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Whether you’re a property manager or landlord, you know the importance of sending invoices to collect rent on a monthly basis. But creating invoices from scratch can be a chore. With the ready-made Rental Invoice Template from Bonsai, however, creating professional invoices have never been easier.

What Is Rental Invoice?

A rental invoice is a document that landlords, property owners, property managers, and homestay hosts can use to bill tenants for rent and/or rental fees. Sending rent invoices is an important part of running a successful rental company, as this allows you to collect rent payments, itemize charges, and track tenant payment status.

Every rental invoice should include your company information, your tenant’s information, rental payments owed, account information, and accepted payment options. This document can then be kept as a receipt of payment, allowing you to organize your business financials.

The Importance of a Professional Rental Invoice

Rental invoices are not only for collecting rent payments; they serve as critical documents for tracking all renter-related expenses, security deposits, late fees, and more. Specifying this information and organizing your documents accordingly will be essential when it comes to your business accounting and bookkeeping.

In fact, there are many more reasons to use professional rental invoices:

  • Legal compliance: A professional rental invoice ensures compliance with legal requirements. It serves as a formal document that outlines the terms of the rental agreement, including rental period, payment due dates, amount, and details of services or goods provided. This documentation can be crucial in case of disputes or legal issues.
  • Clarity and transparency: A detailed invoice provides clarity and transparency regarding the breakdown of charges, such as rent, utilities, maintenance fees, or any other additional costs. This transparency helps avoid confusion or misunderstandings between you and your tenant(s).
  • Tenant accountability: An invoice enables efficient tracking of rental payments. It helps you keep track of when payments are due and received. Your tenants also benefit from having a clear record of payments made, which can be useful for budgeting and financial planning.
  • Financial management: Rental invoices play a vital role in financial management for both you and your tenant. You can use them for tax purposes, documenting rental income and expenses. Meanwhile, your tenants can use them for potential tax deductions or reimbursements.

Get Downloadable Free Rental Invoice Template

The Rental Invoice Template is great for all types of rental companies, just not landlords. For example, if you do event venue rentals, equipment rentals, or vehicle rentals, you will also need to send professional invoices.

The free Rental Invoice Template can be customized according to your needs, with editable fields, sections for your company branding, and so much more.

Our downloadable Rental Invoice Template:

  • is tailored for property and equipment rentals
  • provides a detailed breakdown of rental duration and costs
  • includes sections for itemized charges and descriptions
  • can be customized to reflect specific rental agreements
  • features fields for landlord and tenant details
  • may contain terms and conditions specific to rental agreements
  • is designed to be easily understood by both landlords and tenants
  • allows for the addition of a company logo or personal branding
  • is available in multiple formats (e.g., PDF, Word, Excel)
  • facilitates clear communication regarding rental terms and payments

Create a Customized Invoice with Bonsai!

Key Components of A Rental Invoice

As a rental business owner, the success of your company depends on you making money and effectively managing your finances.

With that, you need an organized and accurate system for collecting tenant or customer payments, saving records, and making sure you get paid in full. The components that you include in your rental invoice matter!

Here are the key components to always include in your rental invoices.

Property Details: Address or Apartment Number

This section of the rental invoice should include crucial information about the rented property, such as its complete address or specific apartment number. Including this information ensures that both you and your tenant have a clear understanding of the location of the rented premises. It helps in identifying the exact property being rented and should be stated accurately to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Rent Amount and Frequency

The rent amount and its frequency (e.g., monthly, weekly) are vital components of your rental invoice. This section clearly states the agreed-upon rental amount that the tenant is required to pay. It also specifies how often the rent is due, providing clarity regarding the payment schedule. This part of the invoice ensures that both parties are aware of the financial obligations related to the rental agreement.

Due Date and Late Payment Penalties

The due date specifies the deadline by which the rental payment should be made. It's essential to clearly state this date to avoid any confusion regarding when the payment is expected. Additionally, late payment penalties or charges for overdue payments should be explicitly stated in the invoice. This information informs the tenant about the consequences of failing to make payments on time and emphasizes the importance of meeting payment deadlines.

