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Social Media Marketing Proposal TemplateSocial Media Marketing Proposal TemplateSocial Media Marketing Proposal Template

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Plenty of people hold the misconception that social media marketing is all about posting ads and sitting back to wait for results. Truth be told, there is a lot more to social media marketing than simply dropping some information on a social media platform. Each of the social media platforms has its unique features that a social media marketer must understand to succeed.

Understanding these different features will help you as a freelance social media marketer to know what suits your client. This is the only way to avoid disappointing clients by coming up with strategies that won't work in the long run. So if you're a freelancer seeking to earn a contract from a potential client, a well-researched social media marketing proposal template in PDF format is indispensable. Keep in mind the fact that a social media marketer is expected to always grab attention. That knack to grab attention should inform the need to draft a social media marketing proposal example or sample that showcases your expertise.

Social Media Marketing Proposal Template
Image Credits:

Here are 5 things you should never miss in your social media marketing proposal sample.

1. Outline the path to the client's goals in the social media marketing proposal

A freelancer who knows the right questions to ask will get all the information they require to get the job done. In simple terms, try as much as possible to understand your client's business goals and their expectations from social media marketing. Analyze the industry and identify your client's problem. As the right question during the consultation so that you can understand their social media needs. The social media marketing proposal template should detail your understanding of what the client expects from you. Showing them you share in their vision will make the client trust you as the right freelancer for the project. 

Determine what goals your client has and how your strategy can fit into it. With that in mind, you must draw an objective and concise social media marketing proposal example that outlines the activities you'll undertake to get them to where they'd want to be.

2. Explain the behavior of your client’s target audience in the social media marketing proposal

Whether one is selling products or services, there is always a target audience. If the client already has a deep understanding of the audience, pick it from them and outline what you'd do on social media to improve their business. Avoid making assumptions and ask questions. Collect as much social media statistics, then go ahead and focus on social media demographics. This is something you can do on your own to draft the right social media marketing proposal template. 

But if you don't feel satisfied with the information you have acquired, then ask the client. In your social media marketing proposal PDF, use some research data to project your points and make sure you also use the same statistics to create some personas that your client would easily relate to their business, also underlining how you'll use social media marketing to influence this group to take some desired actions.

Show how you will approach a certain group of people will be different from the way you will approach another. This fact has to be very clear in your social media marketing proposal sample. Is the audience young or elderly Are you targeting professionals or enthusiast Finding out who the target audience is will help in tailoring the best strategy that will engage and captivate them effectively?

3. Share a social media marketing audit

Most probably it's not the first time your client is making forays into social media marketing. It might not have been aggressive or professional, but if there was something already ongoing, take your time to analyze it and provide clear statistics that would show your client where they're standing on matters social media marketing. 

Your findings will not only benefit you in the project, but it will showcase your seriousness in the task. The client will see that you are experienced in the field and that the strategy you are offering is indeed the right one. Make them see through the social media marketing proposal example that the suggestions you bring to the table are informed by experience and skills. The reason why the audit is important in the social media marketing proposal is that you may later us the same to demonstrate the progress you've made. 

A good social media marketing proposal template should clearly show your understanding of how strong or weak the client's social media presence is. If you're the first to start the social media marketing work for the client, well and good, just make sure you already have the requisite tools to keep on mining progress data and sharing with your client at reasonable intervals.

4. Identify competition and their weak points using the social media marketing proposal

Almost every business person, if not all, wants to know about the weaknesses of their competitors and how they can capitalize on such to penetrate the market further. If you can convince the client that you're all they need to beat the competition, what would hold them back from giving you the job? Do your research about the competition. What strategies are they using? Which technique will you implement help your client beat the competition or match u to the market demands? 

When drawing your strategy, only pick on activities that are relevant and most effective based on where your client is with their current social media marketing. And as you draft a social media marketing proposal template, have in mind the competitor's weak points, and use them in the client's favor.

If you manage to paint a clear picture of where the client is as compared to the competition, you will have their attention. Then draw them a detailed strategy of what needs to be done to counter competition to climb up the ladder.

5. Outline a comprehensive content strategy in the social media marketing proposal

One of the main reasons why freelancers fail is over-promising to clients things they're not in a position to give them. Taking more than you can handle or promising to work a miracle is not professional. Stick to what you are good at and deliver that. Doing so will earn you a better reputation that promising a lot and not living up to it. The client expects the best from you, but they sure don't think you can perform miracles. 

