and business information are all in the invoice.

Is there a free invoice template?

Yes, try Bonsai's free invoice template for junk removal. Our invoicing software lets you automate the entire process and send billing requests on autopilot to your clients every month.

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