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Table of contents

Before beginning any treatment, estheticians must gather all the details regarding the requirements and preferences of new clients. Ideally you want to gather this information as soon as they make an appointment with you so you can make sure to provide treatments and services that protect the client's health and meet their demands. An esthetician intake form is the best way to quickly and professionally gather this information.

Getting their expectations down on paper is always a good idea because these papers will legally protect you and your clients as well as providing essential customer information from the first visit. Plus it creates a great opportunity to offer additional services based on their concerns and needs. But what is the important information your esthetician client intake form should help you gather? Read on to find out.

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Essential Elements to Include in Your Esthetician Client Intake Form

Your esthetician client intake form's main goal should be to learn more about the customer's expectations and spot any red flags that could prevent you from offering high-quality services. While the specific questions you include in your intake form may vary depending on your niche and business needs, there are certain essential elements that you must cover.

Keeping these aspects in mind you'll be able to create a comprehensive yet straightforward intake form that you can use for every new client. Here's what you must cover.

Basic Client Information

To begin your esthetician client intake form, include a section to collect the client's full name and basic contact details such as phone number, email address, and physical address. If your business offers loyalty programs or memberships you can also gather additional information such as the client's birthday, specific product/service preferences and referral details.

Collecting as much information as possible will make it easier for you to reach out later to offer additional products or follow up on their treatment.

Health Background

Next, you must collect any information that may have an impact on the reliability and security of the esthetician services provided. Ask about any previous negative responses to hair coloring, allergies, sensitivities or sensitive regions, and any significant accidents or injuries that might affect the treatment. This information will be of great value so you can tailor your services to the client's needs.

The client's skin condition may be related to the prescription medicine if they have recently had acne flare-ups, dryness, or sensitivity following changes in birth control, taking steroids for asthma, or starting thyroid, anti-seizure, immunosuppressant, and some depression treatments. Ask your client whether they have discussed any potential skin-related adverse effects with their doctor.

Daily Habits

By asking about the client's daily habits you can easily identify factors that could be causing skin problems which may not be visible to the naked eye. The information discovered in this section allows you to assist the customers in achieving the results they're waiting for and guarantee the efficacy of peels, facials, as well as any at-home care products you recommend. You may inquire about their diet, daily water intake, current skin regimen or workout routine.

Treatment-Relevant Information

This is another must-have section in all esthetician client intake forms. Depending on the service you're offering to each client, you'll want to ask some questions relevant to the type of treatment to help customize the services even more. For example, for facials you would inquire about the client's skin condition, previous treatments, products used, etc. For a permanent makeup or eyelash extensions you would tailor your questions accordingly.

Informed Consent

Last but not least, you may include an informed consent clause on your esthetician client intake form which will help your client completely comprehend every stage of the procedure by outlining any significant information that could affect how the service is provided. This section can also include a release of liability in the event of unfavorable outcomes of the esthetician services (provided that all previously gathered information was taken into account during the treatment).

Additionally, you must have the client's approval in writing before using their contact and personal information for marketing reasons.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the essential elements to include in your esthetician client intake form, make sure every new client (and existing one) fills it out before any treatment. Your client might think this is unnecessary, but you'd be shocked at how rapidly circumstances can change overnight. You never know if their skin problems have changed since their last visit or if anything else has changed in the environment.

Create the Perfect Client Intake Forms With Bonsai

As an esthetician, it's important to get to know your clients and their skin care needs. One way to do this is by using an esthetician intake form. This form will help you gather important information about your client's skin type, health history, and current concerns so you can get a better understanding of how to best care for their skin.

Having an intake form is also a great way to build rapport with your clients. By taking the time to ask them questions and get to know them, you're showing that you care about their needs and want to help them achieve their goals.

Use Bonsai's lightweight form builder to create professional and branded intake forms or other esthetician forms your business needs. Our forms can be fully customized so you can add as many questions as you need, select your preferred answer format (text, multiple choice, etc...), rearrange form fields and incorporate your business branding elements to make it your own.

Once you're done customizing your form, you can easily print or share it with customers via email or URL link. If you want to boost lead generation and streamline your client intake process, you can also embed your forms into your business website. Your clients will be able to view and answer the intake form directly online and our platform allows you to store their information so you can keep your client profiles perfectly organized.

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