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Creating and sending invoices for your electrical services can take up a big chunk of your day. If you are a self-employed worker or a small business owner you know that the time you spend on those tedious administrative tasks is not billable, so you're not only losing time but MONEY. However, it is very important to pay attention to your invoicing process, as this can easily make or break a business relationship.

A well-structured, detailed and professional invoice can help you get paid on time, which is vital to keep a good flow of cash in your business. Additionally, it serves to build a healthy relationship with your clients by providing a detailed service description so they know they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

So how can you save time, while still providing high-quality invoices to every client? Get yourself a good electrician invoice template! Having a pre-filled form that you can personalize with just a few tweaks will be a real game-changer. Of course, you must make sure all essential details are in place, otherwise you will end up wasting more time clearing out doubts and fixing errors.

To avoid this, check out this list of must-include elements for your invoice template.

Essential Elements for Your Electrician Invoice Template

A professional electrical invoice must include all the details necessary for your client to clearly understand the charges, and easy to follow instructions so you can receive payments on time. By including the following basic but essential elements in your invoice template, you can quickly fill out the specific job information, making sure you never miss any important details.

Electrical Business Information

The first section of your invoice template is for your business information. Make sure to include all of your contact details such as phone number, email, and complete address. Include your name or your electrical business name if it's registered differently. If you have a business website, include it in this section as well.

You want to make sure your customer knows exactly how to get in contact with you for any clarification or doubts as this can help you get paid faster.

Customer's Information

Next include your client's information such as full name, address, and phone number. This can be an individual's information, however, if you are doing an electrical job for a corporate office building, make sure to use the company's contact information instead as they will likely pay for the service with a business account. If you have a customer data base, include the customer's ID number in this section.

Invoice Number and Date

It's important to include a unique invoice number and date to your electrician invoice template. This will help you and your customer keep good accounting records, not to mention some accounts payable departments will not accept your invoice without an invoice number. Keep in mind, the invoice date should be the date when it is sent out, not created. This is so that you can determine the payment due date and give your customer a sense of urgency regarding the payment.

Electrical Service Details

When it comes to the breakdown of electrical services provided, you want it to be a detailed list, making sure it's crystal clear and easy to understand. The last thing you want is a call from your client a couple of weeks after sending out the invoice to clarify the charges which will make it more likely for the payment to be late.

If you charge an hourly rate, include the type of job worked on, the amount of hours worked, the price per hour and the total labor cost. On the other hand, if you charge a flat rate per job, make sure to describe the electrical work provided, and the unit price. Make sure to separate the cost of labor from the materials or supplies chargeable to the client.

Cost of Materials

As far as the materials, you may include a general cost of supplies, especially if these charges were already discussed with the client ahead of time. However, if there is a specific material purchased that adds a considerable amount to the total, or additional materials purchased due to a make sure to itemize it individually to avoid your customer feeling blindsided or confused about the materials costs.


In the totals section of your electrician invoice template, make sure to include a separate line for the subtotal, the sales tax, and the total amount due. If you are offering any discount for loyal customers or as part of a promotion, add it as a negative number after the subtotal amount and before you factor in the taxes. You don't want the discount to go unnoticed as this can improve or maintain the business relationship, so feel free to add a slightly different color to this line, but keep it in the totals section for more impact.

Payment Details

This final section of your electrician invoice template plays a very important part on getting paid on time. First, you want to let your clients know of all payment methods available, such as ACH transfer, check, or electronic payment (PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay etc...), along with the corresponding accounts. You can also include a payment link to make it even easier for your client.

Include your payment terms in this section, such as invoice due date (which can be a certain amount of days after the invoice was sent out, or the specific date), and any late payment penalties that may apply.

Read our guide on how to invoice clients.

Use Our Free Electrical Work Invoice Template

If you are just starting your electrician business, or you are just not confident about creating an invoice template yourself, skip the headache and download Bonsai's free electrician invoice template. Get a fully customizable invoice form that you can quickly fill out to send professional invoices with minimal effort every time.

Our easy-to-use free invoice template will significantly reduce the time you spend creating and sending out invoices, so you can focus on providing quality services to your clients. And that's not all. If you want an even more efficient billing process, check out our all-in-one business hub that will take your electrician business to the next level.

Aside from using our free invoice templates, you can automatically send payment reminders, apply late fees, and track the time worked on each electrical work provided. We also help you with an accounting software to easily track your expenses and profit.

Electrical Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

How do I make an electrical invoice?

Customize Bonsai's invoice template for electrical companies. Our invoice templates come pre-made and you are able to edit the contact information, logo, invoice date/number, due date, itemized list of services and cost.

How do you bill for electrical work?

In order to determine the cost of electrical work, multiply your hourly labor rate by the anticipated completion time. If there are extra expenses for materials, be sure to include it.

Is there a free invoice template for electrical services?

Bonsai has free templates you can use to edit, customize with your business's details and download. Simply write in your email and we'll send the template to you.

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