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Freelance Proposal (Example)

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Freelance Proposal (Example)

How good are you at writing proposals? Well, you’re not the only freelancer who thinks that your proposal writing skills could do with a bit of a boost. The good news is that you’re not entirely helpless, as you believe. A freelance proposal example can teach you to be the best proposal writer.

In fact, it can take your career as a freelancer to the next level too. You only need to know what to include in your freelance proposal template doc. The wordings on your proposal are equally important too.

Just like any other writing, a freelance proposal follows a specific format. As a freelancer, you need to keep this in mind before you start writing the proposal. Well, you might have written one before, and maybe think you’re familiar with the structure, but your freelance proposal might just be missing out some important details.

Additionally, the freelance world is so dynamic, and as a freelancer, you’ve got to keep up with the changes if you’d like to prosper in your freelance business. Therefore, you need to keep checking what’s new and do the updates immediately. If you’ve been using the same proposal format over the years, you may just have to go through the most current freelance proposal example to get the latest updates.

Now that you know you need a freelance proposal example as a freelancer, let’s see how beneficial this document can be to you. At least that will motivate you to go through one before writing your next proposal.

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The benefits of a freelance proposal example goes beyond guiding you on the right format to use for your proposal. It does much more than that. The following are ways that the proposal example can impact your proposal writing positively.

1. Demonstrate your understanding of the project

First, the freelance proposal template doc provides an avenue through which you can display how much you understand the project. It is important to show that you know what the client wants you to do. Your ability to grasp what the client is saying is crucial in determining whether you’re the right pick for the job or not. The client has never worked with you before, and, therefore, they rely on what you write in the proposal.

As usual, your client will receive proposals from different freelancers, which may make it difficult for them to choose. Since most freelancers may possess similar skills, your client may have to consider other factors like how well you’ve captured the details of the project. Many times, clients pick the freelancers who demonstrate topnotch understanding of what they are required to do. Clients fall in different categories. They need freelancers who understand them too.

A freelance proposal example helps you to understand the following types of clients:

  1. Suspicious Clients - These types of clients raise eyebrows at almost everything you tell them about yourself. They may not trust your skills or perhaps feel they need to know more. Well, it’s discouraging to work with such clients, but you still have to find a way of pleasing them. With a freelance proposal example, you’ll get an idea of how to do this.
  2. Decisive Clients - These clients make decisions quickly and effectively. They may get impressed with some specific details about you and hire you immediately.  
  3. Rational Clients - These clients make decisions based on intelligent thinking rather than emotion. Therefore, they take time to go through the details of your proposal to see whether you’re the perfect fit for the job.
  4. Friendly Clients - For this group, they take you as a friend. They understand that your skills may not be the perfect match for the job, and so, instead of letting you go, they give you the room to learn and become better. If you’re a newbie in the freelance business, you’d be lucky to meet such clients.

So, here make sure you get most out of the freelance proposal example to understand the type of client you’re working with.

2. Show and prove your experience

Secondly, the freelance proposal example gives you the chance to show and prove that you’re an experienced freelancer. Your clients want to know whether the experience you have is for the kind of project they have or not, and the freelance proposal template doc is the perfect place to do so. Freelance clients are never interested in general type of experience. They want specifics, which are only available from freelancers with the appropriate experience. The right experience enables you to know what the clients want – even before they do.

If you’ve been in the freelance business for the longest time, you should find it easy to talk about your expertise. You can mention your years of experience in handling similar tasks and the skills which makes you the perfect fit for the job. Having been in the market for quite some time, you may be tempted to decorate your freelance proposal with all those nice skills. However, remember to always customize your abilities to your client’s specific needs. That means, your proposal shouldn’t read the same for different job roles. 

To do that, as you will learn from the freelance proposal example, take the following steps:

  1. Put yourself in the client's shoes - You don’t start writing a proposal without first imagining what the client needs. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Like if you were the one hiring someone to do the job for you, how would you want them to do it? This will help you to be as relevant as possible when writing your proposal. 
  2. Attach yourself to the client's order or needs - Now that you know what your client wants, it’s time to align your skills to their specific needs. To do this, take time to go through the project details, and from your list of skills, pick out what you think is necessary for the given task. The freelance proposal example will guide you here.
  3. Learn with the clients - In the freelance world, you never stop learning. While you might have handled a similar project before, you’re working with a new client who may want things done differently. So, be ready to learn with your new client.
  4. Anticipate different problems the client may face - You’ve gone through the project details and grasped what’s required of you, but that’s not the end of it. Expect a few challenges along the way. Your client needs to know whether you’ll survive through these problems. Therefore, make use of the proposal to let the client know how you’ll handle any challenge that may arise in the course of work.
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3. Prepare itemized lists

A well structured and written freelance proposal template doc enables you to prepare and send an itemized list that has all the clients’ needs. More importantly, the proposal also lists all the associated costs you will be charging for your skills, time, and services. Usually, freelance clients are very busy, and, therefore, they wouldn’t spare a whole day just to read through your proposal.

Given that they receive millions of proposals on the same project, you can only catch their attention by properly structuring your freelance proposal. If you’re using a freelance proposal example or template to design one, this shouldn’t be a big concern as most templates are formatted. But even then, you should add creativity to it as some tactics will not get you the deal you want. It’s important to learn and improve your tactics. There are many tactics worth putting in place after reading the freelance proposal example.

Some of these tactics include the following:

  • Sharing information
  • Ranking the priorities in order
  • Negotiating with walk-away-terms and target price in mind
  • Making the first offer
  • Never making an extremely low counter offer
  • Countering the client's offer

In a well written freelance sample, you will see various sections. You need to include these sections and fill them appropriately next time you prepare your own freelance proposal template doc for submitting to a client.

The sections include:

  • Project Title
  • Client’s Needs
  • Your Solutions to the Client’s Problems
  • Who You Are
  • Credentials or Experience
  • How You Intend to Deliver the Project
  • Samples

Also, do not forget to talk about the fee you intend to be charging the client for work done. As a freelancer, you’ll need payment at the end of every task. It’s important to let your client know how much you’ll be charging them. Here, don’t work with lump-sum amounts. Break it down for the client.

For instance, how much do they need to pay for each milestone? When doing this, don’t forget to mention the services excluded from this amount. This is to protect you from doing work that the client isn’t ready to pay. Let them know those extra services that they’ll have to pay separately for, and list down the rates. You’ll find this in the payment section of your freelance proposal example. Check it out and fill in the necessary details.

As demonstrated here,a freelance proposal example is one of your most powerful tools. With it, you have the power to take your proposal writing and freelance career to the next level. When you write it well, you will be protecting your freelancing business and career properly.

A freelance proposal template doc is a document with which you state your experience, capabilities, and understanding of what the client wants or expects from you. Therefore, get one and read it to understand what you must do when writing the next proposal.

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Freelance Proposal (Example)

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Freelance Proposal (Example)

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