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Table of contents
Brand Ambassador Proposal Template
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What is a Brand Ambassador Proposal Template?

A brand ambassador proposal spells out all the services you’re planning to offer a potential client and highlights your strong suits. It answers why you’re the best fit for a brand ambassador program and aligns your expertise with the client’s strategy. 

A brand ambassador proposal is your chance to show how well you’ve understood the company’s expectations and target audience. You can also elaborate your plan of action to create more confidence in your services as a brand ambassador. 

A brand ambassador can make a huge difference for any company looking to build strong brand awareness. Brand ambassadors are the secret weapon to strengthen brand positioning and reach new customers. So, if you’re looking to position yourself as an in-demand ambassador, and work with your favourite brands, a persuasive branding proposal is a great starting point. 

A brand ambassador proposal template allows you to communicate all these benefits—and so much more. 

The template word document will ideally comprise a rough outline and some ready-made content as the groundwork to frame your proposal. You can easily turn this template into a bespoke branding proposal for every project—by including more details specific to a potential client. 

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What to Include in the Brand Ambassador Proposal Template

Creating a brand ambassador proposal template is no ‘walk in the park’ if writing isn’t your strong suit. You have to show a potential client the true value of your branding services and convince them to spend money on your services without sounding too technical. There’s a balance between showing you know the lingo and overdoing it. 

If you’ve never written a brand ambassador proposal before or are looking to revamp your existing template, these basic yet essential elements can make your brand ambassador proposal template win the gig every time. 

Cover letter

A creative cover letter will make a solid first impression while setting a strong foundation for your relationship with new clients. 

Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself as the perfect candidate, capable of bringing your client’s vision to life and helping create the brand identity they aspire for. 

Keep your cover letter crisp and concise, enough to hook and retain the reader’s attention from hello. Briefly illustrate your experience and highlight your top qualities as a brand ambassador. 

Customizing your cover letter template to match the brand voice and values is a great way of showing your level of awareness. 

For instance, while pitching a branding proposal to a cruelty-free brand, your cover letter can start by highlighting your commitment to the movement or a project they recently ran that inspired you. 

cover page of a brand ambassador proposal

Campaign goals

Once you’re done drafting an impactful cover letter, your brand ambassador proposal should address the prospect’s pain points. Use this section to emphasize how well you’ve understood their branding campaign goals and condense them into a bulleted list. 

Here are a few objectives you can include in your brand ambassador pitch:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Improve website traffic and promote sales
  • Increase visibility among new audiences
  • Maximize reach through untapped channels
  • Enhance social media activity and online presence

Personalizing this part of your brand ambassador proposal will also show the effort you’ve put into creating the perfect plan of action to meet the client’s goals. 

a woman holding a squeeze tube

Strategy and deliverables

After defining the project requirements, the next step is to detail your strategy for hitting all of these targets. This is one of the most crucial parts of your brand ambassador proposal template that can make or break the deal for you. 

In the strategy section, you have to outline your approach and deliverables to fulfil the campaign goals. You’ll need to create a customized project scope, catering to your prospect’s brand strategy. 

Here are some ways you can offer an idea of your branding services for any client project:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing: show how you’ll leverage your influence to create a buzz around the brand and spread the word through recommendations 
  • Content distribution: demonstrate your social media savviness and list down your best practices to increase engagement on the brand’s social media profiles
  • Selling samples and merch: include details about your plans to host sampling stations at high-traffic areas and generate interest among new audiences offline 

Simply put, this segment of your brand ambassador proposal will give a glimpse of your innovative thinking and summarize your planned inputs for the project.

Chalking out the scope of your work can save time and set the right expectations between you and your clients from the beginning. It helps the client understand your role better and nurtures a healthy relationship, based on mutual trust. 

This brand ambassador proposal chapter can also save you from scope creep and keep your work on track without unnecessary hurdles or awkward client conversations. 


Any proposal is incomplete without designated timelines for project completion. So, dedicate a part of your brand ambassador proposal template to specify the deadlines for every deliverable. Spend some extra time planning realistic timelines to fulfil the proposed deliverables and keep your client happy further down the line. 

