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Invoicing is easily the most important aspect of every business; while many freelancers and small business owners would rather use Microsoft Excel or Word to create a custom invoice, several benefits come with using an invoicing tool to create professional invoices for your brand.

But how can you make this happen? it's simple - you can incorporate multiple professional invoice template tools to create, customize, and send invoices seamlessly to your customers.

For example, if you are already used to preparing your invoices with Zoho invoice templates, connecting it with the Bonsai project management software is one way to encourage the smooth operation of your company.

In this piece, we look at more reasons you should merge the Zoho invoice tool with Bonsai to develop custom solutions. and how you can create the template of your choice using these two online invoice template generators.

Why Should you Customize Your Invoice Templates With Bonsai?

Regardless of your industry, creating an identity for your brand is essential. One of the surest ways to ensure this is by investing in customized invoice templates.

Opting for a customized invoice template allows you to add your brand features such as logo, fonts, theme color, and every other thing that improves the image of your brand on paper. Fortunately, Bonsai is an online invoice software that can help you achieve this in a matter of minutes.

Not just that, but using the Bonsai invoice template also has several other advantages for you. Let's look at some of them below:


Setting up or customizing your invoices is super simple with Bonsai online invoice templates. By going over a simple process, you can include your brand colors, logo, fonts, and other necessary details. You can get done with the steps in less than 5 minutes and as well, impress your customers.

Automates Invoice Templates' Generation

As you may already know, automating some of the company processes can reduce the workload to a large extent; It is one of the key ways to ensure that all the company's transactions remain efficient.

Many brands that employ the Bonsai invoice template to customize their Zoho invoice templates stand a high chance of automating all their present and future invoices.

Automatically Saves the Details of Your Customers

Having the names and other details of your customers saved for future usage can improve speed.

This is why you can't go wrong with Bonsai. With it, you can be sure of preserving a lot of energy, time, and resources that would have been spent on refilling the customer's names.

Guarantees Instant Payments

Usually, everyone would want to get their payment after a product or service has been sold. A combination of the online Bonsai and Zoho invoice templates will not only help you create professional invoices but will also enable you to automate your billing processes.

In the long run, the cycle leads to immediate payments from customers. This, in turn, ensures a constant flow of income for the company.

Makes the Customer Happy

As the saying goes; "a happy customer is a repeat customer". Overall, you mustn't forget that asides from generating profit, the ultimate goal of every brand is to build a satisfied customer base. You don't want to miss your chances of getting "word of mouth" advertising. That's why customizing your Zoho invoice with Bonsai improves trust this boosting brand awareness.

How to Send a Zoho Invoice Templates with Bonsai

As a freelancer, once you're through with providing services to your client, you should bill them on time using an invoice template. This can be done by either following a schedule as laid out in your contract agreement or simply waiting for the contract to end.

When you prepare your invoice templates early enough, there's a likelihood that you will also get paid with no delays.

Oftentimes, your pricing method will determine whether each of your invoice templates will be set up in the same manner or not.

Pricing Hourly

Hourly pricing means that while writing each of the services provided, you will need to include the number of hours spent on each one, your charge per hour, and the total sum for that specific job.

Pricing Per Job

Many freelancers prefer to cost their services based on a per-project basis. This helps them to bear a specific price tag in mind while tailoring their budget to fit their earnings.

In this method of charging, there's no need to fill in your rate per hour or the amount of time you spent in the invoice template. Rather, you should include the sum for each service.

Keep in mind to attach a personal note to the client when preparing the invoice. It's also good to always mention what service the invoice is for and appreciate them for patronizing you.

If you want to establish a good relationship with your client, investing in a mobile invoice template tool is the way to go. That way, you can seal transactions from anywhere around the world at any point in time. Clients tend to stay glued to dedicated service providers; it tells them how much you value their brand.

The bonsai invoice template features custom fields, which lets you include information such as:

  • Payment method
  • Quick links to your website
  • Contact information
  • Due date

Sign Up and Customize Your Zoho Invoice Templates With Bonsai

It's one thing to know how to prepare an invoice but it's a different thing to understand the basics of choosing the best invoice template for your brand needs.

If you are particular about the satisfaction of your clients, then signing up to use Bonsai for your templates will provide you with the flexibility needed to create, edit, and send multiple invoices to their clients. Bonsai also allows you to rack, and keep a record of all sales.

Freelancers who work in different industries are welcomed to maximize all the features the Bonsai invoice software has to offer.

Are you ready to improve your company operations? Then connect with us at Bonsai today and start your free trial. You can also take out some time to draft us your question or any other concern you might have.

Zoho Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

Does Zoho have templates?

Zoho has invoice templates you can download and edit. However, Bonsai's templates may be easier to customize and come with a lot of other features. Set up recurring invoices, partial payments and automate the whole process.

Can you invoice on Zoho?

Zoho supports sending invoices, but Bonsai's templates are the best. Simply sign up and edit the unique invoice number, the company's name and address the invoice date, the client's work description, the client's transaction details, and the cost or overall cost of the services that must be paid are all listed in the templates provided by Bonsai.

Which is the best invoice software?

Bonsai is the best invoicing software. With the help of our invoicing software, you can automate the entire process, request partial payments, and set up recurring payments.