Free Freelance Proposal Template

Fully editable with custom branding and templated offering.

Free Freelance Proposal Template

Fully editable with custom branding and templated offering.


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Acme LLC.
First Name
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Corporation Corp.
First Name
Last Name
Acme LLC.
First Name
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Corporation Corp.

Free Freelance Proposal Template

Fully editable with custom branding and templated offering.

Free Freelance Proposal Template

Fully editable with custom branding and templated offering.

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Date: March 8th 2023



Acme LLC.

Corporation Corp.

This Contract is between Client (the "Client") and Acme LLC, a California limited liability company (the "Coach").

The Contract is dated January 23, 2023.


1.1 Project. The Client is hiring the Coach to develop a coaching relationship between the Client and Coach in order to cultivate the Client's personal, professional, or business goals and create a plan to achieve those goals through stimulating and creative interactions with the ultimate result of maximizing the Client's personal or professional potential.

1.2 Schedule. The Coach will begin work on February 1, 2023 and will continue until the work is completed. This Contract can be ended by either Client or Coach at any time, pursuant to the terms of Section 4, Term and Termination.

The Coach and Client will meet by video conference, 4 days per month for 2 hours.

1.3 Payment. The Client will pay the Coach an hourly rate of $150. Of this, the Client will pay the Coach $500.00 (USD) before work begins.

1.4 Expenses. The Client will reimburse the Coach's expenses. Expenses do not need to be pre-approved by the Client.

1.5 Invoices. The Coach will invoice the Client in accordance with the milestones in Section 1.3. The Client agrees to pay the amount owed within 15 days of receiving the invoice. Payment after that date will incur a late fee of 1.0% per month on the outstanding amount.

1.6 Support. The Coach will not be available by telephone, or email in between scheduled sessions.


- A coaching relationship is a partnership between two or more individuals or entities, like a teacher-student or coach-athlete relationship. Both the Client and Coach must uphold their obligations for the relationship to be successful.

- The Coach agrees to maintain the ethics and standards of behavior established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

- The Client acknowledges and agrees that coaching is a comprehensive process that may explore different areas of the Client's life, including work, finances, health, and relationships.

- The Client is responsible for implementing the insights and techniques learned from the Coach.


3.1 Overview. This section contains important promises between the parties.

3.2 Authority To Sign. Each party promises to the other party that it has the authority to enter into this Contract and to perform all of its obligations under this Contract.

3.3 Coach Has Right To Give Client Work Product. The Coach promises that it owns the work product, that the Coach is able to give the work product to the Client, and that no other party will claim that it owns the work product. If the Coach uses employees or subcontractors, the Coach also promises that these employees and subcontractors have signed contracts with the Coach giving the Coach any rights that the employees or subcontractors have related to the Coach's background IP and work product.

3.4 Coach Will Comply With Laws. The Coach promises that the manner it does this job, its work product, and any background IP it uses comply with applicable U.S. and foreign laws and regulations.

3.5 Work Product Does Not Infringe. The Coach promises that its work product does not and will not infringe on someone else's intellectual property rights, that the Coach has the right to let the Client use the background IP, and that this Contract does not and will not violate any contract that the Coach has entered into or will enter into with someone else.

3.7 Client-Supplied Material Does Not Infringe. If the Client provides the Coach with material to incorporate into the work product, the Client promises that this material does not infringe on someone else's intellectual property rights.


This Contract is ongoing until it expires or the work is completed. Either party may end this Contract for any reason by sending an email or letter to the other party, informing the recipient that the sender is ending the Contract and that the Contract will end in 7 days. The Contract officially ends once that time has passed. The party that is ending the Contract must provide notice by taking the steps explained in Section 9.4. The Coach must immediately stop working as soon as it receives this notice unless the notice says otherwise.

If either party ends this Contract before the Contract automatically ends, the Client will pay the Contractor for the work done up until when the Contract ends. The following sections don't end even after the Contract ends: 3 (Representations); 6 (Confidential Information); 7 (Limitation of Liability); 8 (Indemnity); and 9 (General).


The Client is hiring the Coach as an independent contractor. The following statements accurately reflect their relationship:

- The Coach will use its own equipment, tools, and material to do the work.

- The Client will not control how the job is performed on a day-to-day basis. Rather, the Coach is responsible for determining when, where, and how it will carry out the work.

