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A well-written real estate intake form assists real estate agents in developing the rapport required to form relationships with their buyers and in finding the appropriate house at the right price. While you may be tempted to 'save time' by calling your clients to obtain all of these facts, a phone call may or may not allow you to steer your buyer's initial discussion in the correct direction.

Additionally, providing a questionnaire to your clients before scheduling an initial meeting will allow you to address the fundamentals while preparing additional in-depth questions for when you meet. To help you create a comprehensive yet straightforward questionnaire, we will go over some of the vital aspects you must cover.

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Essential Elements to Include in Your Real Estate Intake Form

Aside from helping you collect the client's basic contact details, the purpose of your real estate client intake form is to provide insightful information that helps determine the best course of action to help your client. Here are some of the essential elements you must try to cover when creating your own real estate client intake form.

Living and Financial Situation

Understanding your client's existing circumstances will help you evaluate how serious they are about buying and why they are wanting to relocate. Additionally, getting more detail on the client's financial situation will be helpful to determine what kind of properties they can afford and how prepared they are to make an offer on a house.

Include questions about their estimated monthly payment budget, whether they have been pre-qualified for a loan, available cash for down payments, pricing range and reasons for looking for a new property (rent, sell, holiday house, etc.)

Needs and Preferences

This section will help clarify your client's wants and needs. Find out if there are any specific features or amenities they're looking for, as well as their preferences in location and lifestyle. This will help you plan your property search by refining your emphasis to offer them with the most relevant listings based on the kind of property they're looking for.

Include questions regarding the amount of people that will be moving in, any special features or functionalities required due to physical or medical conditions, the aspects of a home they're most interested in (for example location, amenities, etc.) as well as specific requirements regarding rooms and style.


You will be better prepared to meet your customers' particular needs and assist them in finding the ideal property if you understand how they envision the home purchasing process. For this reason, it's important to add a set of questions to find out what their expectations are and ensure that the services you provide will be able to meet them.

You may inquire about how your client heard about you and what they are expecting from your real estate business, previous experiences as a home/property buyer, and whether they have a backup plan if you can't find the right property for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

A client intake form is a questionnaire created to screen potential customers before you start doing business with them. To assist you decide if the client is a good fit for you

hat is the purpose of the intake form?

The purpose of an intake form is to onboard new clients. They are questions designed for you to determine if you can work with the customer and you'll inquire about the customer's background.

What is the best software for making forms?

The best software is hands down, Bonsai. Bonsai allows you to make intake forms, invoices, contracts, proposals, and more. See how easy it is to create forms today. Try a 14-day free trial.

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