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Get paid faster for your photography services. The Photography Invoice Template makes it easy for photographers to invoice clients for photoshoots, editing, portraits, and more. Get started for free.

What is a Photography Invoice Template?

A photography invoice template is a pre-designed document that photographers and photography business owners can use to bill customers for photoshoots, editing, weddings, events, and other services. A template serves as a ready-to-use invoicing solution that makes it easy to create professional invoices, customize the details, and send to clients in minutes.

As a photographer, you are tasked with capturing important moments for your clients. You might sell pictures, canvasses, prints, images, or framed photos. No matter the service, you deserve to get paid for all the hard work you put in! A free Photography Invoice Template allows you to bill clients without cutting into your bottom line.

Importance of Professional Photography Invoices

The importance of professional photography invoices cannot be overstated in today's digital age! An effective invoice serves as more than a mere payment request – it's a comprehensive document that showcases professionalism and streamlines business operations.

A well-crafted invoice is customizable, contains important client details, includes a breakdown of the photography services rendered, and specifies your payment terms. It includes a unique invoice number for easy reference and maintains a professional layout that aligns with your branding. Creating detailed, accurate invoices will help you be taken seriously by clients!

Photography invoices are important for record keeping as well. The document can be saved as a PDF, shared digitally, or printed as needed. It is editable to accommodate any changes and outlines payment methods, due dates, and licensing information. Such thoroughness not only ensures clarity in financial transactions but also establishes trust between you and your clients.

Downloadable Different Types of Photography Invoices

As a photographer, you know that there are many “tools of the trade” – your camera, lenses, flash settings, tripod, filters, editing software, and beyond. But another important tool that’s often overlooked is your invoicing solution! While many photographers assume that client invoices need to be designed from scratch, the reality is that you can save tons of time (and money) by using a premade template.

At Bonsai, we are all about helping businesses streamline their business invoicing. That’s why we have created a variety of invoice templates for different functions and industries. Below are just a few of the many use cases for the Photography Invoice Template.

Event Photography Invoice

Whether you take photos for corporate conferences, networking events, company retreats, fundraisers, or sporting events, you’ll need an invoice template that clearly outlines the services that you offer. Use the Photography Invoice Template to itemize your costs, from deposit owed to price per service to miscellaneous charges to taxes. Create professional invoices for any project!

Freelance Photography Invoice

You love the freedom of working for yourself, so why not have that same freedom when it comes to your invoicing? The Photography Invoice Template is perfect for independent contractors or freelancers, with editable fields and a range of customization features. Just generate, fill, update, and finalize your invoices according to your needs!

Real Estate Photography Invoice

Real estate photography is also a special case, as you’re likely working with agents, property owners, or brokerages. You need to include everything on your invoices, from your business name to your client’s contact information to descriptions of your services. The Photography Invoice Template can also be used to create proposals or serve as a receipt of past services.

Portrait Photography Invoice

Your photography services make your clients look great. Your invoices can look great, too! Create professional documents that align with your branding and style. You can add your brand colors, logo, and fonts to match your other marketing materials. The result is a picture-perfect invoice.

Food Photography Invoice

You have a knack for making food look Instagram-worthy. Whether it’s food product photos or complete restaurant collection, an invoice helps ensure you get paid for your services on time. Use the free Photography Invoice Template to draft invoices, send them to clients, and organize them for future reference.

Corporate and Advertising Photography Invoice

Do you offer photography services for corporations or advertising campaigns? Then you’ll need an order template that outlines the details. The Photography Invoice Template has fields for all the critical information, including your job number, email address, phone number, goods or services sold, quantity, and accepted payment types (e.g. account transfer, credit card, PayPal, etc.).

Wedding Photography Invoice

You’re someone people turn to in order to capture their special day. You need an invoicing option that makes it easy to collect a deposit and final payment, without cutting into your profits. Use the free Photography Invoice Template to list your services, add up the costs, and avoid any confusion with your clients.

Even More Invoice Template Formats

Not a photographer? No problem! Bonsai offers a variety of industry-specific invoice templates to choose from. Get started with one of the free templates below.

Create a Customized Invoice with Bonsai!

How to Customize Your Photography Invoice Template Like a Pro

The success of your photography business relies on your ability to provide amazing services… and get paid for those services! With that, creating professional invoices is an important part of the equations. Here are a few critical components to consider when creating invoices for your business.

Choose the Right Template

There’s a whole world of invoice templates out there but they aren’t all created equal. You need an invoice template that allows you to itemize your services, calculate the costs, add custom branding, and makes it easy to get paid online. The Photography Invoice Template was designed specifically for photographers based on their unique needs, services, and pricing structure.

Photography Invoice Template
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Incorporate Your Branding

Who says invoices have to look boring? Your invoices can be just as aesthetically pleasing as your photos! Add your own branding to achieve the look and personality you want.


With the Photography Invoice Template from Bonsai, you can add your business logo to the header of the invoice. Once you create a great template, this can serve as an example for future invoices.

Color Scheme

Change the background colors and font colors of your invoice document to match your branding. This creates consistency with your other business documents and marketing materials.


