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Project Management Proposal (PDF)

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Project Management Proposal (PDF)

Initiating and executing of projects is almost an everyday affair with companies and even individuals. Usually, project owners tend to employ project professionals to manage their projects, considering the constraints involved. A project is unique, time-bound and requires cost estimation, scheduling, control, and execution with cost and time constraint. If you are a project manager, it’s good you possess top-notch project skills, but you must be able to get everyone thinking about the same goal.

One of the ways to do that is to create a robust project management proposal. Creating and sending a detailed project management proposal PDF to companies who outsource projects shows you are a professional with the potential to deliver what you've outlined in the document.

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Are you thinking of bidding for a project? See the critical sections to add to your project management proposal template below. 

Understanding the sections of a project management proposal PDF

Although there’s no fast and rigid rule to drafting a project management proposal PDF template, your proposal should at least have a combination of the following sections.

1. Title

Start with the title of the project management proposal, then identify yourself and the project owner or company. At least, provide a field to include business name, contact address, mailing address, and phone contact of both parties in the project management proposal PDF template. 

2. Executive summary 

This is where you make a statement that captures the service you wish to offer. Say, [Client Company name] is the need for project management service in initiating, planning, controlling and implementation of [project name] which may include the following:

  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3
  • And so on.

3. Goals & benefits 

You want to ensure the client knows what to expect and the benefits they get from the project's completion when they employ you. Put this in writing, restate the goal of the project management service you wish to render, and explain this from the perspective of the project owner.

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4. Scope of work & deliverables 

What is the core problem the project owner is facing? Identify the problem, describe the scope using the words of the owner, and enumerate your solution to the problem. Talk about your scope and strategy to achieve the goal of the project. Will you need a team, materials, and resources?

If yes, this section is where to state them when writing your project management proposal PDF template. Remember that a proposal takes a persuasive form of writing.  Include words that show you are versatile and ensure the document is brief but compelling to help the proposed client decide on giving you the approval. 

5. Budget & compensation

What budget have you come up with, and what's your payment? Include your fees and pricing method so that the customer is assured that the fees are only for the services you’ve promised. 

6. Schedule & performance indicators 

Project managers are skilled in scheduling and optimizing the allocation of resources to tasks or activities. What’s your schedule breakdown? Are there milestones dates, including the duration as well as the estimated project duration time.

These are some factors that influence the decision of project owners after going through your project management proposal PDF. How would you track progress, and how do you expect the project owner to measure return? Put your plan to paper, so you don't leave any aspect of your proposal to chance.

What to avoid when writing a project management proposal PDF

Take note of the following pitfalls when writing your project management proposal. A Project Management Institute Global congress paper lists these four as fundamental to the rejection of proposals:

  1. Poorly defined proposal
  2. Proposal not aligned with the client's goal
  3. Proposal with no defined benefits
  4. Poor or ineffective communication
Create your own
Project Management Proposal (PDF)

Create your own

Project Management Proposal (PDF)

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