So, be as realistic as possible in your social media marketing proposal example. One of the biggest challenges for freelancers is content creation for social media. In your social media marketing proposal sample, indicate the kind of content needed, whether text, images, videos or more and work out a strategy with the client on how this content will be availed to you.

Remember that for social media marketing proposal PDFs, some of the most common tasks can include

  • posting schedule:  Detail which platforms are part of your strategy and how often you will be posting
  • Content Creation and curation:  This can include several things including keeping a pulse on industry news.
  • Brand keyword monitoring:  After understanding the industry very well. Ensure that you are also aware of which keywords are most relevant and which ones you will be tracking.
  • Analytics and reporting:  Determine how often you will be reporting to the client on analytics. Take time to let them understand what it is you will be tracking.
  • Social media management details: This one is very broad because you will detail how much time you will dedicate to the client? How much will you be available on social media and more?

6. How to create a social media proposal template

For social media freelancers or consultants having a ready simple social media proposal template or a social media management proposal for clients is a necessity. A customizable social media management proposal template gives the consultant the ability to be ahead of the game when it comes to presenting the perfect pitch.

Social media proposal forms part of the sales process. Recent studies claim that social media managers/consultants utilizing a well-defined sales process experience an 18% more revenue growth than those that don’t include a simple social media proposal template in their business, this would also include freelancers.

The intent of a social media proposal template is market, sell and formalize the consultant’s ideas to the client. The social media management proposal convinces the client that the social media freelancer or consultant will deliver without outlining every single step. 

Below we cover two types of social media proposal templates or social media management proposals that are worth checking out: 

Social media marketing proposal version 1

  • Cover Letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Assessment Implementation
  • Goals & Outlook
  • Team
  • Payments and Scheduling
  • Terms and Agreement
  • Acceptance 

1. Cover letter

The cover letter should be both professional but with a hint of personality to speak to the client. The cover letter introduces social media aspect and should warm up the client. A sample template is as follows:

Dear (Client’s Name)

Thanks for considering (Social media agency/consultant) for your social media marketing campaigns. It’s fantastic to connect with you and glad that the team and I fully comprehend the scope of your social media marketing expectations.

By combining the latest strategies with procedures based upon social media trends, extensive analysis and applying specifics unique to (The client’s Company), its possible to achieve practical and fastidious results within the specified social media channels.

Our proposal details a wholesome social media marketing strategy that will help the company realize higher successful results.

For any questions or further clarifications, get in touch with the contacts attached below. (attach contacts) 

2. Executive summary

The simple social media proposal template or social media management proposal presents a coordinated plan to help your client’s social media presence flourish. It covers the right strategies to boost social media sites including but not limited to; Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Through continuous audience engagement via social media channels, you should be able to demonstrate the ability to generate awareness.

Engagement drives more web traffic, widening the firm’s reach within the target market aspects that contribute significantly to the top line growth. By assigning enough time to the project and producing consistent quality work, the social media campaign enhances the following areas:

2.1. Creation of engaging content

You should be able to works together with the client’s staff to plan and prepare dynamic, ongoing social content calendar that outlines and guides the project to achieve laid out goals.

You should utilize aspects such as hashtags, retweets and keyword campaigns to keep up with the industry. Producing and posting unique content broadens the social media accounts reach.

2.2. Posting related and relevant updates

The social media manager/consultant or a freelancer work is to engage/attract a targeted social media audience by sharing the client’s press releases, news, employee spotlights, events and much more.

The freelancer also keeps abreast with industry happenings such as trends, share the same wildly as this helps in ramping up the company’s bio and reputation within the target market.

2.3. Integrate social media into various marketing plans

Clear and consistent communications coupled with a couple of brainstorming meetings every 30 days.

Such deliberations afford the social media marketing freelancer or consultant the opportunity to consolidate marketing initiatives that fit the company goals and promotional material.

2.4. Campaigns

Campaigns play a crucial role in social media above any contents, giveaways, promotions or sales. There’s need to create a schedule for a series of posts that fuels momentum (exciting) for targeted traffic that converts into customers.

2.5. Social campaigns and promotions

The social media consultant utilizes social channels to connect with the numerous followers thus engaging them with exciting promotions encompassing current events and the brand itself.

Campaigns run from hours to a couple of months. They help in analyzing social media engagement and prove whether their input is successful or not. Campaign results best compare to effective promotion, contests, and offers. Successful ones are replicated to achieve high ROI.

