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A web development client questionnaire is an amazing tool for web designers to fully understand their client's wants and needs as well as make sure they can meet them before even signing a web development contract. This questionnaire can help you save tons of time, avoid endless back and forth calls and provide a much better service by allowing you to clarify your client's expectations.

You can create your own web design client questionnaire and use it as a template that you can easily send to all of your prospective clients as well as your returning and recently onboarded ones. To make sure you cover all the essentials, we will go over the most important aspects to discuss with all of your clients before you set out to create the perfect web design for them.

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What Questions Should a Web Designer Ask a Client?

A questionnaire for website design clients should ask about the client's target market, what their firm does, what the site's purpose will be, whether there are any existing brand colors or markers the web designer should use as well as the client's budget and other basic details. The more details you can include in this website design client questionnaire, the better it will be for both you and your client in the long run.

Here are some of the main aspects you must focus on along with example questions to help you build your own website questionnaire.

Company Details

A great way to start your web design client questionnaire is by gathering some basic information about what your client's business is all about. Even though this may occasionally seem blatantly evident, you should never make any assumptions. Ask them to describe their company in a few phrases; this should be the core essence that stands out to visitors the moment they land on your client's new web page.

- Does your business have a recognized brand?

- Have you produced any unique branding for your company? (company colors, company fonts, logos)

- What particular services does your business offer?

- Choose 3 to 5 words that best represent your brand.

- What is the mission statement, philosophy and vision of your company?

- Please describe the culture and personality of your business.

- How long have you been in business?

Current Website Information

Your client's current site is a goldmine of information. Unless you have to create a website from scratch, there are vital pieces of information to gather and can help you make this project a success. Here are some of the questions you may include in your web design questionnaire.

- Currently, do you have a website?

- What are 5 features of your website that you like the most?

- What are 5 features of your website that you dislike the most?

- What makes you want a brand new website?

- Will the outdated website be relocated to a new site?

- Is there anything on your current website that, in your opinion, no longer accurately represents who you are or what you have to offer?

Target Audience & Competitive Advantage

In order to create a website that can pique people's interests, you must know who the website should be designed for and what makes the business unique. This way you can highlight these features and make a great first impression on visitors. Make sure to include these questions on your website design client questionnaire.

- What search terms will your target market use to locate your website?

- Who is your ideal customer?

- What is your current audience's profile? (think income, age, gender, interests, device usage, etc...)

- What distinguishes your business from your competitors?

- What makes what you provide special? (unique selling proposition)

- What are you trying to help your audience with?

- Who are your main competitors? Provide links to their websites if available.

Website Design Project Specifics

Be sure to define the website project's scope of work by inquiring about any deadlines, expectations, preferences, requirements, etc. To ensure you're all on the same page you must have a clear grasp of any significant milestones, available budget, and all the basic information you need to make this a successful project. Incorporating the following questions to your website design questionnaire should help you clarify such details.

- Which functions will your website require?

- Who will supply the website content for this project?

- Do you have any printed materials or online resources you can use as an example?

- What are some comparable websites that you like, and what exact features do you like about them? (Try to list at least 3)

- What is the deadline for this project?

- Will this be an e-commerce website? Will you be accepting any payments and selling goods?

- Are there any specific milestones that must be met in-between?

- What is the budget for the website project?

- Will your website visitors need any special services such as multi-language support, easier reading fonts etc.?

- List the top 3 most important factors for your new website design.

- What do you see the completed project looking like?

- What do you hope to achieve with your new website?

- What kinds of photos would you like to see utilized on your website?

- How would you best describe the feel and look you would like your website to display?

- Do you already have a list of the menu options you want to offer on your website? If so, please list them out. (it doesn't have to be the final items, just a general idea)

Additional Support

For many web professionals, a web design project is the start of a long-lasting working relationship. If you provide any additional services to help clients with website maintenance, ad campaigns, etc., you can set yourself up for more business by adding some of these questions to your client questionnaire.

- Would you like us to take care of website maintenance?

- Would you like to schedule a special training session so that your staff members may learn how to update the website?

- Do you want us to take care of content marketing?

- Do you want to be able to update the new website yourself?

- Will you need additional SEO assistance? (registering with search engines, setting up analytics, google business center, etc...)

- Do you need social media integration?

- Would you like us to handle the domain renewal?

Create the Perfect Web Design Client Questionnaire With Bonsai

Knowing the right questions to ask is just the first step when creating the perfect website design client questionnaire. Bonsai can help you do the rest! Using our lightweight form builder you can quickly create a professional-looking questionnaire that reflects your business and is super easy for your clients to use. You can fully customize every aspect of your document to add as many questions as you need, select your preferred response format (multiple choice, text, etc...) and add your branding elements to make it your own.

Once your web design questionnaire is ready to go, you can send it via email, URL link, or, if you want more efficiency and leads, add it to your existing business website. Bonsai makes it easier than ever to onboard and manage your clients, organize information, and keep your projects all in the same place. For even more efficiency, look into our free templates for business proposals, contracts, and invoices as well as our complete tax and accounting software. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, we'll also get you a dedicated business checking account so you can manage your finances like a total professional.

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