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A social media proposal PPT offers a comprehensive outline of the workflow with case studies, deliverables and more. It also explains to the client how your social media marketing strategy like campaigns, lead generation, brand promotion and engagement will increase conversion.

Basically, it offers the client a clear picture of how your strategy will work best and why you are the best fit. Before you delve into drafting that winning social media proposal PPT, there are key facts you must have to ensure you get the job done.

Social Media Proposal Template PPT
Image Credits: template.net

1. Determine business goals in the social media proposal PPT

As a freelancer take your time to understand the client and their business before you begin. What are the goals of the clients business? To create a strategic vision that fits into the clients goals, you must understand where the client wants to be and the time frame. This will help you determine which strategy best fits the client and which platforms will best fit into the clients business demographic.

2. Learn about your client’s audience with the social media proposal PPT

One mistake you can make in the social media proposal PPT as a freelancer is to make assumptions about the client’s audience. Be willing to research and collect as much data as needed to develop and support your strategy. Be informed on social media statistics and social media demographics, and if possible get specific industry statistics.

It is easier to ask the client if you already have a relationship with them. Ensure they share data about their industry and about their target audience. This will also make the client see you as someone who knows and understands what they are doing.

3. Get to know the competition with the social media proposal PPT

Identifying the competition not only makes the client confident in your proposal, but it also ensures that you can offer the right strategy. Who are your client’s key competitors? Find out what their social media efforts are in relation to others in the industry. Ensure that you make a comprehensive competitor analysis so that you can effectively benchmark against them.

Social Media Proposal Template PPT Sample
Image Credits: r3socialmedia.com

4. Conduct a social media audit with the social media proposal PPT

A good social media proposal PPT takes into account the client's current social media presence. This will make it easier to create a strategy that can be evolved and improved upon. Find out which social media channels the client is currently using.

Which platforms are the strongest at and why? A proper social media audit ensures that even in your proposal to the client you not only sound professional but you have the required insights into the needs of the client.

5. Do you have a social media proposal PPT content strategy?

Content varies by platform and also by the target audience. This must be very clear in your strategy in line with the client’s goals. This is where you have to now come up with what is the most suitable content to create. You as a freelancer must also ensure that your tone, design and style are well defined.

Don’t forget to use your client as the main resource and as much as possible. The proposal is for the client and to ensure you land the job. In as much as the social media proposal PPT should target the show your understanding of the clients audience, your main aim is to present yourself as the best freelancer.

After you have all the raw data to get started, you are better positioned to come up with an effective strategy that will increase conversion rate.

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