Setting strategic timelines is helpful in eliminating any room for confusion for the client to see the expected results. Detailing milestones can also limit scope creep while allowing your clients to track progress clearly. 

Case studies 

One key detail to make your branding proposal more value-driven is your past experience. Include a summary of similar branding projects to prove your worth for the role. 

Give your prospective clients a peek into the results you’ve already achieved for other brands through a tailor-made approach for each client. 

Here’s how you can briefly add more detail about previous projects:

  • Include the client name and line of business
  • Enlist their objectives and expectations
  • Detail your proposed workflow and deliverables
  • Present the results you achieved within the given timeline
  • Share a few lines from the client testifying to your great work

A section on case studies builds your credibility as a brand ambassador while giving potential clients the confidence to choose you for the position.  

instructions on how to add case studies on your brand ambassador proposal

Bonsai Top Tip: Showcase the impact your work has had on other brands by using numbers and metrics–nothing convinces more than real life results!


Now that your brand ambassador proposal has covered every detail to convince the prospective client, it’s time to focus on the proposed fees for the project. 

Here, you can either create a customized package of services or add a rate card for individual services to let the client pick their own package. Add a condition to process only a portion of the total sum as the initial payment for kicking off the project. 

You have to also think of how you wish to receive your payment and propose the method best suited for you. 

While detailing your pricing in your brand ambassador proposal, you can also discuss your stance on brand merchandise. The best part about collaborating with your favorite brands is using their offerings. So, include details about the incentives and branded gifts you hope to receive to excel in your role as a dreamy brand ambassador.

Bonsai Top Tip: A brand ambassador contract can set the perfect tone for starting new projects. Download this free template to ease the process of drafting one. 

How to Write a Brand Ambassador Proposal Template 

Perfecting your branding proposal template’s structure will enhance its flow, but the finer details of your proposal can be the real game-changer in securing the deal for you. So, how do you draft a flawless proposal and ensure your brand ambassador application goes through?

Read these key tips to create more value for your clients and convert them faster with a top-notch proposal.

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Find out exactly what the client wants

The best way to make your pitch more relevant for clients is to cover what they’re interested in. Think of what’s keeping them up at night and make an effort to understand their pain points. These answers will give you the set of services you can pitch. 

For example, if a client is struggling to bag more sales and repeat buyers, then propose how you can multiply their sales figures and spread the word about their loyalty program or referral scheme. 

Once you’ve presented a service package customized to their desired changes, here are some more details you can cover in your branding proposal template:

  • Timeline: to estimate the project’s length
  • Pricing: to clarify the required budget
  • Metrics: to promote transparency in measuring results

Aim to hold a prior conversation with the prospective client to create a completely customized proposal to what they want, and increase your chances of conversion. 

Highlight what sets you apart 

Brand ambassadors can transform any business into a thriving industry leader with their magic touch of effective strategizing and experienced implementation. 

Amid aggressive competition at most brand ambassador programs, you can take the center stage with a quirky and original proposal. So, present the level of experience and versatility that only you can bring to the table. You can also elaborate on your specific skillset and previous endeavors to establish your suitability for the brand ambassador role. 

Besides spotlighting your defining qualities and expertise, you can include some out-of-the-box ideas in your brand ambassador template to stand out from the crowd. Use these helpful prompts to find these unique ideas:

  • What branding approach best works for the client’s company?
  • How do you plan to use your skills for marketing their brand?
  • How will you open new avenues to increase sales and brand awareness?
  • What are some new go-to-market channels you think could work for the client? 
  • What are some lesser-known brand ambassador practices that you can bring into action?

Lastly, one of the main things that sets brand ambassadors apart is their personality—and we’re sure you’ve got heaps of it! So, showcase your flair, charm, and wit throughout your proposal. If you think it fits with the client’s tone and branding, then a few puns can go a long way. 

Show them your human side! 

instructions on highlight what sets you apart

Bonsai Top Tip: You can add a ‘why us?’ or ‘About us’ section on your proposal to highlight what sets you apart and how you can add value to them!

Show what you love about their brand

Any company will gravitate more towards brand ambassador candidates who personally advocate their products or services after using them before. Even if you’ve never used a product before, you can still capture their attention if you express what you genuinely like about their offerings. 

