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Table of content

What is a Product Sales Proposal?

A product sales proposal is a document that spells out the functionality and benefits of a product to a potential client. It outlines the product’s cost and features to influence the buyer into making a purchase. 

A sales proposal is essentially a persuasive pitch for your product. You want to convince prospective buyers about your product’s utility by highlighting and solving their pain points with its features. 

A professional sales proposal allows you to:

  • Convey how well you understand your prospective client’s requirements
  • Convince your leads that your product is an ideal solution for their needs
  • Position your product as a unique and advanced solution compared to alternatives
  • Nudge your prospects towards an informed decision and cut their research time by half 

Creating a sales proposal from scratch every time a potential client shows interest is a big ask. That’s where a sales proposal template comes in handy. Sales proposal templates provide the foundation for you to create a bespoke proposal for individual clients. 

With a compelling product sales proposal template, you’re all set to convert more leads into clients. Jump to the next section to find out what the best sales proposals include. 

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tips on writing a product sales proposal
Bonsai creates client-winning proposal templates

What to Include in the Product Sales Proposal?

The perfect sales proposal should position your product as a gamechanger for your prospective customers, and a solution to their problems. 

Drafting a quality product sales proposal is not about guesswork. You have to be precise and persuasive without sounding pushy. Before we jump into how to create this flawless proposal, let’s look at the outline you can follow for your pitch. 

Cover letter

It’s a good idea to include a brief overview of your company background in your sample sales proposal. Typically, this remains consistent with every proposal you send out.

Write a brief, yet persuasive cover letter detailing your company’s story along with the details of your product. Use the cover letter as an opportunity to show your prospects why you’re pitching and how this pitch will be worth their time. 

Share an original story that aligns with your unique product and brand personality–you can even include a catchy tagline if you’ve got one. 

how to write a cover letter for product sales proposal

Challenges and goals

The next part of your product sales proposal template should focus on your potential client. A golden rule for pitching a product is to gain a deep understanding of the prospects before sending them your proposal. This extra effort will allow you to customize the written document with finer details about each prospective client, and how you understand their problem—making it more impactful. 

If you’re sending identical proposals to tens of potential customers without covering their individual needs, you run the risk of losing more deals than you close.

Invest your time in understanding their objectives–this will enable you to deliver exactly what they’re looking for with a winning sales proposal for your product. 

Here are some questions to guide your customer and market research success:

  • What are the biggest challenges your target buyers are trying to overcome?
  • How well do you understand these roadblocks to eliminate them ultimately?
  • How can your product help them face and overcome these hurdles effectively?
  • What gives your product an edge over its competitors in the market?

Ask these questions and more along the lines to identify what your ideal client needs—and double down on it. 

Proposed solutions

Once you’ve outlined the biggest pain points of your prospective clients, it’s time to offer the best solutions. This part is the nuts and bolts of your product sales proposal template. It tells your clients exactly how you can handle their challenges and fulfill their objectives. 

This segment conveys your expertise as a product sales representative–it’s where you flex your sales muscles, so to speak. It’s time to show that you know your stuff–this can make or break the deal for you. 

So, spell out the buyer’s needs and position your product as the ideal solution—going to great lengths to explain why and how. It’s your chance to win the sale. 

One of the must-follow tips to ace this part of your product sales proposal is to think from your prospect’s perspective. Consider their questions, doubts, and concerns. Answer them with creativity and clarity. 

Social proof

Now that your product sales proposal has presented the merits of using your product, add more weight to your sales pitch with social proof. 

Did you know that 82% of Americans consult their acquaintances for product recommendations before finalizing any purchase? Including testimonials from past and existing customers can significantly improve your chances of selling your product. 

Demonstrate the utility of your product through reviews and case studies to add more weight to your sales proposal. Build trust and become a reliable business for your prospects. 

adding social proof and some product details


After all is said and done, it ultimately boils down to your product’s pricing. The cost can either turn things in your favor or take the sale away from you. 

With so much riding on the pricing section, how do you finalize the best cost for your clients? Simple–with a budget discussion. 

Communicating transparently and concisely is one of the best tips to tackle the pricing problem. Discussing budget expectations with new prospects can qualify the lead and allow you to customize the pricing plan. 

Unlike a service provider, you can’t easily change the fees per the client's expectations. You can offer a potential customer different pricing options based on their circumstances–such as the option to pay in installments or a discounted rate if bought in bulk. You can also break down these pricing plans to highlight the unique value of each option. Buyers can then decide on their own.

Bonsai top tip: While you can present the product cost in either bullet lists or tables, the latter enhances readability and works best to distinguish each pricing plan. 

