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Virtual Assistant Proposal

Whether you’re a newbie or a guru in the freelance world, it’s never easy to convince your prospective clients that you’re the perfect fit for the job. The fact that they’ve never worked with you before makes it even more difficult. However, with a strong virtual assistant proposal, you can beat the odds and win some of the best projects. 

If done right, a great freelance proposal goes a long way to attract potential clients to your freelance business. Even then, writing a virtual assistant proposal isn’t a walk in the park. Well, you don’t need some special skills to do it, but it needs time and commitment.

However, with the many virtual assistant proposal templates and samples available online, you should navigate your way.

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Here are some golden tips to help you write a strong freelance proposal. 

1. Make a bold entrance

What makes your proposal stand? Are you just using the same statements everyone else is using? If that’s the case, then forget about the project. As a freelancer, you need to sell your skills from the first sentence to the last paragraph. Avoid too many stories in the introduction.

Make a captivating entrance that shows the client you’ve understood the project and that you’re sure about what you’re talking about. Through the virtual assistant proposal, let the client know why you’re the best fit for the job. To spice it up a bit, you can highlight previous work experience. In that way, you’ll convince them that you’ve got the skills they’re looking for.

2. Tailor your strengths to the job

The worst mistake you can make as a freelancer is to use the same virtual assistant proposal to bid for different projects. Every project comes with unique requirements, and, therefore, tailor your strength to that particular job. However, this doesn’t mean you lie about your abilities.

Highlight some of your attractive abilities that address the specific needs of your client. Avoid mentioning irrelevant strengths as this may just spoil for you. Remember, you’re not required to give a full resume here. So keep it brief, and to the point.

3. Talk about your rates

It’s not too early to talk about money. Be sure your client wants to know how much you’ll be charging for your services for planning. Do you offer any discounts to your clients? If yes, be sure to include this in your virtual assistant proposal. Try to be as honest as possible with your charges. Your client may not be happy if you start talking about some extra costs after they hire you. So, here, maximum transparency is required.

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4. Share some work samples

The only way to convince your potential client that you’ve got the right skills for the job is by sharing some work samples. In your case as a virtual assistant freelancer, you can share the websites of the companies you’ve worked with before, and highlight your previous job description.

Summarize it in a paragraph to avoid too much content that may discourage your client from reading through. As usual, pick out the best samples for your virtual assistant proposal to win the client.

5. Use a visually-appealing structure

First impression matters when it comes to convincing a client to hire you. Apart from spicing virtual assistant proposal, make sure it’s well-organized and written in a format that’s simple to understand. Avoid ambiguity at all costs. Trying to use those big vocabularies may just put off the client. They’re interested in what you can do and not your language.

If you aren’t sure of the structure and format to use, try a virtual assistant proposal template. It should make it easier for you. Get new virtual assistant projects today by writing a proposal that stands out.

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Virtual Assistant Proposal

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Virtual Assistant Proposal

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