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Individual Consultant Proposal Sample

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Individual Consultant Proposal Sample

So, you’ve just ended a  successful call with a prospect, and you've got a client who is eager to work with you based on your conversation. Congrats! But now, the sudden excitement and hope to seal a contract is beginning to give way to dread because the prospect has requested you send your proposal for review.

Such a situation is what many consultants experience in their day to day business activity. If you are in this shoe, getting a ready individual consultant proposal sample will suffice in bailing you out of that situation. 

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Business proposals have to be unique in dealing with a particular project and must be crafted to take care of the scope of the job they are covering. If you have to draft a template, you must understand the basic sections and relevant information that must be included in your individual consultant proposal sample.

A professional consulting proposal usually has the following sections:

  • Cover page
  • Executive summary
  • Project objective/ goals
  • Project scope
  • Consultant deliverables
  • Pricing
  • Material requirement
  • Terms/ conditions

What to know about individual consultant proposal samples

It is not uncommon for some to see proposals like just another piece of paper or a mere formality. Some others often consider a proposal as a quote, but the truth is, proposals are more than just a paper as they can make or break a budding business relationship with a prospective client.

Also, it is similar to a quote but quite different in usage. Before you begin drafting your individual consultant proposal sample, see the information below.

1. Discuss with the prospective client

Individual consultants should send a proposal to a prospective client only when they’ve met or discussed over the phone with the client. If you draft and submit your individual consultant proposal sample without discussing the details, objectives, and goals of your client, the chances of your document successfully wowing your client are low.

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2. Understand your prospect’s goal/objective

Before writing a word, ensure you have understood the goals and objectives of your prospective client. Find the motivation for their project and see how you can best meet their request. Once you are clear o what your prospective client wants, put their ideas in writing using some of the words used by your client to show them you listened properly to their request. 

3. State your deliverables

Avoid too much jargon and fluffs while communicating your deliverables to your potential client in your individual consultant proposal sample. Instead of sounding high, be simple like telling your client, "I will create a strategy that will increase your productivity and save you 15 hours a month in lost hours.

4. Evaluate project scope and timeline & pricing

Project scope evaluation, timeline, and pricing are essential to the life of every project. This section is perhaps the most challenging part in the writing of an individual consultant proposal sample. One of the ways to evaluate project scope and the timeline is by sending a questionnaire to the client and the people involved to gather relevant data for project evaluation. Pricing is another aspect that needs to be spelled out on every proposal.

Some jobs are priced per hour, while others take the form of a flat price. Either way, consultants should break down tasks and their corresponding fees as well as the terms and conditions for payment. Add payment timeline, define the responsibility of clients towards finance and materials, and provide any clause that will give you the freedom to operate in achieving the goals of your prospective client.

Create your own
Individual Consultant Proposal Sample

Create your own

Individual Consultant Proposal Sample

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