- The Client will not provide the Coach with any training.

- The Client and the Coach do not have a partnership or employer-employee relationship.

- The Coach cannot enter into contracts, make promises, or act on behalf of the Client.

- The Coach is not entitled to the Client's benefits (e.g., group insurance, retirement benefits, retirement plans, vacation days).

- The Coach is responsible for its own taxes.

- The Client will not withhold social security and Medicare taxes or make payments for disability insurance, unemployment insurance, or workers compensation for the Coach or any of the Coach's employees or subcontractors.


6.1 Overview. This Contract imposes special restrictions on how the Client and the Coach must handle confidential information. These obligations are explained in this section.

6.2 The Client's Confidential Information. While working for the Client, the Coach may come across, or be given, Client information that is confidential. This is information like customer lists, business strategies, research & development notes, statistics about a website, and other information that is private. The Coach promises to treat this information as if it is the Coach's own confidential information. The Coach may use this information to do its job under this Contract, but not for anything else. For example, if the Client lets the Coach use a customer list to send out a newsletter, the Coach cannot use those email addresses for any other purpose. The one exception to this is if the Client gives the Coach written permission to use the information for another purpose, the Coach may use the information for that purpose, as well. When this Contract ends, the Coach must give back or destroy all confidential information, and confirm that it has done so. The Coach promises that it will not share confidential information with a third party, unless the Client gives the Coach written permission first. The Coach must continue to follow these obligations, even after the Contract ends. The Coach's responsibilities only stop if the Coach can show any of the following: (i) that the information was already public when the Coach came across it; (ii) the information became public after the Coach came across it, but not because of anything the Coach did or didn't do; (iii) the Coach already knew the information when the Coach came across it and the Coach didn't have any obligation to keep it secret; (iv) a third party provided the Coach with the information without requiring that the Coach keep it a secret; or (v) the Coach created the information on its own, without using anything belonging to the Client.

6.3 Third-Party Confidential Information. It's possible the Client and the Coach each have access to confidential information that belongs to third parties. The Client and the Coach each promise that it will not share with the other party confidential information that belongs to third parties, unless it is allowed to do so. If the Client or the Coach is allowed to share confidential information with the other party and does so, the sharing party promises to tell the other party in writing of any special restrictions regarding that information.


Neither party is liable for breach-of-contract damages that the breaching party could not reasonably have foreseen when it entered this Contract.


8.1 Overview. This section transfers certain risks between the parties if a third party sues or goes after the Client or the Coach or both. For example, if the Client gets sued for something that the Coach did, then the Coach may promise to come to the Client's defense or to reimburse the Client for any losses.

8.2 Client Indemnity. In this Contract, the Coach agrees to indemnify the Client (and its affiliates and their directors, officers, employees, and agents) from and against all liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) related to a third-party claim or proceeding arising out of: (i) the work the Coach has done under this Contract; (ii) a breach by the Coach of its obligations under this Contract; or (iii) a breach by the Coach of the promises it is making in Section 3 (Representations).

8.3 Coach Indemnity. In this Contract, the Client agrees to indemnify the Coach (and its affiliates and their directors, officers, employees, and agents) from and against liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) related to a third-party claim or proceeding arising out of a breach by the Client of its obligations under this Contract.


9.1 Assignment​. This Contract applies only to the Client and the Coach. Neither the Client nor the Coach can assign its rights or delegate its obligations under this Contract to a third-party (other than by will or intestate), without first receiving the other's written permission.

9.2 Arbitration. As the exclusive means of initiating adversarial proceedings to resolve any dispute arising under this Contract, a party may demand that the dispute be resolved by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial arbitration rules.

9.3 Modification; Waiver. To change anything in this Contract, the Client and the Coach must agree to that change in writing and sign a document showing their contract. Neither party can waive its rights under this Contract or release the other party from its obligations under this Contract, unless the waiving party acknowledges it is doing so in writing and signs a document that says so.

9.4. Noticies.

(a) Over the course of this Contract, one party may need to send a notice to the other party. For the notice to be valid, it must be in writing and delivered in one of the following ways: personal delivery, email, or certified or registered mail (postage prepaid, return receipt requested). The notice must be delivered to the party's address listed at the end of this Contract or to another address that the party has provided in writing as an appropriate address to receive notice.