Showing what you love about your client’s company can significantly enhance your brand ambassador application. Besides customizing the branding proposal template to meet the project requirements, you can always grab and retain a potential client’s attention by talking about your personal experience with the brand. 

Here are some questions to understand how you resonate with a company:

  • Has their brand voice or content impacted your life?
  • Did any past ambassadors’ work for the brand inspire you?
  • What benefits did you achieve after using their product/service?
  • Is their mission or vision statement a part of your personal motto?

One of the best examples of this is if you pitch to a company advocating diversity and inclusion, you can highlight how your personal values match the brand’s initiatives. Your branding proposal can always include references to show why you’re passionate about working with this brand.

Create workflows to track progress

Instead of overwhelming your clients with too many details, a great brand ambassador proposal should connect all the dots for them. Make life easy for your prospects by outlining:

  • Detailed workflows
  • Realistic deliverables
  • Fixed timelines
  • Important metrics

Create transparency from the outset and prepare the groundwork for measurable progress at every stage. Your workflows will allow them to witness the data-backed outputs of all your efforts put into the project. 

Align your design with the brand style guide

Lastly, your proposal’s design also matters when you’re competing with so many fitting candidates. You can set yourself apart by creating a neat and professional design that matches with the client’s branding. It’s a great way of showing the effort you’ve put into studying their brand. 

So, create a theme using their brand colors and typeface while keeping the content easily skimmable. 

Let your client know what’s next

Your proposal can really pack a punch and maximize its value by telling the client about the next steps once they hire you. Give your prospects a peek into what it’s like working with you. 

Increase your chances of securing the project by detailing your onboarding process and attaching your brand ambassador contract. Keeping a brand ambassador contract template handy will allow you to draft a new contract instantly while preparing a pitch. 

Bonsai Top Tip: Use Bonsai’s highly-customizable brand ambassador contract template to create a new one instantly. 

Creating a brand ambassador proposal template is simple with Bonsai 

Drafting a proposal from scratch every time you pitch to a new brand is tiring and tedious. The process becomes streamlined when you have an easily customizable template. 

Bonsai can resolve all your worries about documentation in just a few clicks with its ready-to-use, free templates for a brand ambassador proposal, and more. 

Here are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for free to Bonsai
  2. Find the best branding proposal template for you
  3. Customize it as per your preferences and client’s style

Bonsai makes it easy to create a winning proposal for every project. Simply visit the platform, tweak the template, and export your customized brand ambassador proposal PDF in a few clicks. 

Browse through Bonsai’s collection of related templates for invoices, contracts, quotations, and more to skip all the legwork for your business and focus on doing what you enjoy. 

Note: Do you want to create a solid agreement for a branding project? Check out the branding contract template

Brand Ambassador Proposal Template FAQs

1. What should a brand ambassador proposal include?

A brand ambassador proposal should include these essential elements:

  • Cover letter
  • Campaign goals
  • Strategy and deliverables
  • Timelines
  • Case studies
  • Pricing

Making a template will simplify the process of drafting a branding proposal and help you focus more on your research and customized details. 

2. What does a brand ambassador do?

A brand ambassador is responsible for helping to build a company’s brand identity via both online and offline channels. Brand ambassadors use their influence to achieve varied goals, such as increasing sales, boosting traffic, enhancing online presence, and other growth goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do you write a brand ambassador proposal?

The easiest way to write your brand ambassador proposal is using Bonsai's free proposal templates. Our templates allow you to easily outline the main elements like your cover letter, campaign goals, strategy, timelines, case studies as well as pricing. And don't forget a call to action to get the ball rolling!

How do you ask a company to be a brand ambassador?

You must take the first step and reach out to brands via email or social media. Make sure you researched the brand first and have a plan to help promote their brand. A great way to show brands what you have to offer is creating a bulletproof brand ambassador proposal using Bonsai's free templates.

How do I sell myself as a brand ambassador?

Brands are more likely to consider you for an embassador program if you demonstrate your passion for their business sharing your own experiences with the brand. Use Bonsai' free ambassador proposal to share your ideas and highlight the benefits you would bring to the project.