Bundled Services (e.g., Electricity, Internet)

This section includes details about any additional services bundled with the rental, such as electricity, internet, water, or other utilities. It outlines the services provided as part of the rental agreement, specifying whether these services are included in the rent or if they are billed separately. Clearly stating bundled services helps you and your tenant understand the scope of what is covered in the rental payments.

Accepted Methods of Payment

The accepted methods of payment section outlines the various ways in which the tenant can make rental payments. This may include options such as cash, check, credit card, online payment platforms, or other electronic payment methods. Providing multiple payment options enhances the tenant's experience by offering flexibility and accessibility in paying rent, and it ensures that the tenant knows the acceptable payment methods.

Other Components to Consider

The content and format of rental invoices can vary based on personal preference or the tools used for invoicing, such as Excel, Google Sheets, templates, or specialized software.

However, regardless of the format, including these key components ensures that the rental invoice effectively communicates the terms of the lease, the amount due, the due date, accepted payment methods, and any penalties for late payments or damages, contributing to a clear and transparent rental payment process for both you and the tenant.

The Rental Invoice Template from Bonsai includes a range of components and features to make your invoicing process even more efficient. The template:

  • may include payment terms, due dates, and accepted payment methods
  • serves as a record of rental services provided and payments due or received
  • can be used for both short-term and long-term rentals
  • includes fields for taxes, fees, or other additional costs
  • is essential for maintaining professionalism and clarity in rental businesses
  • can be digitally generated or manually filled out
  • can be accompanied by a rental contract detailing the scope of rental
  • is distinct from purchase or retail invoice templates
  • can have sections for security deposits or damage charges
  • can be used as a basis for payment requests or billing

Sending the Invoice to Tenants

Sending rental invoices to your client, customers, or tenant is made easier with a professionally-designed, ready-made template. With Bonsai, all you have to do is download the free template, plug in the relevant details, and send the final invoice to the other party.

You can save the invoice as a PDF, attach it to an email, deliver it in person, send it via standard mail, or send it via an online link. Bonsai makes it simple to update, modify, finalize, preview, and share invoices. You can even duplicate previous invoices to reuse in the future!

You can send your completed rental invoices via:

  • Email attachment
  • PDF download link
  • Printed mail delivery
  • Online portal access
  • Shared document link

Choosing the Right Invoice Template

Choosing the right invoice template for your business is an important decision. Many generic templates just won’t cut it, as they don’t include the specific components needed by a rental company. That’s why we have created an industry-specific template to be used by landlords, equipment rental companies, or anyone operating a rental business. The downloadable Rental Invoice Template is a great choice!

Need even more customization? Bonsai can help with that, too! Get started with our free Online Invoice Generator to create, customize, and send invoices in real time.

Use Our Online Invoice Generator to generate your invoice!

Explore More Invoice Templates

Many of our standard invoice templates can be converted to suit the needs of a variety of businesses, from contractors to construction, graphic design to photography. That said, we have a complete library of industry-related invoice templates that fit the bill! Check out our list of template options below!

Free Word Invoice Template

Made for your convenience, the Word Invoice Template is compatible with Microsoft Word and allows you to create professional invoices effortlessly. Customize them to suit your business needs at no cost!

Free Pro-forma Invoice Templates

These free Pro Forma Invoice Template enables you to provide preliminary billing information before the final invoice. Outline clear agreements with your clients or customers with ease.

Free Google Docs Invoice Template

Specifically designed for Google Docs, the Google Docs Invoice Template facilitates collaborative invoicing within the Google Workspace environment. This ensures seamless accessibility and sharing options for your invoicing needs.

Free Freelance Invoice Template

The Freelance Invoice Template assists you in billing clients accurately, detailing services, rates, and hours worked. Perfectly tailored to the unique needs of independent contractors!

Free Construction Invoice Template

This Construction Invoice Template is ideal for construction businesses and general contractors. Detail your labor, materials, project specifics, and payment terms all within a single document.