2.6. Sustained monitoring

To achieve maximum growth, it's paramount that there’s continuous marketing activity.

The dedicated social media team continuously monitors every social channel and expeditiously responds to any query, question comment, and posts within a two-hour period.

The two-hour time frame makes it possible to confirm that new and accurate info is related to the individual that seeks clarification.

2.7. Analytics

The freelancer managing social media campaign provides Daily and weekly analytics capturing the comments posted, number of likes, follower growth, retweets, and shares.

2.8. Reporting

Summarizing a variety of results and activities every month and setting up meetings with the client to go over results and adjust the social media management approach accordingly.

2.9. Assessment

This segment outlines how social media channels profoundly influence the client’s business. This part focuses on both highs and lows of the current social media standing.

Analyzing current market trends and ways that the freelancer will mitigate results should be emphasized here. Could go as follows:

Since (Client/Agency) is an industry leader within the (Niche) space, (The social media manager/consultant/freelancer) is excited and eager to join forces to tackle the challenge of improving and enhancing social media standing.

As it is now common knowledge, successful social media marketing not only gets the firm/client noticed but encourages engagement. Our research shows that the (Company/Client) current social media strengths include; clever, engaging content creations, timely response to comments.

(Client/Company) current weaknesses observed will require the social media consultant to help improve the following areas: incorporate consistent promotional campaigns, introduce infographics/photo marketings tools, utilize analytics to demonstrate effect social media marketing.

Close analysis of current successful marketing trends including the use of interesting infographics, keywords and engaging social channels audiences in fun but professional ways ramp up traffic and contributes to the company’s ROI. 

2.10. Implementation

This part describes the social media marketing plan. It should carry strategies and ways to keep the social posting momentum. The sample plan can go as follows:

As per the discussion, the following agreed-upon social media marketing strategy will guarantee that we will be consistent in posting on each social media channel.

2.11. Goals and outlook

The marketing strategy in the graph above will provide ample information to compare monthly, quarterly, half-year and full year progress.

The strategy makes it possible to understand marketing initiatives worth pushing. The reports will be realistic and quantitative and will show a projected trend that will lead to an improved ROI.

2.12. Consultant

Sell yourself. Make the client believe that are working and dedicated to helping realize growth. The pitch can go as follows:

I am based in (Location). It comprises of experienced and passionate social media marketers committed to client’s success.

(Social Media Marketer/Consultant) enjoys the marketing business, and has fun utilizing different social media channels to engage the audience, drive web traffic, capture the audience through engaging content and run social media campaigns.

(The freelancer) delivers continuous proven social media marketing results and its commitment to influencing optimal revenue growth is unwavering.

2.13. Billing and scheduling

The social media manager/consultant should craft a client communication plan. In it, there should be a detailed methodology in which clients are contacted.

The plan should include the time frame client will be billed weekly, monthly and quarterly. The project should also add specific payment information including payment deadlines, late fees and days or duration the client will receive an invoice.

2.14. Terms & agreement

Before agreeing and signing an agreement, some aspects in the proposal can be amended/altered in collaboration with the client. The contractual form should have space to include the names of the parties engaging. 

2.15. Acceptance

Signature appended below signifies acceptance of the social media marketing proposal and entrance into contractual agreement with (Social media manager/consultant/freelancer) from the signed date.

Social media marketing proposal version 2

The second type of social media proposal template or social media management proposal should follow the below format: 

1. Analysis

Client social media problems Identifications: managing client’s expectations is a crucial fact.

The consultations accord the social media manager or the freelancer a chance to comprehend the client’s needs for social media and strategize how best to meet said requirements.

A majority of times, clients confess their need for social media management help, however, are unable to describe why they need to use social media and what goals they would like realized via social media.

If the client is looking for a formula to increase sales and realize a profitable revenue through social media, this is the section that covers sales metrics and analysis of why the client’s current strategy isn’t helping.

2. Type of work

This section covers every detail of work you will do for the client. It will be the most significant section of the entire proposal and its best delivered when broken into the following segments;

3. Posting schedule

The social media channels that will be used and how often they will be posted/updated. When posting approval process is required, an outline of the approval should be indicated.

4. Content creation and curation

Encompasses taking and posting pics/videos, creating a social media content calendar and keeping abreast with industry news.

5. Brand keyword monitoring

Noting down tracked and used rich keywords.

6. Analytics and reporting

Note the frequency of report on analytics and what and how long will be tracked.

