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Looking for the perfect invoice template? While Wave is a good option for a blank invoice template, your freelance gig or small business would certainly benefit from a more complete option that can make your invoicing process efficient in the long run. Bonsai offers you a wide range of smart invoice templates that allow you to integrate multiple administrative tools to run your business smoothly and save valuable time.

You may be tempted to use Wave given its beginner-friendly features and super simple invoice layouts, which leave very little room for guesswork. But why settle for a basic service when you could easily be invoicing like a pro? Stop scrolling through endless invoice templates now, and read on to find out why using one of Bonsai's free invoice templates is the right way to go.

Work Smart With Bonsai’s Free Invoice Template

With Bonsai, you don't only get a free wave invoice template. We want to help you reduce the time spent on daunting administrative tasks as much as possible, so you can invest it in what matters the most; growing your business. Take a look at the benefits of using Bonsai vs a Wave invoice template and other software.

Send Invoices With Payment Integration

When using a Bonsai invoice template you will have the ability to add payment options to your invoices. We support multiple payment systems such as PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers and more. Additionally, you can allow a partial payment and easily split your invoice as needed to get paid even while your project is on-going.

Full Automation For Business Invoices

As a small business owner, keeping up with a manual invoicing process can take up a lot of time. Bonsai gives you access to a fully automated invoicing software to ensure your customers are always billed in a timely manner. Schedule recurring invoices, send payment reminders, and apply automatic late fees to overdue accounts. You will also get notifications to let you know when your clients view and pay for your invoice.

On-The-Go Invoicing

Want to get faster payments and ensure your clients never miss an invoice again? Our invoice templates are compatible with mobile devices so you can ensure your invoices get to your client anytime, anywhere. This also increases your chances of getting paid faster and makes your life easier by allowing you to create and send professional invoices on-the-go.

Accounting Software

Our all-in-one product suite for freelancers and small business owners offers you comprehensive accounting software with multiple tools to keep your business finances under control. Get help with project management, time tracking, contract templates, expense tracking, tax estimates, income reports, and even a bank account. No matter what industry you're in, we have the right administrative tools for you.

Elements of Professional Invoice Templates

When choosing the right invoice template for your business, keep in mind there are some basic but essential elements that must be included in it. Having the right details in the right place can improve your record-keeping and build trustworthy relationships with your clients. For flawless invoices every single time, make sure your template covers the following aspects.

  • All business details and contact information must be covered at the top of the invoice. Include the name, phone number, address, email address and website.
  • To make your invoice stand out and give it a more professional image, include branding elements such as your company logo, industry-related imagery, or registered trademarks.
  • Make sure to assign a unique invoice number to make it easy to keep track of payments and maintain organized accounting records. An invoice number will help you organize your billing down the line.
  • Your customer's information should be as detailed as possible, including full name, phone number, billing address, and email address if you send invoices via email. You can also include a customer ID number if you have a database.
  • Include the invoice date (which is usually when the invoice was sent out), and when the payment is due. You can either specify the due date or state the amount of days allowed after the invoice date.
  • You need enough space for an itemized list of all charges along with a short (Easy-to-understand) description of each service provided. Always specify the unit price and the total cost for each.
  • When providing the final amount due, you want to have separate lines to show the total cost before taxes (subtotal), the sales taxes, and the total due. You may also add discounts in this section subtracting them from the subtotal and briefly describing why the discount is being applied.
  • Give your client as many payment options as possible (online payments, credit card, cash, ACH transfers, etc...), ensuring to cover all account numbers, account holder's name and mailing address for checks.
  • Don't forget to cover your payment terms so your client is aware of when the payment is expected, any late fees that may apply after such date and if you offer any discounts as an early payment incentive.

Last Minute Invoicing Tips

Before you go, let's quickly go over some tips to help you improve your invoicing process. These steps are super easy to follow but can really make a difference in your customer relationships, boost your business and ensure prompt payment.

Add a Notes Section To Your Wave invoice template

You can dedicate a small section at the bottom of your invoice template to include a personal note or a thank you message for your customers. This will let them know how much you appreciate their business and enjoy working with them, which can easily lead to valuable referrals or repeat customers.

If you don't have enough time to write a personalized message for each client, come up with a thoughtful, caring note that can be added to all of your invoices and make it a permanent part of your invoice template.

Try Invoice Advertising

Have you noticed there's a lot of empty space in your invoices? With Bonsai's customizable invoices you can modify the layout and use that free space to promote your products and services. Many of your customers may not be aware of everything you have to offer, so using this valuable advertising opportunity is a great way to put your company's value out there and get more business.

Alternatively, you can also use it to let them know about any future promotions such as a Christmas sale or referral discounts.

Offer Early Payment Incentives

A great way to encourage your customers to pay early is by giving them the opportunity to get a small discount for doing so. Many successful businesses use this strategy to ensure a better cash-flow and reduce the debt-ratio. If you can afford to do it, mention it on your invoices! A common way of doing this is offering a 2% discount for invoices paid within the first 10 days after the invoice is sent out.

Wave Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you invoice on Wave?

You can create an invoice by editing your contact info, invoice number, date of the invoice, scope of work, payment details, and cost. Bonsai's invoicing software let's you do all of that and make it easy to set up automated payment requests.

Is Wave invoicing free?

Yes, Wave invoicing is free. However, Bonsai's software is much easier to use. Customize our pre-made billing request documents to start invoicing clients automatically.

Is Wave Accounting still available?

Wave Accounting has officially shut down. As an alternative, try Bonsai's software. Our accounting software lets you track expenses, organize your finances and you'll get access to all our work templates.