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Every handyman has to work with a handyman invoice template when requesting payment from a client. But what are the types of handyman invoices that you may use - and where can you find professional invoices in the first place?

There are multiple ways to make your own invoice in programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. However, very often, you would need to create them from scratch.

Whether you do that or decide to get a free invoice template from a professional platform, here is what you should know.

What Is a Handyman Invoice Template?

A handyman invoice is a convenient tool for a worker to record all the costs and fees of a job. This can include the date of the job, accepted payment methods, client information, and many more.

People can often create their own handyman invoices by using Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, but invoice templates can also be found on various platforms such as Bonsai. Used along with Bonsai Cash, it can help you keep your business finances organized.

When Should a Free Handyman Invoice Template Be Used?

A free handyman invoice template should be used when your work has been completed, or when the billing period comes to an end. As a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak, you will likely get many projects - so, each time you finish one, you will need an invoice to keep a record.

There are many platforms that can provide unlimited invoices, such as Bonsai Cash. Others will also come with a free account. Still, bear in mind that it's these extra fees that can bring you multiple benefits.

Types of Handyman Invoice Templates

With a handyman invoice template, you have to get one that fits your business needs the most. You may download an Adobe PDF that you may print directly, or you may download new invoices on your mobile device.

That being said, a handyman invoice template can benefit people dealing with:

Once you already know what the services provided are, you may choose an invoice template where the blank fields match the business.

What Should You Add to a Handyman Invoice Template

There are several things that you should add to every free invoice template, including:

  • A unique invoice number that will be necessary for your record-keeping
  • Your handyman company details (phone number, company logo, business name, and mailing address).
  • Service list provided
  • The client's information
  • Total cost for completing the project
  • Gross subtotal, before adding the discounts, taxes, and service fees
  • The total amount owed, including the taxes
  • The due date for the requested payment
  • Payment calculation method (flat rate for a project, hourly rate, etc.)
  • Thank you note box for the customer

As the owner of a handyman business, you may be charging for different services within a project. Before you write down the invoice template, you might put that in a Google Sheets document or at least in Google Docs, just so you don't forget any crucial information.

How to Write a Handyman Invoice

When you are writing down a handyman invoice or filling the blanks in a template, you need to follow the steps below:

List the Complete Handyman Services

As a handyman, you likely maintain a casual, informal relationship with your client. After all, you are a "doer." However, it is also recommended to put every detail in order and write down the services provided.

Add the Total Balance Owed

Finalize the exact amount that is owed, including the flat rate and the tax rate. You may also want to establish the accepted methods for payment.

Make Several Copies of the Payment Terms

As a business person catering to customers, you must make sure your bookkeeping is very thorough. This will help you with your own tax deductions. As a result, you should make copies of the document, preferably more than one.

Submit the Handyman Business Invoice to the Customer

Submit the invoice to the client in the manner that suits them most. Some prefer a physical invoice to their own address, whereas others prefer to download it or have it delivered to their email. Remember, the billing process should benefit the customers as well.

Tips for Using Handyman Invoice Templates

When using a handyman invoice template, you might want to remember the following tips:

Add As Many Payment Details as Possible

You need to be as specific as possible about the handyman job provided. Those details will help the client see exactly what they are paying for, reducing potential disputes. It will also make it easier for you to calculate a price.

Add Space Between the Terms

When writing down the handyman invoice, you should add space between the terms. Look for an invoice template that allows for that. It will be easier for you to get a visual and see how the costs contribute to one another.

Add Miscellaneous Costs

There may be certain miscellaneous costs that you may have to add, such as applicable taxes or transaction fees. If you were to pay these fees by yourself, you'd run out of business very fast. This is why you need to add them to the invoice so that the client is billed properly.

Double-Check the Invoice

When you collect a payment, you must make sure the amount you are asking for is correct. The last thing you want is a careless mistake compromising your relationship with your client.

Add the Essential Contact Details

When filling out the handyman invoice template, make sure to add essential details such as the invoice number or your handyman business contact information. This should ensure the services rendered go as smoothly as possible, without any issues with the transactions.

The Bottom Line

When you bill your customer as a handyman, you need to be very careful about the invoicing template that you choose. Make sure that the platform you get your templates from is reliable. This way, you can get paid faster, as you will not have to waste too much time on writing the invoice yourself.

Handyman Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do you create a handyman invoice template?

Add your business information, logo, client details, contact information, a unique invoice number, issue date, due date, payment details and itemized list of services plus cost of goods on a document. Or you could try one of Bonsai's pre-made templates to start billing clients today.

How do you bill a material for a handyman?

You will bill labor at an hourly rate in time and material pricing. The cost of labor and overhead are taken into account to determine the hourly rate. Most handymen may charge a materials markup rate ranging from 15% to 50%.

What is the best free handyman invoice template?

The best handyman invoice template is the one provided by Bonsai. Customize a template with a invoice number, the client's name and address, the invoice date, the client's work description, the payment information, your business information/logo and the cost or overall cost of the services requested.

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