(b) The timing of when a notice is received can be very important. To avoid confusion, a valid notice is considered received as follows: (i) if delivered personally, it is considered received immediately; (ii) if delivered by email, it is considered received upon acknowledgement of receipt; (iii) if delivered by registered or certified mail (postage prepaid, return receipt requested), it is considered received upon receipt as indicated by the date on the signed receipt. If a party refuses to accept notice or if notice cannot be delivered because of a change in address for which no notice was given, then it is considered received when the notice is rejected or unable to be delivered. If the notice is received after 5:00pm on a business day at the location specified in the address for that party, or on a day that is not a business day, then the notice is considered received at 9:00am on the next business day.

9.5 Severability. This section deals with what happens if a portion of the Contract is found to be unenforceable. If that's the case, the unenforceable portion will be changed to the minimum extent necessary to make it enforceable, unless that change is not permitted by law, in which case the portion will be disregarded. If any portion of the Contract is changed or disregarded because it is unenforceable, the rest of the Contract is still enforceable.

9.6 Signatures. The Client and the Coach must sign this document using Bonsai's e-signing system. These electronic signatures count as originals for all purposes.

9.7 Governing Law. The validity, interpretation, construction and performance of this document shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America.

9.8 Entire Contract. This Contract represents the parties' final and complete understanding of this job and the subject matter discussed in this Contract. This Contract supersedes all other contracts (both written and oral) between the parties.



Acme LLC.

Corporation Corp.
Table of contents
Freelance Proposal Template
Use this freelance proposal now for free

How good are you at writing proposals? Well, you’re not the only freelancer who thinks that your proposal writing skills could do with a bit of a boost. The good news is that you’re not entirely helpless, as you believe. A freelance proposal example can teach you to be the best proposal writer.

In fact, it can take your career as a freelancer to the next level too. You only need to know what to include in your freelance proposal template doc. The wordings on your proposal are equally important too.

Just like any other writing, a freelance proposal follows a specific format. As a freelancer, you need to keep this in mind before you start writing the proposal. Well, you might have written one before, and maybe think you’re familiar with the structure, but your freelance proposal might just be missing out some important details.

Additionally, the freelance world is so dynamic, and as a freelancer, you’ve got to keep up with the changes if you’d like to prosper in your freelance business. Therefore, you need to keep checking what’s new and do the updates immediately. If you’ve been using the same proposal format over the years, you may just have to go through the most current freelance proposal example to get the latest updates.

Now that you know you need a freelance proposal example as a freelancer, let’s see how beneficial this document can be to you. At least that will motivate you to go through one before writing your next proposal.

Freelance Proposal Template
Image credits:

The benefits of a freelance proposal example goes beyond guiding you on the right format to use for your proposal. It does much more than that. The following are ways that the proposal example can impact your proposal writing positively.

1. A freelance proposal template demonstrate your understanding of the project

First, the freelance proposal template doc provides an avenue through which you can display how much you understand the project. It is important to show that you know what the client wants you to do. Your ability to grasp what the client is saying is crucial in determining whether you’re the right pick for the job or not. The client has never worked with you before, and, therefore, they rely on what you write in the proposal.

As usual, your client will receive proposals from different freelancers, which may make it difficult for them to choose. Since most freelancers may possess similar skills, your client may have to consider other factors like how well you’ve captured the details of the project. Many times, clients pick the freelancers who demonstrate topnotch understanding of what they are required to do. Clients fall in different categories. They need freelancers who understand them too.

A freelance proposal example helps you to understand the following types of clients:

1.1. Suspicious clients

These types of clients raise eyebrows at almost everything you tell them about yourself. They may not trust your skills or perhaps feel they need to know more. Well, it’s discouraging to work with such clients, but you still have to find a way of pleasing them. With a freelance proposal example, you’ll get an idea of how to do this.

1.2. Decisive clients

These clients make decisions quickly and effectively. They may get impressed with some specific details about you and hire you immediately.  

1.3. Rational clients

These clients make decisions based on intelligent thinking rather than emotion. Therefore, they take time to go through the details of your proposal to see whether you’re the perfect fit for the job.

1.4. Friendly clients

For this group, they take you as a friend. They understand that your skills may not be the perfect match for the job, and so, instead of letting you go, they give you the room to learn and become better. If you’re a newbie in the freelance business, you’d be lucky to meet such clients.

So, here make sure you get most out of the freelance proposal example to understand the type of client you’re working with.

