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Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

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Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

Plenty of people hold the misconception that social media marketing is all about posting ads and sitting back to wait for results. Truth be told, there is a lot more to social media marketing than simply dropping some information on a social media platform. Each of the social media platforms has its unique features that a social media marketer must understand to succeed.

Understanding these different features will help you as a freelance social media marketer to know what suits your client. This is the only way to avoid disappointing clients by coming up with strategies that won't work in the long run. So if you're a freelancer seeking to earn a contract from a potential client, a well-researched social media marketing proposal template in PDF format is indispensable. Keep in mind the fact that a social media marketer is expected to always grab attention. That knack to grab attention should inform the need to draft a social media marketing proposal example or sample that showcases your expertise.

Social Media Marketing Proposal Template
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Here are 5 things you should never miss in your social media marketing proposal sample.

1. Outline the path to the client's business and social media goals

A freelancer who knows the right questions to ask will get all the information they require to get the job done. In simple terms, try as much as possible to understand your client's business goals and their expectations from social media marketing. Analyze the industry and identify your client's problem. As the right question during the consultation so that you can understand their social media needs. The social media marketing proposal template should detail your understanding of what the client expects from you. Showing them you share in their vision will make the client trust you as the right freelancer for the project. 

Determine what goals your client has and how your strategy can fit into it. With that in mind, you must draw an objective and concise social media marketing proposal example that outlines the activities you'll undertake to get them to where they'd want to be.

2. Explain the behavior of your client’s target audience and how you plan to win them

Whether one is selling products or services, there is always a target audience. If the client already has a deep understanding of the audience, pick it from them and outline what you'd do on social media to improve their business. Avoid making assumptions and ask questions. Collect as much social media statistics, then go ahead and focus on social media demographics. This is something you can do on your own to draft the right social media marketing proposal template. 

But if you don't feel satisfied with the information you have acquired, then ask the client. In your social media marketing proposal PDF, use some research data to project your points and make sure you also use the same statistics to create some personas that your client would easily relate to their business, also underlining how you'll use social media marketing to influence this group to take some desired actions.

Show how you will approach a certain group of people will be different from the way you will approach another. This fact has to be very clear in your social media marketing proposal sample. Is the audience young or elderly Are you targeting professionals or enthusiast Finding out who the target audience is will help in tailoring the best strategy that will engage and captivate them effectively?

3. Share a social media marketing audit

Most probably it's not the first time your client is making forays into social media marketing. It might not have been aggressive or professional, but if there was something already ongoing, take your time to analyze it and provide clear statistics that would show your client where they're standing on matters social media marketing. 

Your findings will not only benefit you in the project, but it will showcase your seriousness in the task. The client will see that you are experienced in the field and that the strategy you are offering is indeed the right one. Make them see through the social media marketing proposal example that the suggestions you bring to the table are informed by experience and skills. The reason why the audit is important in the social media marketing proposal is that you may later us the same to demonstrate the progress you've made. 

A good social media marketing proposal template should clearly show your understanding of how strong or weak the client's social media presence is. If you're the first to start the social media marketing work for the client, well and good, just make sure you already have the requisite tools to keep on mining progress data and sharing with your client at reasonable intervals.

Social Media Marketing Proposal
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4. Identify competition and their weak points

Almost every business person, if not all, wants to know about the weaknesses of their competitors and how they can capitalize on such to penetrate the market further. If you can convince the client that you're all they need to beat the competition, what would hold them back from giving you the job? Do your research about the competition. What strategies are they using? Which technique will you implement help your client beat the competition or match u to the market demands? 

When drawing your strategy, only pick on activities that are relevant and most effective based on where your client is with their current social media marketing. And as you draft a social media marketing proposal template, have in mind the competitor's weak points, and use them in the client's favor.

If you manage to paint a clear picture of where the client is as compared to the competition, you will have their attention. Then draw them a detailed strategy of what needs to be done to counter competition to climb up the ladder.

5. Outline a comprehensive content strategy

One of the main reasons why freelancers fail is over-promising to clients things they're not in a position to give them. Taking more than you can handle or promising to work a miracle is not professional. Stick to what you are good at and deliver that. Doing so will earn you a better reputation that promising a lot and not living up to it. The client expects the best from you, but they sure don't think you can perform miracles. 

So, be as realistic as possible in your social media marketing proposal example. One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is content creation for social media. In your social media marketing proposal sample, indicate the kind of content needed, whether text, images, videos or more and work out a strategy with the client on how this content will be availed to you.

Remember that for social media marketing proposal PDFs, some of the most common tasks can include

  • posting schedule:  Detail which platforms are part of your strategy and how often you will be posting
  • Content Creation and curation:  This can include several things including keeping a pulse on industry news.
  • Brand keyword monitoring:  After understanding the industry very well. Ensure that you are also aware of which keywords are most relevant and which ones you will be tracking.
  • Analytics and reporting:  Determine how often you will be reporting to the client on analytics. Take time to let them understand what it is you will be tracking.
  • Social media management details: This one is very broad because you will detail how much time you will dedicate to the client? How much will you be available on social media and more?


Not everyone reads every document to its entirety. That means the beginning part of your social media marketing proposal PDF must be convincing, filled with facts, and show a clear roadmap on how you plan to turn around things for your client. 

From the moment they start reading the social media marketing proposal sample, you have made it captivating and engaging. When the client is engaged, they may find themselves reading through from the beginning to the end. This happens when you have captured their attention to the point they want to know more. Important areas like the scope of work and the strategies should be well detailed. Showcase your understanding of the problem that you are willing to come and solve for their business. Then follow this with the solution you have that is better than what other marketers may be offering. 

Being unique, confident, and very clear will go a long way in showing your professionalism and expertise. Don't hold back, but also don't sound too desperate to convince, rather talk like you know what you are saying!

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Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

Create your own

Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

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