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What is consulting agreement template by Consulting Success?

Bonsai's partner Consulting Success is the worldwide leader in coaching and training for entrepreneurial consultants, helping them build a profitable, scalable and strategic consulting business.

Consulting Success has crafted this custom Consulting Agreement Template that will help you protect your interests and ensure that your services will be appropriately valued and remunerated, and that you're legally protected if things go south. The template provides all the necessary information needed to create a legally binding agreement.

You can easily customize the template to match your consulting services, terms, and conditions. Collaborate effortlessly with your clients by sharing and electronically signing the agreement with Bonsai.

Note: Create your agreement with a professional online template from Consulting Success today by signing up for free today. Not only are there agreement and contract templates galore on Bonsai, but there's also a wide variety of business proposals, quotations, and invoice templates to help your business deliver professional looking documents.

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Consulting Agreement Template by Consulting Success

Consulting Agreement by Consulting Success

First Name
Last Name
Acme LLC.
First Name
Last Name
Corporation Corp.

Project Overview

CLIENT_NAME would like to improve the effectiveness of its lead generation marketing efforts. Through our discussions, it is clear that the cost per lead the company is paying can be decreased, and the number of inbound leads can be increased several times to earn a greater profit. YOUR_COMPANY will work with Hank Jones, president of CLIENT_NAME, and the company’s sales staff to achieve this goal and meet the company’s new sales targets.

1. Goals

- Decrease cost-per-lead while maintaining lead quality.
- Increase the number of inbound leads by a minimum of 25%.
- The sales team will be better equipped to handle incoming leads.
- The lead generation marketing system will be strengthened and optimized.
- Sales targets for this year will be met.

2. Success Metrics

Your sales team will be able to spend only 10 minutes each day updating the sales database as opposed to 45 minutes today.

Your sales targets, set by the board, will be met at a minimum and we will do everything we can to exceed them.

You will enjoy a stronger pipeline of new leads and your sales team will be able to focus more on closing and less on acquiring new leads.

Your cash flow will improve and you can use the increased cash to strengthen your R&D efforts or put more into your marketing to expand your customer base.

3. Return on Investment

The new lead-generation marketing efforts will reduce your cost-per-lead by $2.50, saving you $233,000 per year. The number of new leads will increase and will provide you with $830,000 in new business within the next 12-18 months. In addition, your sales team will be more focused and empowered to handle this increase in sales.

4. Options

4.1 Option 1

Everything in Option 2 PLUS, we will personally implement the complete program to ensure success. This allows your team to stay focused on their current day-to-day activities...
Investment: $98,000

4.2 Option 2

Everything included in Option 3 PLUS, we will work with your team for a period of 3 months to advise and coach them as they implement the plan.
Investment: $37,000

4.3 Option 3

We will put together a strategic marketing and lead generation plan that will outline step-by-step how your company can achieve these goals.
Investment: $25,000

5. Responsibilities


- Keep all information shared by CLIENT_NAME confidential.
- Meet all deadlines.
- Reply to all communications within 24-48 hours.
- Keep CLIENT_NAME up-to-date on any new information pertinent to the project.

5.2 CLIENT_NAME will:

- Provide payment to YOUR_COMPANY_NAME within 30 days of being invoiced.
- Reply to all communications within 48 hours.
- Provide access to YOUR_COMPANY_NAME Consulting for any information or person required to complete the project.
- Agree to work with the client and provide any support as necessary.
- Etc…

6. Guarantee

YOUR_COMPANY_NAME will generate the results agreed to by both companies as described in the Goals section of this document. If these goals are not achieved within the timeframe of this project YOUR_COMPANY_NAME will continue working with CLIENT_NAME without pay until these goals have been achieved.

7. Terms

The project will begin on May 20, 2021, and will be completed by September 9, 2021.
Payment is required to begin working on this project. Any out-of-pocket expenses will be re-reimbursed by ABC Company to YOUR_COMPANY_NAME. These may include A, B, C, D, E, etc…

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First Name
Last Name
Acme LLC.
First Name
Last Name
Corporation Corp.