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Product Sales Proposal TemplateProduct Sales Proposal TemplateProduct Sales Proposal Template

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Businesses introduce new and innovative products and services into the market now and then. As a sales representative of a company, product sales proposal would go a long way in getting the approval of new clients as well as retaining loyal customers. Over a thousand and one sales proposal formats exist.But if you must write the one that stands out, it must have basic information that addresses the situation of your proposed client.

Hence, certain information are necessary to write a proposal. We’d take you through the guideline on how to draft your product sales proposal sample PDF to create a unique selling proposition. Before then, let’s talk about the basic objective of a proposal. 

Product Sales Proposal Template
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Objectives of a product sales proposal sample

The first thing your proposal is meant to achieve is educating your prospective client about the nature of his need. Some times, a client is only aware of a part of his problem or need. Sending the client a well-thought-out product sales proposal sample PDF may be a perfect opportunity to explain the pain point of a client and also demonstrate your competency. 

Secondly, a well-written proposal will surely convince a prospective client of your skills and competency. This way, a client rests assured you’d deliver what you’ve promised in your proposal to meet his set goals and objectives. 

A product sales proposal sample PDF serves another important purpose of justifying a client's investment in the sales plan. Hence, the document should be simple and written with clear terms so that the client can match the benefits and cost with his objectives. 

Product Sales Proposal Template Sample
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Having mentioned the objectives of a product sales proposal, we go on to discuss some questions that would lead you to write a winning product sales proposal sample PDF. 

  • Does your product sales proposal addresses the underlying purpose, need, or pain point of your prospective client?
  • Have you clearly presented your solution or sales strategy?
  • Is there any likelihood of your client misunderstanding the approach you’ve presented?
  • Has the proposal covered the work you need to perform in detail?
  • Are there sufficient details about the product sales agreement?
  • Are there pre-sales information you need to know?
  • Have you demonstrated your competency?
  • Are there enough facts or reasons why you should be selected for the product sales project?
  • Is your product sales proposal sample PDF written from the client's perspective?
  • Is your client familiar with the language or terms you've employed?
  • Have you considered the key goals and objectives of the client's organization? 
  • Have you stated the fees and costs of the project? Is your pricing model well explained?
  • Is there any relationship between your service description and the fees?
  • Have you thought of any issue that may arise and have addressed them with a clause?
  • Will the client understand the actions, or what is expected of him/her after going through your product sales proposal sample PDF? 

A well-thought answer to the above questions would see you come up with a compelling proposal that won't be very easy to turn down. A proposal that will stand out must be a product of thorough research.

Never start to draft a product sales proposal sample PDF until you have spoken with the prospective client and have gotten important information on their project. That is when you get the right words to use and know best to convey your message to a prospective client.

The following sections will suffice for a professional product sales proposal:

  • Executive summary
  • Problem/pain point
  • Goals/objectives
  • Project scope
  • Solution
  • Analysis/benefit
  • Timeline
  • Pricing
  • Terms & conditions

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Free Product Sales Proposal Sample (PDF)

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