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Free Data Entry Proposal Letter

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Table of contents
Data Entry Proposal Template
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What is a Data Entry Proposal?

A data entry proposal letter is a letter you send out when applying to data entry jobs and contract gigs. The idea of it is to be concise and really sell yourself as the best candidate for the job by showing your strengths, skills and expertise.

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What to Include in the Data Entry Proposal

When you think of a cover letter example, your mind probably jumps to showcasing your resume and best self to your future employer. You’ll typically want to showcase past positions that prove your interest, skills, and expertise needed for this particular job description are on point.

A data entry cover letter—or proposal letter—is no different, it’s just more specific. You’ll prove that you have what it takes to excel at this new data entry position, and that you’ve got enough experience under your belt to make you a data entry expert.

There are a few things that every proposal letter should include to land your dream gig. Let’s get into them:

Cover Page

Cover page of sample Data Entry Proposal Letter

On your proposal's cover page, you want to have all the contact information for both parties.

This ensures your client knows how to contact you, and that you've sent your data entry resume to them purposefully.


Your introduction needs to be short and sweet. The idea here is simple, to let the company know who you are and why you’re reaching out to them. Let the hiring manager know this is the cover letter for the data entry job position—and the only one they need to read!

One important thing here is to show your personality. You want to stand out from the other applicants. Your introduction is the perfect way to do that! Show them that you’re more than another data entry operator, show them you’re a skillful team member, with a great attitude, the smarts to match, you get the idea!

Bonsai top tip: consider a friendly but professional greeting: keep it relevant to their brand. Better yet, find out the hiring manager’s full name, pronouns, and how they would like to be addressed–steer away from the typical: dear hiring manager.

Concise and professional introduction of sample data entry proposal letter

Project Details and Objectives

By explaining the details of the job, its goals, and how you’ll achieve them, you’re already setting yourself up for success. This section lets hiring managers know you’re ready to take on the challenge, and have a good understanding of the role’s objectives, goals, and mission.

Project Details and Objectives of sample Data Entry Proposal Letter


This is an essential chapter of your data entry proposal letter. Here, you need to showcase your previous work, and explain how your experience puts you in the perfect position for the contract at hand.

There are some necessary skills that most data entry positions look for from a freelancer. The primary skills are:

Hard skills:

  • Typing speed: proficient typing and transcription are paramount for this job—60 words per minute is the industry standard
  • MS Word: and other related programs are always needed for this position
  • Data entry software experience: there’s a high chance you’ll be working with a variety of SaaS tools— especially when handling large amounts of data–proving that you have experience using these tools will put your client at ease
  • Data analysis: entering data is part of the job, but having data analysis knowledge and experience can be a massive advantage for the role
  • Computer science skills: Not a must, but a nice to have if you do!

Soft skills:

  • Forward-thinking: being able to problem-solve quickly and come up with new ideas is an important factor for any data entry clerk
  • Organization and time-management: the ability to organize your time, prioritize, and multitask will bring you closer to your dream contract
  • Communication: as with any other job, being able to communicate with your colleagues and supervisors is vital, even more so in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to detail: handling a lot of data can be daunting, and things can be missed; proving that you have excellent attention to detail is mandatory

What's crucial here is, to be honest about your experience. False claims or exaggerations will soon come to light if you’re successful. There’s a potential for on the job training opportunities, so state your strengths, but should you reach an interview, state your weaknesses too.

Bonsai top tip: make your skills and software abilities section scannable. Bullet points are much easier for the hiring manager to digest.

Scannable skill and software abilities section


Testimonials showcase you’ve upheld positive professional relationships with past clients. In the freelancing world, having testimonials is a blessing. They prove your reliability, hireability, and all round value. So, make sure you’re collecting them!

Keep this section simple. A couple of testimonials is enough, focus on quality, not quantity here. Remember, your proposal letter is not a fully-fledged recommendation letter. It’s a client-winning snippet into your capabilities. Keep things simple, your reader engaged, and be mindful of their time.

Payment Information

As a freelancer, getting paid on time and in full is key to success. The only way to achieve this is by clearly indicating all your payment information and terms. This way, there's a written expectation that will encourage clients to respect your due dates and payment methods–making your life as a freelancer that bit easier!

