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If you work as a freelance appliance repair person or own your small business in the industry, you know that getting paid on time for your expert services can help you keep a steady cash-flow and ultimately keep growing your business. But your invoicing process may not be helping to accomplish this.

A well-designed invoice can not only help you get paid faster but can also strengthen client relationships and even drive more business your way. But you don't have to sit for hours to write and proofread every single invoice when it's time to get paid. Instead, get yourself a bulletproof appliance repair invoice template that you can easily fill out with job-specific information and ensure all important details are covered without exception.

Let's go over the elements you must include in your invoice template.

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Elements of an Appliance Repair Service Invoice Template

Your appliance repair invoices must be clear and simple so your customers can easily identify the charges, total amount due and payment instructions. At the same time, you have to include all the necessary business information to keep clean accounting records for a smooth tax season. For flawless invoices time after time, include the following essential elements on your template.

Company Information

To begin your invoice template add a section for your business information such as your full name (or company name), phone number, street address, email and website. It's also a good idea to mention any specialized services you offer such as appliance installation, 24/7 support, commercial services etc.

For more professional invoices add your company logo or any industry-related imagery that can make your invoice stand out and be easily recognizable for your customers.

Client Information

Next, include a section for your client's full name (or business name) as well as contact information such as phone number, billing address, and email address to send digital invoices. You can also include any customer or order ID number if you keep a database so you can easily track payments and services provided.

Invoice Number and Date

Don't forget to assign a unique invoice number to all of your invoices to keep your paperwork well organized and avoid payment delays due to unnumbered invoices being returned. You should also include the date when the invoice was sent out which will help you determine the payment due date and apply the corresponding late fees to overdue accounts.

Services Provided

Make sure you leave enough space for a service description section where you will provide an itemized list of the charges such as appliance maintenance, diagnostic, installation etc., along with unit prices and total costs. You want to list the labor cost, materials or supplies and extra services separately and provide a short description (including details of the appliances worked on) to avoid any misunderstandings with your clients.

If you charge on an hourly basis, specify the amount of time spent on each task, the hourly rate and total cost. For added transparency, make sure to time-track the job and attach your timesheet to the invoice.


The totals section of your appliance repair invoice template must have at least three separate lines to indicate the total cost of services before taxes (subtotal), add any applicable taxes and then provide the final amount due. You may also add an extra line for shipping costs or to highlight a special discount for first-time clients, referrals or high volume work. If you do so, remember to subtract the discounted amount from the subtotal before adding the tax and include a short description so your client can easily identify the discount.

Payment Details

To increase your chances of getting paid on time (or even early) make your payment instructions clear and easy to understand. Start by listing all of your accepted payment methods such as cash, checks, ACH transfers, credit/debit cards, or online payments, including the corresponding account numbers and mailing address. To make the process even easier, include a link for online payments.

You also want to disclose your payment terms including the invoice due date, applicable late fees, partial payments or payment arrangements available. If you offer any incentives for early payments this is also the ideal section to mention it.


Last but not least, include a small section at the end of your appliance repair invoice template to leave a thank you message or a personal note to let your customer know you appreciate their business. This will help you build a better relationship with your clients and may even lead to valuable referrals or more work from the same client in the future.

If you have enough space you could also mention any future promotions or additional appliance repair services you think your customer might benefit from.

Use Our Free Invoice Template for Your Appliance Repair Business

Creating your own invoice template might be a daunting task, but luckily you don't have to do all the work! To help you save time and skip the headache, you can simply download Bonsai's free appliance repair invoice template which you can fully customize and easily fill in to create professional invoices with minimal effort.

With just a few tweaks you will have a personalized invoice template that you can save in your preferred file format (excel, google sheets, etc...) and use to bill your clients consistently and efficiently. Plus, you can integrate multiple payment options and even link your checking account to have instant access to your funds once your clients pay. Use Bonsai's invoicing software and take your business to the next level!

Appliance Repair Invoice Template
Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about this template.

What is an appliance repair invoice template?

An appliance repair invoice template is a legally enforceable document with the terms of service, cost of the repair, client details, and your business information. You could

What should be included in an appliance repair service invoice template?

You can use Bonsai's free invoice template to edit the details like invoice number, company name/address/details, date of the invoice, cost of the repair or hourly rate, and payment details.

Is there a free appliance repair invoice template?

Bonsai has a free appliance repair invoice template you can customize and download to send off to your customers. Impress your clients with a professional looking invoices today with our invoicing software.