Free Itemized Bill Template

This free Itemized Bill Template categorizes each item or service provided, ensuring a detailed breakdown of costs. This provides clarity between you and your customers.

Free Printable Invoice Template

The Printable Invoice Template makes it simple to generate hard-copy invoices that can be shared or hand-delivered to customers. They can also be easily saved for future record keeping.

Free Contractor Invoice Template

Whether you’re a blog writer, marketing specialist, or creative professional, you want to get paid for your contract projects! The Contractor Invoice Template is ideal for anyone who works on a contract basis.

Free Consulting Invoice Template

Provide job estimates to consulting clients, calculate costs, and send detailed invoices with the help of the Consulting Invoice Template. Perfect for agencies or independent consultants.

Free PDF Invoice Template

Draft professional payment notices and invoices with the PDF Invoice Template. You can attach PDF invoices to emails or print them off to send directly to your customers.

Free Excel Invoice Template

Prefer working in Excel? The Excel Invoice Template has the benefit of formulas and spreadsheets, making it easier to calculate costs, add taxes or interest, and notify clients of the final total.

Free Photography Invoice Template

Create a great-looking invoice with the click of a button! In just a few steps, you can design a professional invoice and get paid for your photography work. Get started with the free Photography Invoice Template.

Free Professional Invoice Templates

Get paid by cash, via direct deposit, check, or however you prefer with professional invoices. Our Professional Invoice Templates can be customized to suit your needs, with your unique branding, detailed notes, approved payment methods, and the details that matter most to you!

Free Graphic Design Invoice Template

Get paid for your graphic design gigs like a pro. The free Graphic Design Invoice Template is well-designed and contains editable fields for including all the important details. Your clients will love it and you will too!


What Should I Include in a Rental Invoice Beyond the Tenant's Name?

The accuracy of your business invoicing depends on you including critical information in your invoices, such as your business name, your tenant’s name, and the billing details. In creating an invoice, be sure to include the following information:

  • Landlord's name/company name
  • Business contact information (phone number, address, etc.)
  • Invoice number
  • Tenant's name
  • Rental property address
  • Rental period (Start date - End date)
  • Monthly rent amount
  • Additional charges (e.g., utilities, maintenance)
  • Subtotal
  • Total balance due
  • Due date
  • Payment method (e.g., check, bank transfer)

How Can I Make My Rental Invoice Look Professional?

As a business owner, it’s important that your invoices have a professional and polished appearance. This builds trust with tenants and creates visual consistency in your business. Here are a few tips for making your rental invoices look more professional:

  • Utilize a well-designed invoice template that reflects your brand identity. The free Rental Invoice Template from Bonsai is a great option.
  • Ensure that your rental invoice contains your business name, logo (if applicable), complete address, contact information, and any relevant tax identification numbers.
  • Clearly state the renter's name, address, contact details, and any additional information necessary for accurate billing.
  • Provide a breakdown of the rental charges, specifying the rental period, rental unit or property details, any additional fees (e.g., utilities, maintenance), and the total amount due.
  • Use professional language and maintain a consistent format throughout the invoice. Ensure font styles, sizes, and alignments are uniform and easy to read.
  • Double-check for accuracy, spelling errors, and any discrepancies before sending the invoice.
  • Give your final invoice another once-over to make sure it looks great, contains all of the important information, and makes it easy for tenants to pay you via your preferred payment methods.

What's the Best Way to Send the Rental Invoice to My Tenants?

The free Rental Invoice Template provides a simple and cost-effective way to create, customize, and send rental invoices. The template is easy to use, convenient, and requires no technical skills. However, the free template is limited in terms of scalability and automated features, such as payment reminders, tracking payment status, etc. Online invoicing software like Bonsai presents the best methods for sending rental invoices to tenants, as you can save tenant information, accept online payments, automate recurring invoices, send payment reminders, and even track your business revenue. Streamline your invoicing, accounting, and bookkeeping with Bonsai.

Free Rental Invoice Templates
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