2. Show and prove your experience using the freelance proposal template

Secondly, the freelance proposal example gives you the chance to show and prove that you’re an experienced freelancer. Your clients want to know whether the experience you have is for the kind of project they have or not, and the freelance proposal template doc is the perfect place to do so. Freelance clients are never interested in general type of experience. They want specifics, which are only available from freelancers with the appropriate experience. The right experience enables you to know what the clients want – even before they do.

If you’ve been in the freelance business for the longest time, you should find it easy to talk about your expertise. You can mention your years of experience in handling similar tasks and the skills which makes you the perfect fit for the job. Having been in the market for quite some time, you may be tempted to decorate your freelance proposal with all those nice skills. However, remember to always customize your abilities to your client’s specific needs. That means, your proposal shouldn’t read the same for different job roles. 

To do that, as you will learn from the freelance proposal example, take the following steps:

2.1. Put yourself in the client's shoes

You don’t start writing a proposal without first imagining what the client needs. Try to put yourself in their shoes. Like if you were the one hiring someone to do the job for you, how would you want them to do it? This will help you to be as relevant as possible when writing your proposal. 

2.2. Attach yourself to the client's order or needs

Now that you know what your client wants, it’s time to align your skills to their specific needs. To do this, take time to go through the project details, and from your list of skills, pick out what you think is necessary for the given task. The freelance proposal example will guide you here.

2.3. Learn with the clients

In the freelance world, you never stop learning. While you might have handled a similar project before, you’re working with a new client who may want things done differently. So, be ready to learn with your new client.

2.4. Anticipate different problems the client may face

You’ve gone through the project details and grasped what’s required of you, but that’s not the end of it. Expect a few challenges along the way. Your client needs to know whether you’ll survive through these problems. Therefore, make use of the proposal to let the client know how you’ll handle any challenge that may arise in the course of work.

Freelance Proposal Template Sample
Image credits:

3. Prepare itemized lists for the freelance proposal template

A well structured and written freelance proposal template doc enables you to prepare and send an itemized list that has all the clients’ needs. More importantly, the proposal also lists all the associated costs you will be charging for your skills, time, and services. Usually, freelance clients are very busy, and, therefore, they wouldn’t spare a whole day just to read through your proposal.

Given that they receive millions of proposals on the same project, you can only catch their attention by properly structuring your freelance proposal. If you’re using a freelance proposal example or template to design one, this shouldn’t be a big concern as most templates are formatted. But even then, you should add creativity to it as some tactics will not get you the deal you want. It’s important to learn and improve your tactics. There are many tactics worth putting in place after reading the freelance proposal example.

Some of these tactics include the following:

  • Sharing information
  • Ranking the priorities in order
  • Negotiating with walk-away-terms and target price in mind
  • Making the first offer
  • Never making an extremely low counter offer
  • Countering the client's offer

In a well written freelance sample, you will see various sections. You need to include these sections and fill them appropriately next time you prepare your own freelance proposal template doc for submitting to a client.

The sections include:

  • Project Title
  • Client’s Needs
  • Your Solutions to the Client’s Problems
  • Who You Are
  • Credentials or Experience
  • How You Intend to Deliver the Project
  • Samples

Also, do not forget to talk about the fee you intend to be charging the client for work done. As a freelancer, you’ll need payment at the end of every task. It’s important to let your client know how much you’ll be charging them. Here, don’t work with lump-sum amounts. Break it down for the client.

For instance, how much do they need to pay for each milestone? When doing this, don’t forget to mention the services excluded from this amount. This is to protect you from doing work that the client isn’t ready to pay. Let them know those extra services that they’ll have to pay separately for, and list down the rates. You’ll find this in the payment section of your freelance proposal example. Check it out and fill in the necessary details.

As demonstrated here,a freelance proposal example is one of your most powerful tools. With it, you have the power to take your proposal writing and freelance career to the next level. When you write it well, you will be protecting your freelancing business and career properly.

A freelance proposal template doc is a document with which you state your experience, capabilities, and understanding of what the client wants or expects from you. Therefore, get one and read it to understand what you must do when writing the next proposal.

4. How to create a freelance project proposal template

It’s important to know how to share your value proposition with any client you wish to hire.Learning this skill is one way of ensuring that your success at landing good clients goes up a notch or two. As a freelancer, you cannot earn money without any clients. At some point, you have to take the leap of faith and embark on the search. For this reason, get and study a good freelance project proposal template to learn the best ways of communicating value propositions.