7. Social media management details

State the duration needed to engage in social media and how much time will be dedicated to this event.

8. Project milestones and deadlines

The section talks about the project’s success will be measured. If the job entails brand exposure, impressions and reposts should form part of the metrics.

Having current numbers and growth rate reports will assist in setting and noting attainable numeric goals in the simple social media proposal template.

9. Proof of work

This section encourages the client to work only with the social media manager/consultant/freelancer and not the competition.

In this segment, demonstrating experience and expertise and how it will come handy in fulfilling their needs. The freelancer can include previous client testimonials and or samples.

This space allows the social media manager or in this case the freelancer to explain why they’re the right candidate for the job at hand and share how their input grew their previous client’s social media accounts which led to a handsome ROI.

10. Agreement terms

This section covers the soul of the simple social media proposal template. It captures intricate details on how the project will be undertaken, delivers the contractual terms and the payment process.

Decide whether the client will make payments for hourly, weekly or retainer basis for services rendered. Describe how invoices will be sent out how payments terms should be honored and if there is an upfront fee payment. 

This sections also describes how services will be rendered, whether remotely or through booking time and visiting the client’s office and when it’s appropriate time to answer questions or queries. 

The termination terms spells how the contract is to be ended should either party decide that it’s not working in their favor.  

11. Side note

After choosing an appropriate social media proposal template, the next step is to consider a scenario after delivering the social media management proposal.

To avoid going back and forth with the client, follow up the proposal with a write up stating that there will be a follow-up email a few days after the proposal is sent and received. If the client is accorded a chance to ask for a revision, it should be indicated in the follow up write up.

To show seriousness the social media management proposal can carry an expiring date and a copyright notice. The proposal length is dependent on the duration of the social media contract. A plethora of social media managers/consultants/freelancer prefer sending their proposals digitally.

Others prefer sending a digital copy and requesting an in-person presentation. The latter receiver a higher positive response as clients tend to trust and appreciate their effort to meet with them and discuss on a roundtable.  Whichever, formulation augurs well for the freelancer is okay.

So long as the social media proposal template created will capture the client’s attention and prove that the freelancer will deliver their social media needs!

7. How to create a social media management proposal PDF

Have you mastered the art of social media management but aren't getting enough clients because you don't have a professional social media management proposal PDF? Are you an expert when it comes to interacting with social media users and managing content on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but are not able to finalize the deal with a prospective client? 

Don't worry if your answers to both these questions are yes. You could be a freelance social media management professional, and you are not expected to know how to write professional business proposals. However, since you need to expand your business, you need to be proactive and draft your proposal!

There are a lot of online resources you can choose from to prepare a freelancing proposal and modify the template according to your specific needs. But even while getting a template online, you need to know the basics of writing a proposal before going ahead and drafting one. You also need to speak to a consultant to ensure that you don't miss out on any important details.

We can provide you with some tips which will ensure that the interest of both parties, you and your client, are protected.  

7.1. Analysis

As a freelancer, you need to understand why the client wants to use social media. You need to analyse the current problem for the client and explain how you can help them through social media management. If the client is, for example, wanting to improve their present sales, you can highlight in this section how you will help the client improve sales through social media. Divide the full project into smaller sections so that the client can understand what value they are getting.

7.2. Scope of work

This section of your social media management proposal PDF will deal with what exactly you will do for the client. Will you be posting content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or all three? If the client needs to approve of your content before you post it, what is the approval process?

You will also have to specify how much time will you spend on managing posts on social media if you are billing the client on an hourly basis. How often will you report analytics to the client? You must mention the keywords that you will monitor here.

7.3. Project milestones & deadlines

When drafting your social media management proposal PDF, it is important to know how the success of the project will be measured. You should be aware of the current sales figures and the expected growth rate to state the goal sales figure that you will help the client achieve. 

Social Media Marketing Proposal Template Sample PDF
Image credits:

7.4. Proof of work

To put it simply, why should the client choose you considering there are so many professionals in the social media management profession. 

You should be able to provide testimonials of your existing clients in your social media management proposal PDF who are part of the same industry. These testimonials should mention how you have helped the client achieve their goals. If the goal was improving sales, then this section should mention what the sales figures were before you took up the assignment and after it. 

7.5. Terms of agreement

This section of the social media management proposal PDF will include your fees, billing method, work location and project termination process. 

You need to answer questions like:

  • Will you be charging a flat fee or do you work hourly?
  • Will be working at the client's office or at your own?
  • What will be the notice period for termination?
  • Do you need a security deposit?

