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How good are you at writing proposals? Well, you’re not the only freelancer who thinks that your proposal writing skills could do with a bit of a boost. The good news is that you’re not entirely helpless, as you believe. A freelance proposal example can teach you to be the best proposal writer. In fact, it can take your career as a freelancer to the next level too. You only need to know what to include in your freelance proposal. The wordings on your proposal are equally important too.

The following are ways that the proposal example can impact your proposal writing positively.

Demonstrate your understanding of the project

First, it provides an avenue through which you can display how much you understand the project. It is important to show that you know what the client wants you to do. Your ability to grasp what the client is saying is crucial in determining whether you’re the right pick for the job or not. Many times, clients pick the freelancers who demonstrate topnotch understanding of what they are required to do. Clients fall in different categories. They need freelancers who understand them too. Freelance proposal example helps you to understand the following types of clients:

a)          Suspicious clients

b)          Decisive clients

c)           Rational clients

d)          Friendly clients

Show and prove your experience

Secondly, the proposal example gives you the chance to show and prove that you’re an experienced freelancer. Your clients want to know whether the experience you have is for the kind of project they have or not. Freelance clients are never interested in general type of experience. They want specifics, which are only available from freelancers with the appropriate experience. The right experience enables you to know what the clients want – even before they do. To do that, as you will learn from the freelance proposal example, take the following steps:

§  Put yourself in the client’s shoes

§  Attach yourself to the client’s order or needs

§  Learn with the clients

§  Anticipate different problems the client may face

Prepare itemized lists

A well structured and written freelance proposal enables you to prepare and send an itemized list that has all the clients’ needs. More importantly, the proposal also lists all the associated costs you will be charging for your skills, time, and services. Some tactics will not get you the deal you want. It’s important to learn and improve your tactics.  There are many tactics worth putting in place after reading the freelance proposal example. Some of these tactics include the following:

§  Sharing information

§  Ranking the priorities in order

§  Negotiating with walk-away terms and target price in mind

§  Making the first offer

§  Never making an extremely low counter offer

§  Countering the client’s offer

In a well written freelance sample, you will see various sections. You need to include these sections and fill them appropriately next time you prepare your own proposal for submitting to a client. The sections include Project Title, Client’s Needs, Your Solutions to the Client’s Problems, and Who You Are. The other sections include your Credentials or Experience, How You Intend to Deliver the Project, and Samples. Also, do not forget to talk about the fee you intend to be charging the client for work done.

As demonstrated here, a freelance proposal example is one of your most powerful tools. With it, you have the power to take your proposal writing and freelance career to the next level. When you write it well, you will be protecting your freelancing business and career properly. A proposal is a document with which you state your experience, capabilities, and understanding of what the client wants or expects from you. Therefore, get one and read it to understand what you must do when writing the next proposal.