Whether you’re new to the freelance business, or you’re an expert in it, you need to market your skills to your prospects to get hired. As you know, the freelance population grows daily, and so, freelancers have to scramble for the few jobs that are available. If you’re not tactful enough, you may end up without a single project even after several application attempts. Of course, you know how frustrating that can be, and, therefore, you don’t want to get there. 

Writing a freelance project proposal sample is the first step to getting to a potential client. In the freelance world, you’ll have to get used to the business of writing and sending proposals to your prospects. Not all turn out positive, and that’s why you may have to write several of them before you land a project. 

However, there are still those who are lucky enough to win a project after sending their first proposal. So, what’s the magic behind it? For such freelancers, we can call it luck, but in most cases, they take time to draft a freelance project proposal sample that will catch the attention of the client. That’s only possible with a project proposal template. 

Anybody can design an appealing freelance project proposal sample using the template. It’s especially suitable for newbies who are still finding their way in the freelance business. With a project proposal template, you’ll be able to highlight your skills and competencies to your prospect and possibly convince them to hire you. 

A freelance project proposal sample is meant to market your freelance business to the client. As you will see from the sample, clients must know the value you bring to their businesses.

A value proposition is a statement positioning and explaining the value and benefits you endeavor to bring to the client using your training, skills, and experience. In fact, the statement should show clearly why you stand out from other freelancers with similar skills, experience or training. 

As we mentioned earlier, many freelancers will be sending proposals for the same job, and the client isn’t going to choose on a first-come-first-serve basis. In most cases, a client will go for a proposal that stands out in the crowd; a freelance project proposal sample that addresses their specific needs. So, don’t be in a hurry to send out a proposal to a potential client. Take time to design one that will earn you the project. 

All good statements that display value propositions properly share a few similarities. They describe the following well:

  1. Your target customer
  2. The problems or issues that you solve
  3. The strengths that make you better than other freelancers

While these are common points to most freelancers, if you’re not careful you might not cover the three areas. That’s why it’s advisable to use a project proposal template. It makes work easier.

4.1. Display benefits to clients in your freelance proposal template

Why should the client hire you and not someone else? Every freelancer needs to answer this question in their proposal. The truth is, your client is putting some money aside to fund the project, and they wouldn’t want to make a loss. So, you can only be a perfect fit if you’re adding value to their business. Therefore, as you write down the nitty-gritty of your freelance project proposal sample, make sure you display your benefits to the client. With a project proposal template, this should be easy as there’s always a section for this.

It’s important to let customers know what they stand to gain by buying and using your products or services. Let the clients know what’s in it for them. Do not hold anything back but inform them why your product or service is better than what they can get elsewhere. Speak to them about your key differentiators. Communicating these qualities well is a good sign. It shows that you understand your customers well. See how the freelance project proposal template helps here?

Even as you do this, don’t use so many words. Always keep in mind that a proposal should be as brief as possible. You don’t need to include everything. Just pick out the benefits that directly address the needs of your prospect. That means you have to understand the project requirements before filling out the project proposal template. 

4.2. Use the freelance proposal template to prove that you communicate better

Generally,communication is crucial to running a profitable freelance business. The best freelance project proposal template will show you how to communicate effectively but simply with your prospective clients.Whether you send an email or text messages, your communication skills will improve substantially with the help of the proposal template. These skills will prove helpful whether you communicate by phone, face-to-face, or Instant Messenger.

As usual, your freelance project proposal sample should sound professional. Not everyone is good at keeping that professional tone, and that’s where a project proposal template comes in handy. While you may have all the necessary information at your fingertips, sometimes you need help to communicate it effectively. Thanks to the project proposal template PDFs available online. You no longer have to worry about structure and formatting. Most templates come drafted in the standard format used for freelance proposals. All you need to do is insert the required details in their respective categories.  

However, don’t rely so much on the template. Other freelancers are using the same template and it would be absurd to end up with look-alike proposals, yet you want to stand out. To be on the safe side, give your template a few tweaks so that it looks unique and original. You can also borrow ideas from proposal samples done by experts in the freelance business for better understanding. 