Although it can vary, there are some key things to include when providing this information:

  • Payment due dates: before starting a new project, both parties should have a clear idea of when payments are expected
  • Payment methods: give multiple options–like PayPal, bank transfer, debit or credit card, Venmo, Stripe, etc. Let your client see how easy it is to pay you.
  • Late payment terms: although not ideal, you may receive payments after due dates. To encourage your clients to avoid this, and get paid promptly, add monetary penalties like late fees or interest charges.
  • Discounts: offering discounts is not unheard of–it might even help you grow your business or have a simple answer to those clients asking you for a lower price! Some common ones to offer are:
  • New clients on a one-time basis
  • Large, ongoing contracts
  • Referrals
  • Early and upfront payments
  • Currency: one of the advantages of being a freelancer is that you can work with clients around the world, so letting them know in which currencies you would like to be paid is necessary
  • Deposits: if you are working with a new client, it’s a good idea to set a deposit plan so that both parties feel comfortable making the deal
Fee Summary of Data Entry Proposal Letter

Closing Statement

A closing statement or a 'next step' section to your letter is a must. It’s the cherry on top of your proposal letter. This way, the hiring manager will know exactly what to do if they feel your skills and experience match what they’re looking for.

Short and simple closing statement

How to Write a Data Entry Proposal Letter

Now that you know what your data entry proposal letter should include, how exactly do you write it? Let’s explore some best practices.

Find out exactly what the hiring manager wants

As with any proposal, you have to make sure that the person receiving it can tell you did your research. Show that you know exactly what the company is looking for in the ideal candidate, and you’ve got it.

Businesses spend, on average, six seconds looking at each cover letter. Make sure yours gets their attention immediately, and keep them wanting to know more throughout.

Highlight what sets you apart

There are over 151,644 data entry clerks in the US out there. To set yourself apart from the rest, keep the following questions in mind:

  • What makes you different?
  • What will you be bringing to the team that no one else can?
  • How are you the perfect match—not just for the job but for the company?
  • As a data entry operator, what are your best soft and hard skills?
Office worker showing a document to his colleagues

Creating a Data Entry Proposal is Simple with Bonsai

Now that you know everything you need to add to your data entry cover letter, let’s make the process of creating one even easier.

It’s usually a time-consuming task. It requires research, writing the cover letter, spending time editing, and that’s not even considering the amount of renditions you’ll need to make for different companies.

Bonsai is here to help.

With Bonsai’s data entry proposal samples you’ll have the perfect template to customize for each company.

Within a few minutes and clicks you can create a complete, professional and unique data entry proposal letter to land you that data entry position of your dreams!

You can get started with Bonsai in three steps::

  1. Sign up to Bonsai for free
  2. Choose the template you need
  3. Edit it to suit the specificities of the role

Want more? You can send off your proposal letter to prospective clients without needing to leave the Bonsai platform.

It doesn’t stop there. Check all the other related templates that Bonsai offers to its 250.000+ freelancers and agencies users, to help save time, win more clients, and look as professional as you feel.

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Data Entry Proposal Letter FAQs

How long is a data entry proposal letter?

There's no exact word count, but being concise is always better. 1-2 pages is typically enough.

You want to make sure your proposal provides enough information without being so long it becomes exhausting to read. Think about the hiring manager and the many applications they may need to go through!

Consider this: would you want to read your proposal cover to cover? Is every word adding value and showcasing your skill set in its best light?

What should be included in a data entry proposal letter?

Make sure to include the following in your proposal letter:

  1. Cover page
  2. Introduction
  3. Project details and objectives
  4. Experience
  5. Testimonials
  6. Payment information
  7. Closing statement

This ensures you cover all the bases for clearly communicating your knowledge, experience, and the reasons why you are the best-suited candidate for the role.

Free Data Entry Proposal Letter
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I write a data entry proposal?

Write a proposal by including a cover letter and a detailed description for why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Explain your relevant experience and how you could solve the potential client's problem.

How do you write a data entry proposal for Upwork?

Edit one of Bonsai's proposal templates to send professional looking bids for Upwork jobs. Our pre-made templates can be used as a great reference. Edit the sections for relevant skills and experience so your potential clients would hire you.

What is bid in data entry?

A bid for data entry is a proposal for a data input job. Give a thorough description of your data input idea. We recommend you provide the client with as many options as you can. For instance, charge more for expedited delivery. Offer to mail the assignment using an external storage device and deliver it electronically.