Custom fonts can also add a unique touch. Play around with the header, heading fonts, and body content font. This can really bring your invoice to life!

Client Details

Be sure to include your client details, such as their name and contact information, for accurate record keeping.

Your Business Details

Include your own business information as well, like your business name, email address, mailing address, website link, social media links, and telephone number.

Photography Invoice Template Sample
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Invoice Details

Include a line item for each service provided to your client. Include additional costs as well, such as travel, miscellaneous expenses, or materials/tools.

Invoice Number

Every invoice should include a unique invoice number so you can easily identify and reference it in the future. This will be helpful when it comes to your business bookkeeping and payment tracking.


Add an issue date to the invoice so you know which time period and/or project the invoice pertains to. This is especially important if you work with the same client on multiple projects.

Due Date

Specify a due date for payment so the client knows exactly when to pay you by. This could be for a deposit, completed project, or recurring service.

Itemized Breakdown

Add an itemized breakdown of all of the services rendered, including all of the things related to the project and the tasks performed. This will provide transparency into what was offered and completed, helping to prevent any disputes with your clients.

Use Our Online Invoice Generator

Finalizing Your Photography Invoice

Once you have customized your invoice, it’s time to finalize the details. This is the most important part, as it ensures the accuracy of your invoicing. Be sure not to skip these steps!

Layout and Design:

  1. Header: Include the photographer's business name, address, contact information, and logo for brand identity.
  2. Footer: Consist of business contact details, website, and any additional notes or disclaimers.
  3. Color Scheme and Font Style: Choose a professional and readable font style with a color scheme that aligns with your branding.
  4. Invoice Number and Date Section: Clearly display a unique invoice number and the issue date for record-keeping purposes.
  5. Client Details Section: Include the client's name, address, and contact information.
  6. Service Description Area: List and describe the photography services provided in detail.
  7. Payment Terms Section: Clearly outline the terms of payment, including deadlines and methods accepted.
  8. Total Amount Area: Highlight the total amount due for the services provided.
  9. Due Date Section: Clearly indicate the deadline for payment.
  10. Notes Section: Provide any additional information or special instructions.
  11. Digital Signature Space: Include a section for the client's digital signature if necessary.
  12. Terms and Conditions Area: Outline the terms and conditions of service, including cancellation policies or usage rights.
  13. Payment Method Icons: Include icons or descriptions of accepted payment methods.
  14. Licensing Details Section: Detail any licensing information or agreements related to the services rendered.

Steps for Finalizing

  1. Total Amount: Ensure the total amount for services rendered is accurately calculated and displayed prominently.
  2. Payment Methods: Clearly specify the accepted payment methods for the convenience of the client.
  3. Terms and Conditions: Review and finalize the terms and conditions section, ensuring all necessary details and policies are included.
  4. Personal Touch: Add a personalized note or message to thank the client for their business or provide any additional information relevant to the invoice.
  5. Attachments and Links: Attach any relevant documents, such as contracts or licensing agreements, and include clickable links to portfolios or additional resources if needed.
  6. Feedback and Reviews: Consider including a section encouraging clients to leave feedback or reviews to build your reputation.
  7. Proofread and Review: Thoroughly proofread the entire invoice to ensure accuracy in details, calculations, and formatting.
  8. Save and Backup: Save the finalized invoice as a PDF and back up a copy for your records.

Key Takeaways

In a nutshell, the key to getting paid correctly (and on time) is to implement a foolproof invoicing system. The Photograph Invoice Template from Bonsai is one of the easiest solutions for hassle-free invoicing. We also offer automated invoicing software and accounting software to help you save even more time in your business!

Our customizable invoice template are great because they:

  • have a professional layout and design to enhance brand identity
  • provide clarity in the invoice sections to simplify the payment process
  • have sections for detailed terms and conditions to protect both parties
  • allow for personalization, which fosters client relationships
  • facilitate careful review and backup options to prevent errors and loss of data

Ready for easier, faster invoicing. Get started with Bonsai!


When is the Right Time to Send an Invoice to Your Photography Clients?

The best time to send an invoice to your photography clients largely depends on the agreed-upon terms of your services. Typically, it's best to send an invoice right after completing the photography work or immediately after a project milestone. Some photographers prefer sending invoices upon delivering proofs or a selection of images. You should also consider the needs and preferences of your clients.

What Attachments Should You Include in Your Photography Invoice?

Attachments can vary based on the specific services rendered and any supplementary documentation required. Common attachments may include: contracts outlining service agreements, licensing agreements specifying the usage rights of the images, or model release forms. Make sure that all of the attachments are relevant and clearly labeled.

Which Photography & Filming Services Need an Invoice?

All professional photography and filming services, whether for commercial projects, events, portraits, weddings, or any other type of service provided, should have a corresponding invoice. This is essential to maintain a clear record of all services rendered to clients. An invoice not only serves as a billing tool, but also acts as a legal document confirming the agreement between you and your clients. Therefore, any photography or filming service provided for which payment is expected should be accompanied by an invoice.

Free Photography Invoice Templates
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