4.3. Show how you’re a perfect fit for the customer using the freelance proposal template

A freelance project proposal sample is all about convincing your client that you’re the perfect fit for the job. They don’t know you, and so, they only rely on what you tell them. Therefore, take advantage of this moment to say all the good things about your business. Even so, be honest with the client to maintain a good relationship with them in case they hire you. A client may just cancel the contract if they realize you lied to them about your skills and achievements. So, be careful not to lose. 

Communicating key value propositions is essential for generating the level of income that you need. Everything you do should be about convincing customers that you’re the perfect fit for them. In a way, the value propositions are similar to your unique selling points (USPs). Do not forget how the value propositions you share with the current client can bring you new referrals, but only if you deliver what you promised.

As the freelance project proposal template shows, proof of value proposition is essential.

As long as you share these key value propositions with your clients, you will increase your chances of dominating the market. Sharing these values with your clients isn’t everything. Instead, you need to know how to use the values to benefit your clients. Provide proof showing that you’re capable of doing everything you write on the proposal to your freelancing clients. Use expert testimonials and studies to prove everything you claim.

Remember every other freelancer is trying their best to win the client. So, providing proof to show that you’re up to the task may set you above the rest. You can share some of your work samples, depending on the type of project you’re applying for. You can also include reviews from clients that you’ve worked with before to demonstrate your level of experience in the given role.

4.4. Avoid ambiguities in your freelance proposal templates

A value proposition should be clearly stated in your proposal to the freelancing clients. Like everything else in the proposal, ambiguity is not welcome. Ambiguity has no place when proposing your product or service to any prospective client. Do not be ambiguous about what you, as the freelancer, can do. You are the most important asset in your freelancing business. Do not lose sight of that fact or fail to communicate it while sharing your value propositions.

Don’t imagine you’ll convince your client using those big words. If anything, they may not be interested in reading further. Keep in mind that they’ve got several other proposals to go through before making a decision. So, you better make it easier for them to read through your freelance project proposal sample. Just communicate your skills and expertise in a simple manner. All the client wants to know is whether you’re the right fit for the job. Therefore, don’t overdo it. 

Therefore, there is no doubt about the role that the freelance project proposal sample can do for you. Its effectiveness in helping you to highlight your value propositions is quite clear. Learn from these templates to develop your skills. Use this to let clients know that the problems they face are workable, avoidable, in need of urgent solutions, and not receiving the attention they deserve. If you’re starting your freelance business, make use of a freelance project proposal sample to let your clients know who you are and what you can do to them.

5.How to create a freelance project proposal sample

The first time you look at a freelance project proposal sample, your mind is likely to focus on how you can write one too. Rarely will you think about the role such a piece of document can play in helping you to attract top clients. The top clients are good for any freelancer. A fledgling freelance career needs the best clients if the freelancer is not to give up or lose hope. Finding the best client is not a walk in the park. It takes hard work, plenty of commitment and dedication to convince a client to hire you.

Some of the ways a freelance project proposal sample can help you attract clients include:

5.1. Identify clients before drafting the freelance proposal template

The proposal sample helps you to form a mental picture of the kind of client your career needs. You need this kind of clarity in your mind. It is important to write one or more pages listing the qualities or traits you want to see in your clients. For your information, the clients you negotiate with probably have a list of the qualities they’re looking for in you. Remember, you are about to enter a relationship with the client for the duration of the freelance project. Just like all relationships, you have to know what works or does not work for you.

5.2. Choose ideal clients when sending freelance proposal templates

Now, some prospective clients provide warning signs that they will not be a good fit for you. As a freelancer, it’s your duty to watch out for these signs. The client’s response to the freelance project proposal sample should give you a hint. Some of the signs will be clear while others appear a bit subtle. At times, you will never find a better judge of a client’s fit for your business than your guts. Do not limit yourself to perception alone, but go beyond that too. Clients who do not believe in you are not worth spending more time on at the expense of those who do.

5.3. Share and clarify expectations using the freelance proposal template

The freelance project proposal sample gives you the chance of telling your clients what they can expect from you. As previously stated, this is a relationship. Preferably, you’re on the verge of entering a relationship that will last beyond a week or a month. If you do right by your clients, they will not hesitate to rehire you for future projects, especially if they see positive results. The first step to a long future with such clients is in writing a good project proposal. The proposal makes the clients to take notice of you.

Just as your CV is up to date, so should the samples on freelance project proposal sample be up to date.