7.6. Post proposal action

You should mention in this section what you need from the client after the social media management proposal PDF is sent. A deadline should be mentioned by which the client needs to respond to your proposal, including asking for any revisions in it.

7.7. Win clients with the right proposal

To ensure that your social media management proposal PDF wins clients for you, certain things need to be kept in mind. You should identify the specific problem faced by the client and explain how you can help the client solve it. A professional proposal has complete clarity about the scope of the work, payment terms, and what the client needs to do after receiving the proposal.

Take your freelancing business to the next level with the right social media management proposal PDF!

8. How to create a social media management proposal template

For any freelancer, first impression matters. How you market yourself determines whether your prospect clients will turn into customers. Usually, clients go through many proposals, and not unless yours stands out, you may never win even a single project. So, make sure you work on your freelance proposal before submitting it.

So, how do you write a social media management proposal that stands out?

Even if you’re a guru in freelance social media management, you need this answered. The truth is, before you practically showcase your skills to the client, you must convince them through writing that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

While you can use a social management proposal template to come up with a decent proposal, it’s always better to create one by yourself for originality.

Here’s what to consider when writing a social media management proposal.

8.1. Introduction

Before any other thing, you need to say something about who you are, and your goals as a social media management freelancer. Usually, you do this in the opening paragraphs. Here you need to show your prospective client that you understand what they require.

Make sure you address the client directly to establish a relationship with them. You can use words such as you, yours, and we to achieve this. Remember, you’re trying to convince your prospective clients that you’re fit for the role. So, make sure the highlighted goals are in line with their requirements.

8.2. Scope of work

What will you be doing for your prospective client? Be sure the client we’ll be so interested in knowing this. So, make sure you clearly state what your services entail. Since everything should be aligned to the client’s social media marketing goals, you can highlight the services that directly address the client’s needs.

To achieve this, you can go through the job requirements and tune your services to that. But of course, ensuring that you’re genuine and honest in what you offer. Here, you can use subheadings to break down the scope of work to make it clear for everyone to see.

8.3. Milestones and deadlines

How will you measure a project’s success? And do you have a timeline for this? Your client will be interested to know this. So, make sure your social media management proposal includes this. Usually, the project milestones should be in line with the client’s business goals.

So, before creating any milestone, get to know your client’s business needs. Again, your prospective client needs to know how long it will take you to complete the project. Are you able to meet the set deadlines? Make sure this is highlighted in the proposal.

8.4. Proof of work

It isn’t enough to tell your prospective clients what you can do for them. Most clients would like to have a look at some of your projects to be convinced that you’re equal to the task. Therefore, make sure your social media management proposal includes sample work.

If you can’t retrieve some of your completed projects or maybe it’s a whole process to get them, you can use testimonials from your previous clients. This helps you to showcase your value and convince the client that you’re fit for the job.

8.5. Terms of agreement

Some if not all of these questions need to be answered in the proposal:

  • What are your terms of work? Your client needs to know what to expect from you.
  • How much will charge for the task?
  • What are the procedures of ending the contract in case there’s a need?
  • What are your payment terms?

At least before the client hires you for the job, they know what to expect from you. Even so, keep it brief as much of these will be covered in the contract.

Are you now ready to write your social media management proposal? You can get started.

9. How to create a social media strategy proposal template

There are lots of businesses that need an expert to help them with their social media strategy. If that’s your freelance gig, you need to create winning social media strategy proposals in order to win those clients.

So how do you go about creating a great social media strategy proposal? What are the key components? What are clients looking for when they sort through proposals and choose a winning freelance business with which to work?

Social Media Management Proposal Template

Image credits:

Whether you want to use a professional service for your proposals or you want to develop your own, let’s look at 7 steps to take to write a winning social media strategy proposal.

9.1. Understand the business requesting a social media strategy proposal

Before you can work for any client, you need to gain an understanding of their business. You have to learn about their key products and/or services, their value proposition, and any relevant financial information.

Think of yourself as a new employee, undergoing an orientation to your new workplace. As a freelancer, you need to understand your clients in the same way.

9.2. Learn about customers and target customers before writing a social media strategy proposal

It’s impossible to know what social media platforms to target and what kind of content will be effective without first knowing the customers and target customers of your client’s business.

Gather as much data as possible, or ask the prospective client to share their data, so you can understand key facts about customers such as demographics, buying habits, lifestyle information, and more. 

