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A business questionnaire template is something that every business owner should know how to put together. Whether you are doing research for a new product launch or collecting data for an old one, you must know how to ask the right questions.

But how exactly do you put together a business survey? Are there any elements or styles that you need to respect? What exactly does a business survey template entail? You will find out more about this very soon.

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Why Do You Need Questionnaire Templates for Your Business?

Questionnaire and client feedback form templates are some of the most cost-effective tools for gathering feedback from your customers. All you need to do is put your document together and allow the customers to fill out the rest.

The good part about these templates is that you can easily acquire them online. Programs such as Bonsai allow you to get free questionnaire templates whenever you need one.

Below, you may find the advantages of putting together your own questionnaire:

To Improve Customer Relationships

The more you know about a client, the easier it will be for you to improve customer experience and relationships. Most of your marketing is done by clients that recommend the service to one another. In this regard, you need to find your net promoter score (NPS).

Questionnaire templates can help you learn more about your buyers, creating lasting relationships. Depending on the questions used, you may even use the templates to choose brand ambassadors.

To Gather Feedback from Clients

Feedback is one of the most important factors of your business strategy. While the feedback itself is important, it is also crucial to understand it.

Once you gather public opinion and find out what's wrong, you can proceed to correct it. This will significantly improve your employee retention.

To Improve Your Customer Service

The better the customer service, the more satisfied your clients will be. If a client is satisfied, they will come back for more, while recommending your product.

Survey templates will give you an idea of what makes them happy and what doesn't. This allows you to pull the necessary strings and improve the quality of your services.

To Increase Support Team Productivity Levels

The success of your company will depend on how satisfied your workforce is. If your employees are not happy, then you can be certain that your potential customers will feel that as well.

This is why clients should not be the only ones surveyed. Your employees should have the same benefit.

The survey questions should gather data about their experience with your company, such as working conditions or suggestions they may have. This may help improve internal relationships.

Types of Questions in a Customer Service Survey Template

Each business questionnaire has a different form, depending on the target audience. Free survey templates may use mixed types for better data collection.

Overall, here are the most common questions you may find in a business survey:

Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are the types that require you to put in a typed answer. These are great if you want to get meaningful, custom answers and receive proper feedback.

Closed-Ended Questions

Closed-ended questions are formulated similarly to open-ended ones, but they prompt for yes or no answers. They represent a useful tool to collect information, without intimidating your audience too much.

Rating Questions

Rating questions represent a good way for you to get an approximation from existing customers. You can ask them to rate something from one to five or offer them options to gauge their opinion.

For instance, if you are surveying for a product that your company created, you may ask what their experience was. After that, they can choose from, say, "very useful" to "no use at all."

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions are easy to answer and will get the least bounce. This is because people will already have their answers, and all they have to do is click. The customer effort here is minimal.

Demographic Questions

Demographic questions represent a good option for market research. While they are a category of their own, they can take different shapes (open-ended, multiple choice, etc.)

Some of the questions here may be rather sensitive to the customer. You might want to be careful about what you are asking the participants, and most importantly, how you are asking it.

How to Fill In a Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

When you are creating your customer satisfaction survey template, you must keep your client in mind. Platforms such as Bonsai will provide the main structure, but you need to add your own data.

Here are the steps for filling out such a template:

Add the Company Motto and Logo

The top of the document should contain your company logo, along with your motto. It may seem trivial, but this will make the customer feel closer to you.

Seeing your motto there may improve the response rate to your business survey. They will know who they are dealing with, so they will be less apprehensive.

Briefly Describe the Business Service

Your customers will want to know what the questionnaire is about and why you are collecting data. Make sure that the client knows beforehand that the information remains anonymous.

Many of the customers may feel wary of giving truthful answers if the information is made public. To record the customer journey effectively, you may want to keep the responses for yourself.

Write Down the Questions for the Online Questionnaire

Next, you should outline the questions in your survey template. Choose them depending on how much effort you wish respondents to put in.

"Yes" and "No" surveys are hassle-free, along with multiple-choice questionnaires. The easier you make it for them, the likelier they will be to fill it out.

Collect Data About the Questionnaire Filler

The more you know about your customer, the better it will be for your business. This is why you should collect details about the person.

You should not inquire about personal information during your survey questions. If you ask them for their name or their phone number, they might not even complete the questionnaire at all.

Go for questions such as "what they like", or "what their needs and desires are". These questions are good for business, as they help you shape a better product.

The Bottom Line

A business questionnaire template can be very helpful in improving your company's services. You can create the survey from scratch, or you may use free survey templates for that purpose.

Just remember to keep your respondents in mind as you shape the questions. The easier they are to approach, the more responses you will get.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a questionnaire template in Word?

Yes, there are questionnaire templates in Word--however, Bonsai's software is a lot easier to use. Plus you'll get access to other intake form, invoice, proposal and contract templates you can use to run your business.

What are the qualities of a good questionnaire?

There are many qualities of a great questionnaire. 1. The questionnaire should be the appropriate length. 2. Simple and easy to understand terminology should be used. 3.The questions ought to make sense. 4. The terms used are appropriately defined. 5. The questions need to be well organized.