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Table of content

What a proposal for influencer marketing can help you achieve

Influencer marketing is among the most impactful ways to build brand awareness and boost social media engagement. However, the many moving parts involved in influencer marketing campaigns can often make building a healthy influencer-brand relationship challenging. 

A woman taking a selfie using her smartphone

Enter—influencer marketing proposal. A neatly drafted proposal can make a huge difference in securing, managing, and completing a project. An influencer campaign proposal can help:

  • Nurture a healthy and confident client relationship 
  • Clearly define your client’s objectives and expectations
  • Streamline all the campaign goals alongside your deliverables
  • Outline the plan of action to create transparency and track progress 
  • List down the budgets and deadlines to keep everyone on the same page

The Fundamental Elements of an Influencer Marketing Proposal

Your brand influencer proposal template should ideally help you stand out from the crowd. Besides reflecting your personality as an influencer, the template should also highlight the results you can bring for your prospect’s influencer marketing strategy. 

So, think from the perspective of a brand or a marketing agency—what do they want to see?

Make your influencer proposal clear and engaging with visual elements, Gantt charts, workflows, and timelines. Avoid big blocks of text and make the proposal easily skimmable with bulleted lists and short paragraphs. 

Influencer wearing Bali Baby graphic shirt

Here’s a list of the key elements you should look to include in your influencer collaboration proposal template.

Cover page

An impactful introduction is the best place to start your proposal. Use the cover page to introduce yourself and explain your expertise. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression—make the most of it.

Instead of writing a lengthy cover page, keep it crisp and creative to hook your prospective client's attention for the rest of your influencer proposal. 

Goals and objectives

After the introduction comes one of the most significant parts of your proposal—the campaign goals. 

Your influencer marketing proposal should detail the brief and campaign goals your prospect aspires to achieve through an influencer marketing strategy. Personalized goals as per the prospect’s objectives and target audience will also highlight the effort you’ve put in to customize the influencer marketing proposal template for your potential client. 

Here’s a helpful list of marketing goals you’ll likely need to cover in your influencer marketing proposal:

  • Enhancing brand awareness and reputation 
  • Spreading the word about the product/service 
  • Building a collection of user-generated content 
  • Increasing website traffic through online platforms 
  • Driving sales numbers through social media activities
  • Growing the brand’s social media profiles in terms of followers

Write this section to convey how well you’ve understood their strategy and campaigns—reiterating your value. These goals can be further developed in later discussion with the client.

Plan of action

Once you’ve detailed the client’s goals, you will be in a better position to outline a fail-proof plan of action. This legwork will:

  • Show your prospects how committed you are to their influencer marketing campaign 
  • Help you get started right away once the deal is closed 

Get to the specifics of exactly what you will do to amplify their business name and improve their online presence. You can include details about: 

  • Giveaways 
  • Account takeovers 
  • Social media mentions

Plus any other similar services to bring the desired results and exceed their expectations.

Bonsai's tip on how to write an influencer marketing proposal

Case studies 

Businesses, like people, rely on demonstrated experience to make informed decisions about hiring resources and marketing campaigns. That explains why social proof is a fundamental element of every influencer marketing proposal. 

So, inform prospects about your past work to build credibility. Include case studies for similar brands, relevant awards, and cover every detail to make your case. This section will essentially prove your ability to handle the responsibilities effectively by showcasing how you’ve done it in the past. 

Pricing package

Ultimately, your social media influencer proposal template should convey the pricing details of your services. Clarify your monetary expectations to facilitate the client's decision-making process and avoid any misunderstandings in the future. 

Assess the scope of work and timelines to provide an accurate estimation. The pricing section should list all your deliverables alongside the individual or collective charges for the items. This is where you can talk about the pricing plan as well—whether it’s a build-your-own pricing model or a standard approach. 

How to write an influencer proposal

Writing a proposal letter for influencer marketing is not as daunting as it may seem. With a clear structure and solid brainstorming ideas, you can ace this proposal any day. Bonsai’s influencer marketing proposal template simplifies the process for you, with its already detailed sections. 

A person holding a smartphone showing Instagram Insights

But even when using a proposal template, here are a few points to consider. 

Create a professional design 

The cherry on top of the cake of an excellent influencer proposal template is its aesthetic appeal. A professional and neat design will make your proposal stand out among the many others your prospective client will likely receive. 

Focus on these design elements to create a pleasing proposal:

  • Incorporate your branding in terms of uniform fonts, colors, and sizes 
  • Include lists, text boxes, and white space to make it more scannable
  • Add high-quality graphics to supplement your text and improve readability

You can also add your prospect’s branding for a more personalized touch. 

Define your role

A golden rule to ensure your success in any project is to list your responsibilities in the brand influencer proposal template. 

Address every detail at length and leave no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation to foster a healthy client relationship. Highlight your purpose, values, and working style to set the expectations straight from the outset. 

Detail the timelines and workflow

Your influencer campaign proposal has to answer a crucial question—how you’ll manage the project and track your progress. This is where explaining the workflow, establishing milestones, and drawing up timelines will help. 

Show your prospects how organized you are with a clear description of these parameters to monitor your progress. 

Highlight your strong suits

Another decisive part of your influencer marketing proposal is the account of your digital skills. Demonstrate your worthiness to the prospective company by:

  • Expressing your understanding of their target audience 
  • Highlighting your talents to help them reach new audiences

Use this section to cut through the noise of all the influencer proposals and set yourself apart.

Creating an influencer marketing proposal sample is simple with Bonsai 

Creating a flawless influencer marketing proposal is no cakewalk. That’s precisely why you need Bonsai’s incredible influencer marketing proposal sample and template. 

Their professional templates cover all the bases and contain everything you need to prove your mettle. Here’s how to get started:

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Influencer marketing proposal FAQs

1. What should an influencer proposal include?

Include these elements to create the perfect influencer marketing proposal:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Goals and objectives
  3. Plan of action
  4. Case studies
  5. Pricing package

Draft every section with precision and creativity to make a lasting impression and close the deal.

2. How to write an influencer proposal?

Writing an excellent influencer proposal requires a clear understanding of your prospect’s goals, how you can achieve them, and what you’ll charge for this. It also requires an aesthetic design and visual elements for maximum readability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do you write a proposal for an influencer?

In a pitch, your opening line should be attention-grabbing but also clear from the get-go. Promote yourself. Describe your background. Your proposal for an influencer campaign should include a sample of your greatest work. Give reasons as to why a collaboration would be advantageous to their firm.

How do you write a proposal email influencer?

To reach out to an influencer, simply pitch them a collaboration opportunity. Tell them what is in it for them, the details, and goals for the project. You should also discuss the deliverables after the influencer shows interest.

How do you approach an influencer for collaboration?

To reach out to an influencer, simply pitch them a collaboration opportunity. Tell them what is in it for them, the details, and goals for the project. You should also discuss the deliverables after the influencer shows interest.