Closing Statement

You can really pack a punch and win over a prospective client by concluding your sales proposal on a strong note. This is your chance to tell them what’s next

Neatly summarize your sample sales proposal and include a brief overview of the next steps. This can include a glimpse of your sales contract, your onboarding process, and support cycle. 

Adding a strong CTA to wrap it up will tell the buyer exactly what to do after they’re done reviewing the proposal—increasing your chances of closing the deal faster. 

How to Write a Product Sales Proposal?

Writing a sales proposal
is so much more than just writing. It requires dedicated effort to understand your customers on a deeper level, create a compelling narrative about your product, and give them the confidence to buy from your business. 

All of this is made ten times harder by not having a reliable sales proposal sample. However, if you decide to go it alone–here are some tips:

Write to convince and proofread

Most sales proposal templates are bland and boring. You can make yours stand out with punchy copy, imagery and relatable content. 

Write like you're talking to a prospective client and tap into all their pain points. Paint a picture of their daily lives where they struggle to get things done. Then, introduce your product as the ultimate solution.

You can follow copywriting formulas to connect better with your prospects and compel them into purchasing your product. 

Once you're done drafting, don't forget to proofread. A typo here and a formatting error there can be a huge bummer. Don't let your pitch turn clients off, and carefully screen your template proposals for any errors. Proofreading will also help you clean up your pitch and eliminate all fluff. 

Include a strong USP

A product sales proposal sample is virtually incomplete without a gripping unique selling proposition. This USP statement sets your business apart from your competition and highlights your unique advantage.

However, the USP statement is more than just a tagline. It’s the cornerstone of your product marketing. Here’s why using your USP to develop a tagline helps you cut through the clutter of hundreds of sales proposals:

  • It summarizes the utility of your product in a line
  • It creates more confidence in the promise you’re delivering
  • It defines your uniqueness and distinguishes your business

Identify your powerful USP to win over your leads in a snap!

Create an appealing design

An excellent sales proposal template is made all the more memorable by a spectacular design to impress your prospective client. Sales proposal design impacts its readability and impact—which ultimately affects your chances of closing the sale. 

A professional design for your sales proposal sample PDF allows you to deliver a great proposal every time. So, after you’ve finalized all the content sections of your template, jazz it up in Google Docs or Microsoft Word and convert it into a stunning product sales proposal template. 

Here’s how you can make the content pop with excellent presentation in an effective sales proposal:

  • Fonts and sizes: maintain consistency across the document with a predefined typeface and font sizes for your titles, headings, and standard text
  • Color palette: wow your potential clients with a unique color palette that presents your product’s branding and improves the ease of reading
  • Graphics and images: make your product sales proposal sample PDF as exciting as possible with high-quality images and infographics of your product

You can use Canva or Adobe Photoshop tools to add the visual element to your proposal templates

Creating a Product Sales Proposal is Simple with Bonsai 

Drafting a convincing sales proposal is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’d rather spend your time working on what you love, then Bonsai is the tool for you. 

With its professionally designed and creatively written templates for product sales proposals, Bonsai covers all bases for any business relationship. Getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up for free to Bonsai
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  3. Customize your template as per your pitch

Bonsai makes selling to new clients as easy as it should be. Use this free template and browse through many other documents like invoice and contract templates on this intuitive platform built for freelancers and small businesses. 

Product Sales Proposal FAQs

How do you write a product sales proposal?

Creating a product sales proposal is not as daunting as it may seem. These proven tips will help you crack the code for an effective sales proposal:

  • Put the prospect’s pain points first, and drive home a solution that’s bespoke to them
  • Create a strong USP for your product to present it as the ultimate solution
  • Make an impressive design for your proposal and increase your chances of landing the deal

Remember to keep the focus on your buyer and personalize your template proposal to the maximum extent. 

What should a product sales proposal sample pdf include?

A product sales proposal should ideally include:

  • Cover letter
  • Challenges and goals
  • Proposed solutions
  • Social proof
  • Pricing 
  • Closing statement

Create a sales proposal template including these components. You can customize your business proposal template as per every prospective buyer’s specific challenges and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do you write a product sales proposal?

Write your sales proposal in 6 easy steps. Create an account with Bonsai. Customize our pre-made template by introducing yourself, explain the problem, list the scope of work, price or cost of engagement and outline the deliverables.

What is a product sales proposal?

The five parts of a sales proposal is details of the work, an executive summary, a good reason to start right away, an outline/timeline of the phases, and a convincing design

What are the five parts of a written sales proposal?

The five parts of a sales proposal is details of the work, an executive summary, a good reason to start right away, an outline/timeline of the phases, and a convincing design