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Influencer Marketing Proposal TemplateInfluencer Marketing Proposal TemplateInfluencer Marketing Proposal Template

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The core of influencer marketing is building a relationship with individuals, otherwise known as influencers, that can share your brand with their audience. And the best way to achieve a long-term relationship is to set and manage expectations. You build a relationship with a brand when you submit your influencer proposal template and outline campaigns with clear cut goals and expectations that align with your client's. 

Marketing companies and brands are often on the lookout for influencers who can help them reach new audiences and increase their market share. But you must draft an influencer marketing proposal template that can convince a marketer to hire your service. Consumers trusted friends and loved one's opinion on products. But about 49% of consumers still look to influencers for product and service recommendations, according to a study carried out by Twitter analysts.

The study further revealed that organizations that used brand and influencers for marketing saw a 5.2x rise in conversion. Influencer marketing requires marketing, language, digital skills, and cultural awareness, among other knowledge.

Also, you must know the best practices in drawing up a compelling proposal that makes you stand out in your niche. See what you must know about the influencer marketing proposal template writing in the last section of this article.

Influencer Marketing Proposal Template
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Writing and sending an influencer marketing proposal would help you achieve the following:

  1. Clarify marketing goals, objectives that are aligned with the client's goals.
  2. It should help you draw a strategy and easily communicate it with the marketing agency you wish to work with.
  3. It will help you streamline your influencer marketing campaign to focus on the primary need of your employer
  4. A well thought out influencer marketing proposal template can help build a relationship with marketers and cement your place in their plans
  5. The document helps you monitor and track deliverables that you have promised. 

Creating your influencer marketing proposal template

Before creating an influencer marketing proposal template, bear in mind that the document presents you the opportunity to work on a campaign if it goes well with a marketer/brand. Secondly, it gives you the chance to showcase your skills, represent yourself, and let the numbers speak for themselves.

So, provide clear information in the following sections of your influencer marketing proposal template.

1. Introduction in the influencer marketing proposal template

A reasonable agreement starts by stating the title of the document and then identifying the parties that create it and to whom it is being addressed.  Important information help includes name, mailing address, contact address, and phone number.

2. Goals & strategy in the influencer marketing proposal template

Ensure you fully know the goals of your prospective employer and put them in writing using their words. How do you plan to achieve your goals and increase ROI for the client? Remember, it's not just what you can do but how you'd do them. Your influencer marketing strategy is of great interest to the brand owner. 

3. Success statistics in the influencer marketing proposal template

Have you created content across multiple social media platforms? Here is your chance to let the numbers speak for themselves. Let your proposed employer know which platform you have been building an audience.  Provide a link to your channels, blog, or website and let them see statistics.

Influencer Marketing Proposal Template Sample
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4. Performance measure  in the influencer marketing proposal sample

Brands will want to know how effective your campaign has been. Include a method to measure your performance when drafting your influencer marketing proposal template. 

5. Compensation in the influencer marketing proposal sample

How do you want to be paid? Include your fees and pricing model in clear terms. This section also records upfront fees and percentages if applicable. 

6. Terms and conditions in the influencer marketing proposal example

Include other working terms and conditions associated with your influencer marketing service. These may include the duration for payment, refund policy, type of relationship with the brand, etc.

Influencer Proposal Template

The increasing rise in demand for attention and overwhelming product options in the market often leaves consumers to lose sight of who they can trust. Many consumers are turning to ad blockers and even media fasting to filter the noise. Brands will keep struggling if consumers keep taking such extreme measures to avoid media advertising. However, there is a smart move, and that is influencer marketing. That's where your influencer proposal template kicks in.

Influencer marketing is strategic tactics to drive sales these days, and the stats speak for themselves. According to a study, only 1% of millennials trust advertisement, while 33% trust blog reviews for their purchases. In contrast, about 40% of people reportedly purchased a  product online after seeing it used by influencers on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Influencer marketing is about building relationships, and if you are an influencer, you should possess this skill and know how to manage campaigns.

You should have an influencer proposal template that represents and showcases your skills while winning your top contracts. Building one requires patience, experience, data, and organization skills. 

How to write an influencer proposal template

When creating an influencer proposal template, you should bear in mind that the document presents the opportunity to bid to work for a campaign and a chance to showcase your skills. See the relevant sections to include when drafting your proposals.  

1. Create a professional design of your influencer marketing proposal

Since you have decided to step up your social media activities from a hobby to a full-fledged business, your influencer proposal template needs to reflect your brand in its design. Create a design that aligns with your online platforms to see yourself because brands want to be sure they are dealing with a professional. 

2. Introduction in the influencer marketing proposal template

Use your influencer proposal template to sell yourself further even though the company or prospective client already has a flavor of who you are from your online presence. Mention similar brands you’ve worked with, your achievement, and relevant awards. It's not the time to include your whole CV, but a few qualifications demonstrating your expertise in the influencer marketing niche would help.

3. Let the numbers speak for themselves in the influencer marketing proposal template

Here is the chance to showcase some of your work online. Your influencer proposal template should include relevant content you've created and platforms where you are most active. Brands would love to see your social media metrics, so it would help if you include some statistics that will demonstrate your competencies. Provide a link to your blog/website, channels, and data like visitors, views, subscribers, etc. 

4. Understand the brief in the influencer marketing proposal template

Ensure you read your prospective client/brand's brief and campaign goals and then come up with a strategy to meet the brief and deliver the ROI outlined in your influencer proposal template. Understanding the brief and coming up with an effective method is a chance for you to shine to get approval. It is not just about what you can deliver, but you will achieve that as well to meet the brief's needs best. Give reasons why your method will be effective, demonstrate that you can create a variety of relevant content, and ask for clarifications on the brief and campaign goals if you need to understand a few things better. 

5. Performance measure in the influencer marketing proposal template

Even if not requested directly in brief, your influencer proposal template stands a better chance if you explain how you will measure your campaign's performance. Most brands would want to know how effective your approach is, and it wise to outline what will be measured and in what way from the beginning of the campaign. That way, both parties will be at peace, knowing what to expect from implementing the influencer marketing campaign. 

6. Compensation in the influencer marketing proposal template

Include the cost of working on the campaign and other expenses associated with your service. Terms and conditions may also be included to set the pace for the agreement between both parties. 


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