If customers are currently following your client’s brand on social media, what else do they follow? Are there consistent trends among customers? This kind of information is helpful when it comes time to determine social media content.

Find out if the client is looking to expand to new audiences, like a new age category, for instance. Do research on the target audience and their interests.

This kind of data will be beneficial as you prepare your social media strategy proposal. It’s also ideal background information when you get the job, because you can build customer personas to help you execute on your strategy.

9.3. Get to know the competition before writing the social media marketing proposal

It’s also a good idea to get a basic understanding about the competition. If you can identify a number of strong competitors, you’ll be able to learn about their successes and failures in relation to your client’s business. 

 Then, take a look beyond the direct competition to similar businesses, maybe not even in the same industry, but with the same target audience. How have those businesses had success, and what can your client learn from those successes?

Learning about comparative companies doesn't mean you’ll do the same thing. It means you’ll have a better understanding of how those competitors have done well, and where they haven’t done as well, in interacting with the target audience for your client’s business. 

Those lessons will serve you as you build a social media strategy proposal for your prospective customer.

9.4. Include current state in a social media strategy proposal

Now it’s time to dig into information specific to your potential customer. Before you can outline how you can improve a client’s social media presence, you need to understand the current state.

That means examining and outlining the client’s current involvement, with a summary of what the client is doing on each social media platform.

If the client doesn’t have a social media presence at all, you can point that out.

What you’re doing in this step is almost like an audit. You’re examining which social media channels your client is currently using, where they have the strongest presence, and why it works. You’re also looking at where their social media presence has fallen down. Find out if they’ve done specific campaigns in the past, and why or why not those have worked.

9.5. Determine goals and metrics for the social media strategy proposal

If you’re at the proposal stage, chances are you know a bit about the client. Perhaps you’re responding to a Request for Proposal, or you’ve had a meeting with the client, or the client has contacted you to request you prepare a social media strategy proposal.

Using the goals of the client’s business, you can develop a social media campaign that will help them achieve those goals, as well as the metrics you will use to measure the success toward those goals. 

Make sure you use the “SMART” framework in developing social media goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

Each of your goals should include the social media platform(s), the goal, how you’ll measure it, and a timeframe for attainment. Each objective should align with the client’s overall business goals.

For instance, one goal could be to increase Instagram followers by 25%, by the end of the second quarter of the year.

9.6. Outline the tactics in your social media strategy proposal

This is where you describe your actions that will achieve the goals of the strategy and support the overall business objectives of your client. 

You’ll want to include any ad campaigns, content strategies, promotions, lead generation, and any other initiatives that you will manage on behalf of the client in order to achieve the goals of the social media strategy.

9.7. Prepare a timeline, budget and payment schedule

Usually this is the final section you will prepare in the social media strategy proposal. Once you understand the scope of the work, you can create a timetable and budget for your work. 

Make sure the client can understand what you’ll be delivering, when each stage will be completed, and when payment will be expected for the work.

The benefit of doing all this work at the proposal stage is that when you win over the client, the social media strategy proposal will form the basis for a contract of work so that you can begin to execute as soon as possible.


Not everyone reads every document to its entirety. That means the beginning part of your social media marketing proposal PDF must be convincing, filled with facts, and show a clear roadmap on how you plan to turn around things for your client. 

From the moment they start reading the social media marketing proposal sample, you have made it captivating and engaging. When the client is engaged, they may find themselves reading through from the beginning to the end. This happens when you have captured their attention to the point they want to know more. Important areas like the scope of work and the strategies should be well detailed. Showcase your understanding of the problem that you are willing to come and solve for their business. Then follow this with the solution you have that is better than what other marketers may be offering. 

Being unique, confident, and very clear will go a long way in showing your professionalism and expertise. Don't hold back, but also don't sound too desperate to convince, rather talk like you know what you are saying!

Social media marketing proposal template FAQs

Do you have more questions about social media marketing proposal templates? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. What are the benefits of using social media marketing proposal templates?

The major benefit of using a social media marketing proposal template for any new project is to prove to the client why you are a great fit for the project, and to detail your understanding and solution for his problem

2. How do I create a social media marketing proposal template?

A social media marketing proposal template can be created either by starting from a sample, and editing it for the project's individual requirements, or by using Bonsai to draft and download one in just minutes. Sign up a the free trial today!

3. When do I draft and send the social media marketing proposal template?

A social media marketing proposal template is drafted and sent for signature whenever you start a new project.


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