5.4. Network with clients using the freelance proposal template

Through the sample, you will learn how to network with new clients. Yes, some of the clients will neither hire nor respond to your proposal positively. This should never discourage you. If anything, you will have increased your network. In fact, many are the times when clients that freelancers forgot even existed respond to a proposal several months later. All proposals that you send will eventually bear fruits. Some of your target clients may not hire you but will recommend your services to a different customer who needs them more.

Therefore, remember that the freelance project proposal sample is more than a letter you send to prospective freelancing clients. It can act as one of the most powerful tools for helping you to attract and choose the best clients. It is a great tool for growing your career as a freelancer. It is a marketing tool too. It advertises you to the prospective clients that will bring in more work, more money, and more referrals. For this reason, you should spend enough time on the sample to learn the tricks needed to write yours.

6. How to create a freelance job proposal sample

Have you ever sent a cold email pitch to one of the clients you wish to do some freelance job for? Well, sending cold email pitch requires a bit of skill. It’s not as annoying as others might tell you. It’s a tried and tested tactic that helps you to generate new leads for your business all the time. Your skills at writing and sending email pitches that produce great results depends on many factors. One of these is what you learn from freelance job proposal sample.

So, what can you learn from the freelance job proposal sample to aid your cold email pitching?

6.1. Clarify abilities, strengths, skills and experience using the freelance proposal template

First, you can learn to be clear with your abilities, strengths, skills and experience. Yes, there is nothing wrong in praising yourself. There’s nothing wrong in telling the prospective client about what you’re good at. In the freelancing industry, nobody can do a perfect job of praising you more than yourself. In fact, the email you send should show your pride at the experience you gained working for a big client.

6.2. Clarify who you are using the freelance proposal template

Secondly, the sample will also highlight the importance of clarifying who you are. Yes, it’s important for the client not to be in doubt regarding your identity. Your role, services, and products or services you wish to render should be clearly captured in the email. Also, tied in closely with this is the need for identifying the recipient. Ask around in case you don’t know the person to send the email to.

6.3. Avoiding spam in your freelance proposal templates

Clients never get the chance to open many emails for one simple reason; spam. Through the freelance job proposal sample, you can learn to avoid writing spammy emails. For example, you will not see the subject line on the sample written in all caps. Normally, emails that come with all caps subject lines scare the reader or client. Also, all caps have a
different meaning than what you’re trying to communicate. What they relay is that you’re shouting. Clients don’t love that.

6.4. Importance of introductions and an overview in a freelance proposal template

As you will also see on the proposal sample, a simple introduction is highly recommended. The introduction should be clear and easy to understand. You do not want the prospective clients shunting the email aside on the grounds that they are unable to make heads or tails of what you’re trying to say. The introduction should also highlight the benefits the clients are guaranteed to get from hiring you.

For example, an email on redesigning websites should have an overview that focuses on:

  • increasing sales
  • improving engagements
  • boosting conversions

6.5. Importance of in-depth-research before drafting a freelance proposal template

It’s important to do as much research as you can on the client. The email should show that you know the client well enough. For example, your email to a client who specializes in electronics should not sound as if it’s designed for one running a bookstore. Skimping on the homework will never win you any points. Therefore, make sure that the email has all the right information before penning it. Again, learn this from the freelance job proposal sample.

Lastly, use the pitch you make through the cold email to lay the foundation blocks for building a relationship with the client. Whether you’re running an offline or online business as a freelancer, you cannot afford to ignore the freelancer-client relationship. You can learn this by observing the language used in the freelance job proposal sample. A bit of courtesy goes a long way in determining the kind of relationship you will have with each prospective client you email.

Therefore, use the freelance job proposal sample to polish your cold email pitching skills.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I write a freelance proposal?

Try Bonsai's free pre-made templates to send freelance proposals. Mention the main issue the customer is trying to resolve, explain why they should hire you, highlight your relevant experience, and outline the expected cost of your collaboration.

How would you describe your proposal sample in freelancer?

Be specific when you are writing a proposal. A proposal sample should have a detailed description of the problem/solution for a project. Showcase your expertise and experience whenever you write a proposal.

How do you write a proposal sample?

Use the pre-made templates from Bonsai as a guide while writing a freelancer proposal. Our templates are simple to adapt to your project or employment requirements. Include your relevant experience and the reasons why are the ideal applicant for the position.